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Introduce Yourself (remade)

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Hi there everyone! I guess I'm new/old at the same time, since I remember having an account going by the name "Stripes" here. I still remember the password and all, but it feels weird when logging in since so much has happened over the past few months while I was inactive. Let's consider this a fresh, new start.


*Wabbit s sitting on an ornate chair at a similarly ornate table laden with trays of bownies, cookies, muffins, china teacups, and especially a large delicate teapot. Other chairs are situated at it, but many of them are empty. The ones that are not, though, have adorable teddy bears and other stuffed toys occupying them*


"Sit down, have a cup of cinnamon tea. You may eat as many sweets as you wish while you listen to my life story. Mwahahaha! xD"


~ My Description ~


I have average height and weight. My hair's long, chestnut brown in color, falls in elegant curls, and nearly reaches my waist. My eyes are hazel in color and I have a pale complexion. I'm a sensitive person that is mostly driven by emotions.


~ My Likes ~


I like pixelling, mapping, game making, reading, writing, drawing, watching anime, manga, badminton and tennis, basketball, politeness, manners, chocolate, candy, teddy bears, collecting miniature items for my miniature teddy bear, and my family and friends of course. Also, I am fascinated by marine biology.


~ My Dislikes ~


I dislike being told what to do, teachers, school, exams, quizzes, puzzles, romance novels, scruffy teddies, my brother (pfft), quarreling, fighting, annoying people, ignorance, and finally, I guess dislike the notion of my army (more on that later) being defeated (although I know that is not really going to happen any time soon. xD).


Well, I guess that's it. ^^




PS: Moderators, feel free to delete my previous account as I can't recall anything that happened during my last stay here. It's been a while.

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Hey Wabbit, welcome back! Hope you have a nice time here. Not sure if I had introduced myself here before. :P So hi everyone, I'm UntoldReveries. You can call me Revvie (courtesy of Val :D) for short. I love RPG's, especially Amanda's games (duh!). Nice to meet you all! :D

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Welcome to AM, Wabbit. Hope you enjoy your stay! :)


And hi Revvie (nice nickname), I know you for quite sometime now so I won't welcome you but I'm glad to have met you. Hope you have a great time here :)

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Hi Wabbit nice too meet u~~~

u never meet me before~~~ of course!!!


all bout me:

name:Maria Anabell Kagemura

kiri-chan r short,ugly,can not in Indonesia Teubisaeun~~~ i always image i will become like this someday~~~

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Hello I'm not a new or old member here ...


I knew the existence of the site since it began play Aveyond because I was in need of much help


Now about me:

Nicknames: whispers,kim,kimmy,whispy,wos.


Location: In some place ^_^


Occupation: Still student in high school.


Likes: drawing,sleeping,playing computer games,reading.


Dislikes: getting sick, making fiends,homeworks.


Enough about me ...


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nice too meet u this and i will advanced about myself!!!

age: 20 years old

sister: Miru Anabell Kagemura

hobby:drawing,playing, wathcing naruto movie, n sleep~~~

fav. character on AV: june,mel,edward, n te'ijal

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