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What are you guys doing here what's with the teleporting cast?


Misuichi Wondered Seriously


|I bet these guys know Magic|

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Lilly looked thoughtfully around and spoke in a low voice "Every that is destined to happen has to happen. We have come to this place becoz ther is somthing here" Lets look around and see if there is anythin."


Squirrel said." also u need to increase ur class so u need to practice. I sense that there are some monster which you all can take in your present class. so start leveling up. We wll go out in the morning & will return to this place in the nite. Ah!! its turning nite. we need shelter"


He moves to a distance & performs magic & a beautiful double storied tent appears. He says its ready we all can take rest for today"


And they all rested for that day.

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Mizuki start to explain everything for Misuichi


I don't know exactly why are we here now...But We had very strange time. We met Squirrel and we teleported to Desert unknown place...*I look like stupid* Then we got powers and we can transform..




Be quiet Mizuki!-Yelled Squirrel

It's a secret only guardians can know this


But maybe he is in our team too?!-yelled Mizuki


ok maybe yes.Well Misuichi Do you know something about magic or something? Or maybe about kiddnaped people?-By the way I'm Squirrel

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It's really strange that you could talk,


I learned Sleep and Wave using this Book,


Maybe you can find something interesting about it.


Misuichi gives the book to the Squirrel


My sister, was one of the kidnapped people.

That's why I'm reading this book,

to find out how to defeat the one who kidnapped my sister.


Misuichi lied down and rested for the night.

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Koneko curled up to sleep immediately, but Ibyki stayed awake. She looked at the stars, her face filled with worry.


What if this ends in the wrong way? What if...these children are not enough to defeat him?

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Mizuki heard story about Misuichi and his sister.

I see.we will help you-she smile


Now i need rest.*I hope I will do my best to save and help everyone* She fall asleep..

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Gonzo looks up, his eyes grow larger at the many stars and constallations in the sky. "Whoa..." He mumbled, falling to his back and trying to make out the contallations. "Orion's belt, so there's Orion... And there's the Big Bear and Little Bear..." He fell asleep after naming a few...


(( >.> I think that Misuichi is a guy, asiunia X3 ))

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Everyone sleep as well.Mizuki woke up.

-I think I need walk for a moment. I need think some about our plan...


*Let's see we have strengh team now and we need save some important people..This Lord...Who is he and what he want from us and our friends..I can't forgive him!*



Someone touch Mizuki on shoulder.




Calm Down Mizuki. It's me Keiichi.


O-oh H-hi uffff...don't scare me again..but...What are you doing here??


I saw you when I looked from window and I decide to come here.


Oh..I see...


Why are you sad Mizuki? Something wrong happend?


u-umm...N-no No...


I see that yes. Just tell me Mizuki.-he smile


I-i can't...W-wait a second I will be be right back I need check something


Mizuki fast run not so far,to calm down for a moment

*and what I need to do now? Tell him or no? I'm confused really confused*

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((Haha, is Keiichi from Higurashi in this RP? ;) ))


Koneko stretched and opened her eyes. Ibyki flew in and chimed, "Good morning, Konekoooo!"


Koneko grumbled and sat up. "I...dun...wan...do...dis...." She mumbled.


Ibyki gave a sympathetic look. "Don't worry Koneko , I know a way for you to live your normal life." A small staff popped up in front of Koneko suddenly.


"Use this to transform. I can do the rest, then you can go home." Ibyki explained.


Koneko did so, and when she transformed, she had a long white gown on. Her hair was a light pink color, and her eyes were a sky blue.


"Mama-san!" Ibyki exclaimed. Then she quickly said some incoherent words, and Koneko lit up. Her form split in two, one being Koneko, the other, her transformed self.


Ibyki turned to Koneko. "You can go now, Koneko." She said, a hint of sadness in her voice. Koneko nodded slowly, and ran out and back home.


"I know the girl will be very happy with her life." The girl murmured. Ibyki nodded, then turned to her. "Mama-san, what are you going to do now?" She asked.


"I'm grateful to these children for finding you and saving me. And we need to find your sisters." She answered.


Ibyki nodded. She suddenly transformed into a larger size, gaining the size of a 10-year old. The girl got up, and held Ibyki's hand. "Let's go outside, where your friends are waiting." She murmured.


"Hai!" Ibyki exclaimed.

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((Yes, I love that name ^^ I didin't have other idea for my "prince" or "friend" to give name ^^))



Mizuki is still thinking about what she can do. Tell Keiichi or no..


*Ok,he is my very close to me friend,maybe I can tell him..It's my chance to test that he believe me or no.Ok Mizuki go ahead and tell him*


Mizuki came back to Keiichi


I'm back!


Welcome back Mizuki


Keiichi I need tell you something...


Ok go ahead..


B-but promise me you will believe me..


Ok,ok I promise Mizuki-he smiled


Well,Llly's friend dissapered and Ibyki's sister too.Our enemy is The Lord.He want to do something bad and dangerous and he kiddnaped this people.And very important information is that...that...


W-What is that Mizuki?! Tell me.


I'm Angel of Destiny-Angel Lily.I can transform and I have staff with blue crystall.I can attack and fight.I'm sure that you don't believe me.But it's ok....


Keiichi hugged Mizuki

-I believe you and if I can I will help you because you are very important to me..



why are you can't finish yours words?


I-I-I...Watch out Mizuki. Monster is behind you!


Keiichi pushed away Mizuki and he is hurting by monster


KEIICHI!!!!! Oh no it's enough

Graceful Lily eternal power!!


Monster I can't forgive you that you hurted my Keiichi! I will kick you!


M-mizuki b-be caref-ful...I-i belie-eve in y-you


Keiichi!!!-she crying I can't forgive you

You really made me angry!

Mizuki pick her staff to up and she says:

Shine of Blue Diamonds! Blue crystal on staff start to bright light.

Dissapear monster and say greetings from me to your lord..


Monster Dissapear.


Mizuki run fastly to Keiichi.

-Keiichi,Keiichi Do you hear me?! Answer me...Just tell me you are allright.

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Gonzo looks over to the bright lights, "Man... Such ruccas their in." He mutterd and picks up the staff, walking over to the lights just enough to see the monster to dissapear. He stumbled over a rock, falling flat on his back. "Ouchieeee..." He mutterd, cussing crossly to himself, "Grr... Darn you rock I hate youuuuu" he gets poked, screeching like a little girl, turning to Ghost, "Oh it's you." The little girl giggles. "Silly, don't scream I'm not that horrifying...." She skips off, holding a small wand.

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Ibyki heard Mizuki and became distressed.


"Mizuki! What's going on?!" She yelled.


"Only one way to find out!" The girl replied. They both ran out to where Mizuki was, and saw Keiichi hurt with Mizuki next to him. The girl stepped closer, but prepared to defend from an attack instead.


"There's more coming. Ibyki, take care of the wounded one. I'll finish these ones off." She directed Ibyki.


Ibyki did as told, and healed his wounds immediately.


"Mizuki, take Keiichi back to his house. He needs to rest. I need to help cous-I mean, Shimo, fight the creatures." Ibyki instructed.


((Shimo isn't Ibyki's mom, her mom's captured by the dude. XD Shimo also means frost in Japanese.))

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OK! -Yelled Mizuki


Keiichi hang on..Everything will be ok. I promise you I will take you to my home.Just hang on..Please..


Mizuki fast took Keiichi to her home.



Rest here Keiichi..I really want to tell you that I love you-she starts to cry




*OMG! he is awakening.What if he heard me that I told him that I love him!No way! *shy* I look like a stupid*


Keiichi you woke up!I'm s-so glad



Keiichi took Mizuki's hand


K-keiichi w-what are you doing *embrassed*


M-mizuki I-i believe in you..and I-i l-love you t-oo.


Mizuki can't believe that he heard her and he told her that he loves her *NO WAY!*


Keiichi, I need g-go now, to fight wait here for me and rest. When I will back we will eat meal together-she smile


O-ok take care Mizuki..


Mizuki ran out to help Ibyki fight with monsters.



Ibyki!! I'm coming to help you. wait for me!!-she yelled

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Gonzo looks over to the feilds where black shadows are poping back and forth. "Gonzo, Prince transformationn!" He mutters, transforming a little bit taller, his crown straight and he has a cloak, "Weird, didn't think I would be taller..." He mutterd, running twards the black shadows at a high speed. "Gahhhhhh" He yells, smacking the monsters in the head with the staff, "Staff bloowww!!!" He yells, the monster smashing into the ground from the attack, moving onto the next monsters, "Staff Sword transformation!" A black samuri sword appers in the place of the staff, "Bring it." He mutters, slashing at the monsters violently.


(( gonzo is violent in some ways. X3 ))

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((wow speedy Gonzo is very very great person))


Mizuki running fast to Ibyki. Then someone show himself before her..


Who are you!


I'm the Guardian from Our Lord. You really disturbing ours Lord. I need Defeat you AngelLily


No way! I cant agree with you.


Just fight and prepare to die-he evil smile


I won't die*Keiichi I will do my best*


Guardian hit mizuki and she fell on the floor


Ouchie! You really beat me!I'm full of angry now.


Just go along and attack.I don't afraid you because you are too weak for me hahaha


It's too much..grrrr


Blue crystal staff!- her staff now is in her hand

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Gonzo glances back and sees that a shadow got passed him, he runs at him and smacks him in the buttox with the non-bladed part, "Hey fattie! Your opponant is over here."


The Gaurdian turns around, confused and says in a bellowing voice, "I'm not fat you brat!"


"Aww... Such a mean thing to say..." He frowns, slashing at the Guardian's legs with the sword.


The Gaurdian tries to catch Gonzo but he's too fast.


"Haha! Try and catch meeee!!!" He giggles, still slashing at his legs.



(( hope that's okay... X3 but still Gonzo's a 10- year- old, that's how I'd help people... X3 ))

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Mizuki saw that Gonzo is fighting with Guardian.


Ok,it's my chance. Mizuki pick her staff.

-Guardian Look here It's your end.

Shine of Blue Diamonds!- Say reagrds to your lord from AngelLily-she smile...


Guardian look around and he quick avoid Mizuki's attack

HAHAHAHAH! You are too weak dear AngelLily.


Guardian came fast to Mizuki and he started to strangle her...


L-leave me a-alone..*can't catch breath*


Now it's your end AngelLily.Say to everyone Good Bye! hahahahaah


N-no I w-won't give u-up..


You are die AngelLily!

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"Eien Tsuki Ryuu!"


A dragon made of white energy slashed through the Guardian, and he dissolved into light.


Shimo put her staff down, and tried to catch her breath.


"Shimo! I didn't know you could do an attack like that! Are you ok?" Ibyki exclaimed.


"Y-yeah...just outta breath." Shimo panted.


((Her attack means Eternal Moon Dragon. :D Me loves makin Romanji attacks.))

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Mizuki cathed breath..


Uff...I can breath again. Thank you Shimo and Ibyki.. I think I'm too weak to fight...I need more practice.but anyway where is this guardian he hiding ot he came back to his Lord?

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"It's most likely that he just teleported back to his Lord." Shimo muttered. "I didn't feel any dark energy disspell."


"B-but you did great, Shimo! Now we know you have great power!" Ibyki fretted.

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Gonzo sits on the ground, clearly out of breath holding his sword. "Maan... He was faster than I thought..." He said, turning arouns and all of the shadows dissapeard. "Hah... Scared 'em away!" He shouted into the feilds, falling back into the grass and untransforming when hitting the ground. "Bored... Bored... Tired..." He mutterd.


Ghost looks into Gonzo's vision, "What....'cha doin?!" She asks, rocking on her heels, her dress flowing with her legs. "Hmm?!" Gonzo just stares up at her face. "You're taller than you normally are, Gonzo." She giggles after the sentence...



(( i'm gonna get Ghost's profile... sec :P ))

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Mizuki calmed down.


Uf...I'm save..This enemy is very strong. If guardian will show again, I will kick him *angry*

Oh I forgot I need check what with Keiichi..

I will be right back minna!


Mizuki running to home,I hope Keiichi is allright..

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(( Srry my internet crashed lastnight in the middle of posting ghost's profile :P here it is!!

Username: Speedy

Name in story: Ghost

Name such as an Oracle

Age: 11

Palace: White dimond palace

Appearance: She wears a black and white dress, ribbons touching the ground. Hazel eyes gentally looking at everything. White hair with one braid on the left side from her grown-out- bangs, her hair is as long to the middle of her back.

Personalize character: Can be a sweet heart. When scared, she throws rocks at the attacker. She's very nice to animals so if there's an animal they pass by or (grouped with) she'd help in some way.

Likes: Gonzo, animals, chocolate

Dislikes: enimies, being weak, animal haters

Attacks: Pebble...Bonk!; Pretty Pretty White Wand Transformation!; Black Wand Slap

Name of transformation: name: unknown; Transformation; unknown

Motto: "I love animals..... You hate animals... I will kill you!!!"


I know, I know, Ghost's scary. ))

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((Oh speedy the second profile nice nice ^^I think maybe I need make profile for Keiichi If he will be my prince or something ^^ ))


Mizuki came to home


KEIICHI!!!! Are you there?


Mizuki came to her room where was Keiichi.


Keiichi! where are you? Are you hidding from me?


Mizuki checked all rooms in home but Keiichi wasn't here


OMG! where is he?He needed rest..

she came closer to bed. On bed lied paper. She pick up paper and start to read


"Dear Angel of Destiny- AngelLily

We have your dear Keiichi. If you want to see him alive again. You must give up.We will wait for you in park at midnight.Be there alone. If someone will be with you. We will kill your Keiichi.By the way it will be very nice to meet you,because you are step from Lose.


Lord with guardians"



Mizuki fell down on knees

NOOOOOO!!!!!! It can't be K-keiichi...-she crying

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