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Chnge The Destiny Rp

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((Oh I see. NO problem:) I just didin't get why Aisling may write here :D everyone have a day when their brain don't work :D Now i know this is for ma :D to part next ^^))



Mizuki saw that Mikion transformed.


-Now Hikuro give up and give back Keiichi and others people.!


Madan be more elegant. Fighting is like freash air,like new love.


W-what??! It's no sens..F-fight like love..Don't make me more sick..


Mizuki pick her staff to hand

Now I will attack you because I need win.


Oh..oh Mizuki-chan don't be so agresive dear.


Don't call me dear!!!!!


My staff please do your work

"Shine of Blue Diamonds"


Blue light is now around but something is wrong. Hikuro is still alive !


Oh..my poor clumsy Mizuki-chan. you missed. ha ha !




Now is my turn dear Mizuki.

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The man charged at Mizuki, drawing a sword. Mikio's eyes grew wider, and instinct caused her to push her and Mizuki out of the way.


"Haha! You really think that that alone can stop me, little brat?!" The General yelled at Mikio.


Mikio stood up in front of Mizuki. She tried to threaten him into giving Keiichi back. "Give us back Keiichi and I won't-"


"Hahaha! You won't what? You obviously aren't strong enough to defeat me!" He interrupted.


"Tch! Dang, he's right." Mikio hissed. She turned to Mizuki.


"Mizuki, I'm going to use my secondary form. It's called a power charm. When I transform, put the charm on your staff. It will combine our powers!" Mikio whispered.


A swirl of sky blue light covered Mikio, and she transformed into a small charm with shooting star images on it.


Now, Mizuki! Mikio's voice echoed.

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O-ok I will do it. I will put it right now Mikio.


Mizuki done what Mikio said.


Now Mikio what we will need to do??

I don't know about combine power yet. Just tell me Mikio and explain.

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Just use your strongest attack, and I'll take care of the rest. Mikio explained.


*Ryuu Unmei Activation!* She thought. She transferred all of her magic energy to Mizuki.

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-Ok Now It's my turn dear General. Just say greetings from us to you Lord.

Mizuki picked up staff and stood up with her all strengh


Saint Ice crystal!!-she yelled her strongest attack

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Gonzo heard an explosion, twitching and he transforms without saying anything.


Ghost follows Gonzo asking him, "What did you hear?! Tell me!!!"


She screamed at him but he just walks twards where Miki and someone else is standing, watching the fight for a moment. "Ghost, transform. Wand. Now." Gonzo demanded.


Ghost transformed she's wearing a small dress that's pink, arm warmers and holding a baton in her hands with hearts on the end. She giggles, holding her baton out at Gonzo, "Don't break it." She whispers.


Gonzo throws the baton into the air and casts something on the baton to make it fling around to where the General is, smacking him upside the head many times.


Gonzo cackles, shouting, "Want anymore, 'General?'"


(( I'm gonna leave that for a hanging... i'll edit it and no; ghost's costume is not like Amu-chan's... ))

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Mizuki suddenly chenge her suit.


Wh-Whats going on?-yelled Mizuki


Mizuki transform to long Blue dress. crystal tiara. Around begining blow wind.


It's a Crystal Princess of Destiny.-said squirrel


Mizuki opened her eyes.

Now,Hikuro give up and give back my Keiichi. You din't have chance with me. I'm a Princess of labyrynth of crystal fate. Just give up or I will defeat you to protect everything important.


W-well...dear princess I don't have choose I need call here my Lord.


Ok...I will all of you defeat to protect this world from dark powers.


Hikuro disspeared.


*I don't believe.I'm a princess.Why why am I here now and Why I live here on eatrh. I'm from labyrynth of crystal fate.I don't know exactly Who am I?*

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(I've been Quite Busy lately,)


When Misuichi woke up,


he was on the library, reading a book.


he found a hidden clue on the book.


"I must tell the others" he said

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-At lords place-

-Dear Lord.I beg you that you can go on the earth and show your greatest power. and defeat this horrible Kids.


~Hikuro..what's wrong? Why need I go on the earth? You failed again?


-N-no..just Angel Of Destiny AngelLily is Princess of crystal fate. She is more powerful now. She can't give up and she transformed into a princess and she waiting for you my Lord.


~I see...I think. I will visit her soon, but for her it will be farewell! hahahahahaha


-Y-yes My Lord. You are the king of everything.


~Hikuro go on earth and prepare her to meet with me!


-Y-yes My Lord. I'm going off..


*hikuro dissapeared*


~Princess of crystal fate huh? I remember her from the past. she was my love. I loved her so much and she chose this prince Keiichi. I can't forgive her. You will pain for this! Just wait dear princess...

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Shimo heard a blast, and woke up Ibyki.


"Come on, let's find out what that was!" She whispered. Ibyki got ready quickly, and they headed out.


~At the same time~


Mikio turned back into her normal transformed self when Hikuro was gone.


"That was a little too easy...especially since he was a General..." She mumbled.




When they were there, Ibyki gasped.


"You!" She yelled at the sight of Mikio. Mikio turned with a scared face, and ran off.


N-no! She saw me! She screamed in her head.

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Mizuki is still waiting for Lord.


-squirrel..Tell me Why am Princess? And why hikuro want to fight with me with his Lord. Who is he?. I don't remember much but I only remember that someone crush some places in Labirynth of fate. I don't remember who and why? And squirrel. Have I a prince? or I was all alone there?



~Mizuki..n-no..Princess Lily.I can't tell you now what exactly happened in past, but I only can say that you had a prince and This bad person who crushed your home planet Is this Lord...I can't tell you more...



-O-ok..But why...why he done this horrible thinngs..What he want from me again!-*she has a crystal tears in eyes*.








Where are you Minna? I miss you all here :) if yuo will have free time just write here ^^

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(( *cackles evily* Is it alright if I can make a bad guy character for a change and have 3 characters? X3 Gahahhaha.... o//.//o got alittle carried away there... ))


Ghost giggled, jumping onto Gonzo and slapped him in the side. "Giddy up horsey!"


Gonzo moaned and falls over with her, down the hill at a fast speed.

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Is it too late for me ta join in?

Username- _Meow_ (Look up ^)

name- Riona

name such as- The Hearer, The Tower

Age- 17.


Palace- The Space Between the Lost, and uncertain, and the Found and Assured (Long name I know, Just call it Space please. Or The castle between)

Appearance- Long, wavy auburn hair, knowing hazel eyes, with a calm smile on her face most of the time. Slightly tall, and thin,

Personality- Calm, thoughtful, Mentally Strong, takes on the role of the Counselor. She listens and worries about and to everyone. She is wise, and much older than her years. She wants people to take the things she says seriously, because she has a reason for saying anything.

Likes; Music, Calm, And helping people.

Dislikes; Cruelty, Gossip, And Stubbornness.

Main element; Spirit and Air

Attacks- Mind of the Soul, Emotion Charge, and Quiet Submitancy .

Name of transformation; Cries of Heart

Motto- All shall be well in the end.

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(( WAHAHAHAHAHA YAY!!! :D :evil: X3 *cackles* you shall all die from my transformation >.>''...


Username: Speedy

Name in story: Yoru

Name such a: ... unknown

Age: 12

Palace: Darkness

Appearance: He has black cat ears&tail, dark hair, darkblue eyes, wears a thin black jacket, black jeans.

Personalize character: He looks buff and annoyed all the time. unknown about the rest of his past/present personality.

Likes: Catnip, icecream, unknown about the rest.

Dislikes: annoying people, girls, loud and light places.

Attacks: Dark Claw, Black whip, Hissing fit.

Name of transformation: Black Cat

What the transformation looks like: Wearing a black tunic torn in half, covering the top side of his chest and his stomache shows, black pants and a coat that drapes around him, only showing his front.

Motto: "Die or live, Your choice."


*cackles* yes yes, a young boy being the one who gets evilized... *cackles*))


**The Lord's palace.**


Yoru mutters crossly, pacing down the hallways from the throne room. "Go get some wimpy little kids and fetch them to The Lord? Ha! He has to be joking..." He transforms automatically.


** The feild **

Then dissapears; appearing behind Gonzo. "Hey there." He whispered, dissapearing and reappearing behind Mizuki, "I can make all your fears dissapear..." He dissapears then reapears infront of all of the 'heroines'... He cackles. "You all want to defete The Lord?... Am I riight?..." He carries the 'I' as a 'Y'... He cackles again, choking and falling over, dissapearing and reapearing standing on a building on the town.


Gonzo chuckled, "He has problems."


Ghost blinks, "Who was that?!"

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Mizuki sttod up with shock.(she is next in princess form)


-who was that? Is he our enemy or friend?


We need get more informations about him.And we are still waiting for Lord. I think that he is a person from Lord.We need be careful!

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Yoru cackles, reapearing infront of Mizuki. "Your a smart one! I am from The Lord, and I'm afraid... That I was ... Not in the record of ever being born." He cackles, patting her head and messing her hair up, dissapearing and reappearing behind Gonzo again. "Your the one who's messed up." He mutters, standing there shivering then dissapearing and reapears sitting on a bench in hearing reach.

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W-what do you want? Go away and leave this planet alone with your Lord. We don't want to fight,but If we must, we will do it. Why you and Lord can't understand that This Earth is our live. It's useless if you want to rule on this planet. J-just leave us alone.

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Yoru grins, dissapearing and reappearing infront of Mizuki. "You sure that's what you want?... Because... Unfortunetly.. I don't have anywhere else to go I'm trying to get out of the grips of The Lord..." He looks down to the ground, pretending to cry obviously...


(( *sigh* Pethetic Yoru. Trying to lie... ))

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Ibyki kept her eyes on the last spot she saw her sister, as did Shimo. Suddenly, a girl's voice boomed out of nowhere.


"You'll what?! I don't think so!!! I don't care what he wants, he is the enemy for Christ's sake! How do we know he isn't lying?!" The voice ranted.


Suddenly, a girl with bright orange hair appeared between Mizuki and Yoru, her fire red eyes focused on Yoru.


((Oooh, here comes Katanya! XD


Username: PokeGal

Name in story: Katanya

Name such a: Arch-Fairy

Age: 17

Palace: Volcano Palace

Appearance: Bright orange hair, short in back, two long side bangs in front. Fire red eyes. Sleeveless white shirt, red and black checkered mini skirt.

Personalize character: Angry. Not much more than that.

Likes: Angry people, salt, pepper.

Dislikes: Happy-go-lucky people, emo people, sugar

Attacks: Amber Anger, Blazing Fushichou, Volcano Eruption.

Name of transformation: Anger Henshin

Motto: "If I were you, I wouldn't be pissing me off."



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Next to her, appeared a girl in dark blue jeans and a flowing white shirt. "Let's find out more about him. Like, Misuki, we should give him a chance." She turns to the boy. "I'll be watching you though."

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-I don't know what to do. I'm so confused. We can give him chance? or no? we must try maybe he want to be good..or maybe he want to kill us. We need make a good decision. Who are you girl? Why are suddenly appear? Ok let's think what to do..-said Muzuki

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Katanya turned to Mizuki.


"Oh yeah sure, when a new enemy appears, you're fine with him joining, but when I try to save you guys, you ask who I am?" She growled.


Ibyki turned to Katanya. "Big sister! How?" She gasped.


Katanya scoffed. "I think we should deal with this one first." She pointed a sword almost 4 feet long at Yoru.

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