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Brycej - Return of Baba!

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Baba is a small puzzle game based off the Russian game of Comboling.


The directions on how to play are included in the start-up screen, but in short... you have a herd of sheep and you've one rope to capture them all.


Sounds easy enough... right?


Well, there are a couple rules:

1) Your "rope" can only go horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

2) You can not hit the same sheep twice.


It starts out easy... but as sheep accumulate, it becomes more and more difficult!


A couple notes of interest:

1) You can turn off the sounds... after a while, it can be a bit annoying.

2) There is no end to the game... but you can save your game and shock us with what level you achieve.

3) Yes, it is entirely free...

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I know the feeling... but I recall earlier someone reporting that they played and hit level 99 and it crashed... Impressive!


Worse yet, now I've got to repro the bug... yeah, right! ;)

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baaa baaa baa. It's priceless. This should be a hidden minigame in Aveyond! Sort of like the goodie caves in av2, but in stead of a cave, it would take you to a meadow where you'd have to tie sheep together for whatever reason.

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