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Introduce Yourself (remade)

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Hola. It's Anna. Third time's the charm, right?


I was originally just gonna pop in surreptitiously for a few quick posts and then duck out again, but after going through all of the old topics that I posted in, I was absolutely craaaaacking up, and it made me wonder why I wandered off in the first place.


From the Post Your Picture topic:

(not an exact quote because I closed it and I'm too lazy to find it again)

"KTC's shy, Anna's illegal, everytime I come back to this topic, a little part of me dies." -klep

"Oh hey, look at it this way. In a few months, I won't be in middle school anymore. xD" -anna




Hey, I realized that the first time I joined, I was twelve. When I returned for the second time, I was fourteen. Now I'm just shy of sixteen. Hah, looks like I have a bit of a pattern... see you guys again when I'm officially legal, yeah?


Anyway. I'm back, and I hope everyone I'd become acquainted with the first two times around is still here. I was super sad to look up Oracle and find out that she hasn't been here in months. ): ):


Glad to see that a lot of people are still around though. <3

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Hmm..its been a while.

Old timer, was here before the remake (had liek 3k plus post count w/e)

Havent had time to devote much time to due to college etc. A couple more pages will hit before I come back prob.


Found about this site cuz I needed help with the prequel to Aveyond (forgetting the name)

Love this forum. Always will.


Go Brotherhood!

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Anna-nice to meet you and hopefully you're back for the next little while to get to know you! From your post above I'm loving your sense of humour.


emdt-hope you find time among your studies...good luck!

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Hello everyone! I'm pinkygirl9! Call me pinky :D I'm a good friend of Sana96 :) Our whole group in RL is hear. Sana was the first one to join. So here is some info about me:

Name: Pinkygirl9- Pinky!

Age: 10 :P

D.O.B:: 9th August 1999

If you wanna know more just PM me! ^___^

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