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Introduce Yourself (remade)

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Well... This certainly looks like the place to say hi. :P So... Hi there. ^_^


I'm EvenAngels, but on most sites people call me Evens or EA for short (or sometimes Evan, even though that's neither my username or real life name o_0).


Aaanyway, I shall introduce myself. I'm a 21 year old chef-in-training, born and raised in England before moving to Bulgaria about 2 years ago. I've been RMing for about 2 years now as well, and am currently working on an RMVX game called Arcana (no relation to the really old game of the same name).


Er... I've been playing RPG video games ever since I got D&D for the Megadrive/Genesis, and pen and paper since I first started playing Vampire The Masquerade. :P Not really sure what else to say, plus I'm rambling, so yeah... Hi there. ^__^

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You know, I always say "you can tell a lot about a place as soon as you introduce yourself". By this, I mean that you can get a good idea of what the people are like by the way they respond to your introduction.


And I have to say, except for 1 other place, the respone to my introduction here is the nicest. :)


Thanks for the welcome everyone. ^_^ (And yeah, that made me sound wierd, but hey, I'm in a good mood :P)

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