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Introduce Yourself (remade)

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I have a great grand daughter who is just turned one year old. My adopted Granddaughter has blessed us with baby Lilly. We have 3 daughters,2 sons. They have blessed us with Seven Granddaughters, Two grandsons, and one great-granddaughter. We have a saying, that Love is thicker than Blood, and if I am a youngish Grandma at 56 that is okay. I love em all! But you should see the mess on Christmas morning...and they do eat a fair amount!

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Hiya! You can call me Azure!

I'm 16 years old and I'm going to college this year! I'll take the medical facculty, wish me luck!


I live in Asia, Indonesia and I love fantasy stories very much! I enjoy reading and playing RPGs, Aveyond is one of my fav RPGs! I also want to be a game maker or writer, but my primary goal is to be a doctor!


Nice to meet you all!

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you are just like me i mean 16 years old ^_^

any way wish you like with college

when i get sick I will come to you DOCTOR

huh.. what do you say ^_^


pleasure to meet you all

about me ^_^

I'm 16 years old I'm Japaneses


I like many things but skiting is my favorite hobby

any way i will go to college next year and I'm growing up to be a lawyer

I have a very BAD voice and I mean it..


almost forgot

my favorite word is UH..

I hate math and history >_<


hope you like me ^_^

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lol azure, took you some time to write over here :P


Hayah lil june :D Smart as your chara? :P


And omg, japanese?! ._.




Well, :awww: have fun :D I see you are active hehe


@Connie Oohh, big family hehe :D Enjoy Am :3

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Little_june: Omigosh! Japanese? Cool!


Thha_luth: Hiya, fellow indonesian! Where do you live? I live at Medan!


Everyone else: Well, Nice to meet you! I usually hang out at the hungry boar tavern and homemade games section. I'm responsible for everything named Fantasia in both threads. If you wanna try my game just check Fantasia realm of thanos there! :P

I'm still an amateur, though..

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