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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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*Sigh* now I have lots of emails about this thread and that more posts are coming in ( due to the fact that I ticked the little box at the bottom of the page) & only ONE of them is the update. I wish that Amaranth would invent a way for us to only recieve emails about the main topic. (sorry if I'm ranting but I want coins!)

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wow so many comments! thank you all!~

in this chapter, Lars tells us a little about his past...of course, it is not fact, but just my imagination!


Day 51


Walking around in Ghed’ahre today, we talked to a vamp who told us about the underground maze or something and a lamp of Leyrvo Ahma, the town’s founder. Rhen turned to me and asked, “Lars, are you sure you’ve dug up all the mounds here in Halloween Hills? Maybe we’ve missed the lamp. It sure sounds valuable.” My initial thought was to ask her if we’re supposed to collect antiques of famous people to sell but then I thought better of it and replied with a yes. She has the Sword of Chaos, after all, and all I have is a frickin’ Flood Orb. Then Vohu Manah spoke up saying that he wanted to see Rashnu again. So we headed back to the cathedral, and left Vohu Manah alone to look at Rashnu’s stone figure while the rest of us, not wanting to see Vohu Manah get emotional, sat in the pews. The organ in the front caught my eye; I never really noticed it before. Then, I don’t know what came over me. I simply walked over to it, played a horror piece that my piano teacher had taught me before, and some creepy door sound topped it off. Diary, I never mentioned that I can play the piano, did I? Let me explain.


When I was five years old, Mother thought it would be sensational to have a young pianist as a son in Ghalarah, a place where no one else knew how to play it. She decided to find a piano and a teacher for me as soon as possible and hired one from Veldarah. I forgot her name, and such a vile woman that teacher was. She smelled like the mules that the Mule Express uses; she sneezed all the time (more often than not, at me; and I’m not sure whether she intended to or not) and was extremely strict. She never let me go play if I did not make a large improvement in my playing. And so I had to endure four afternoons a week at the side of the vile teacher my mother had found me while hearing Hector and Ylitta playing tag a few meters outside our house. For a boy my age that time, that was torture. And the more I got distracted with their joyful cries, the more poorly I performed in my lessons, which resulted in my teacher giving me sermons on how my mind should be focused, how a troublesome boy I was to be taught and how she would strike my hand with a pointing stick if I didn’t do well. I suppose we resented each other from the day we met, because I was very much spoiled and stubborn and she was very much strict.


I think my piano lessons were one of the very few things in which I did not have a say. Mom never let me stop until I was nine. That was after a piano recital where I had to play a horrid sonata that my teacher had composed and passed off as a composition of a famous virtuoso. I performed , with my teacher’s criticisms ringing in my ear, coupled with a few glances that I involuntarily threw at my teacher, who was watching me with the utmost disappointment and irritation at ‘making me look bad’ in front of the Gharalah residents. After that she refused to teach me even after my mother offered her double the salary to do so. She was so desperate yet my teacher simply refused again; Mother was forced to sell the piano. I was on cloud nine the day I was freed from my teacher. But the last piece she gave me, a horror piece from a play staged in Veldarah about vampires (oooh coincidence) stuck in the back of my mind and I never thought more of it until today.


Like I said I was like in a trance, and played on the organ like I would on an upright piano, on the keyboard nearest me. And when I realized what I had been doing, which was like only ten seconds into the piece, I stopped and heard a loud creepy door sound. In the far side of the cathedral, a door had creaked open all by itself as if it had never been oiled for half a century. I freaked out and jumped into the pews where Rhen, Talia, and Elini were seated.


“What the heck was that?!” Rhen exclaimed. “First the organ, then you jump in here like you saw a ghost!”

“You play the organ??” Talia interrogated. Elini merely looked shocked.

“Didn’t you hear it?” I asked. The women looked irritated and maybe thought I was not all there.

“We heard you! You played so loud you could wake up the dead,” Rhen laughed.

“But the dead are awake, Rhen. At least here. But I meant THE DOOR!”

“For the love of the Oracle, Lars, what about the door?!” Talia exclaimed.

“It opened up. By itself,” I replied.

“Just look at you, sorcerer,” Elini snorted. “You’re scared about the door opening by itself. That happens all the time, especially when it’s past midnight, and the moon is full and high in the sky, and trees are silently swaying violently with the absence of wind…”

“Stop it, Elini; I’m not getting scared,” I said firmly. Thankfully Rhen changed the course of the conversation.

“You think we should go in?” Rhen asked.

“Well, yeah. But first, maybe we should take a peek or something. You’ll never know what’s in there…for all we know the daeva might be in there,” I said.

“If that’s the case, we would be better off buying supplies first. Our cassia leaves are down to two. If there’s a daeva there, I bet he’s stronger than Nanghaithya.”

“But the nearest store is in New Witchwood!” I protested.

“Better go walk there and back instead of going straight into whatever is behind the door, northerner. To go unprepared is one of the most fatal mistakes any warrior can make when going into battle,” Elini said gravely. “I suppose you’re right,” I sighed.


And so, when the teary-eyed Vohu Manah emerged from Rashnu’s temple, all of us started out the door quickly. “Where are we going? What’s the rush?” Poor druid. He usually is the last to know the party’s plans. “Long story. We’re going to New Witchwood, and we think we may have found the location of Rashnu’s daeva. Did you know that Lars can play the organ?”


“Really? Wow,” Vohu Manah said before he was pulled by Talia to the door; before I could say that no, i did not play the organ; only the piano.


Rhen checked my backpack while we were walking. She counted all the covey balms, cassia leaves, wild berries, goat’s milk, venison, witcheye root, marsh tea, and whatever else there is in our inventory.


“We need to buy at least eight cassia leaves if we want a good number for the three of us, Lars, Elini. We have seven now and who knows how many times we will have to die before we get to the daeva, if there are monsters in the way, which is likely. The food and health supplies are fine; and anyway you can heal, Lars, so the most important things are the antidotes and mana supplies.


“To be sure, we should buy at least six marsh tea bags, and since cursing is very usual around this area, maybe 15 witcheye roots. And Lars?”


I turned my head. “We should also buy those spells in New Witchwood. There’s no better time to learn Decompose than now.”


I was, to be frank, very surprised at Rhen. She sounded almost business-like there; I can trust that she won’t cry much anymore. It’s hard to believe she was once a slave, one who took orders from the rest; at the very bottom of the chain of command. My slave. Now she’s getting serious about this quest. But like I said I was surprised at her so I just nodded in reply.


Rhen finished checking the bag and went ahead of me, walking together with Elini, directly in front of me. I can still remember the effect of her hair catching the little light there was; it seemed to glow. And then I did not see myself walk into a large stone which caused me to fall on Rhen. My face grew hot and I think I blushed a hundred shades of red; thank the druids that Halloween Hills is dark and no one saw my tomato face. “Rhen! Are you all right?” the women and druid chorused. They didn’t mind me…


“Lars, you prat! You very nearly broke my back!” Rhen bursted. “Ow. It hurts…”

“Sorry,” I apologized. “I…it was dark; I tripped on a stone.”

“Fine. But I want you to massage my back tonight; the druids know how sore it is.”

“We do?” Talia and Vohu Manah asked together.


At New Witchwood, I learned a new spell which is pretty cool. We ended up buying three more of everything Rhen had intended to buy, because she thought it would be better (but she didn’t buy the chicken spell; she said she doesn’t want to waste money on such a spell but maybe later on we could try). I hope so; by that time, we were a bit tired, and Talia decided that it would not do to fight anything more dangerous than slime blobs for now. So we are back at the tavern, and dinner will be served in a few minutes. Venison sandwiches and goat’s milk; enough to make my mouth water now because I haven’t eaten a real meal since we left the tavern this morning. It’s the time of the year when at seven p.m. the sun is still up. Actually, while waiting for dinner, we’ll go up to the Wildwoods entrance (where we met Elini) and watch the sunset.


i know a piano is not the same as an organ, just try not to think of that much...^^;

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awesome update. loved this part "My face grew hot and I think I blushed a hundred shades of red; thank the druids that Halloween Hills is dark and no one saw my tomato face."


waiting for the next update ^^

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=D i love this part:


Gabriela/Lars wrote

“Lars, you prat! You very nearly broke my back!” Rhen bursted. “Ow. It hurts…” “Sorry,” I apologized. “I…it was dark; I tripped on a stone.” “Fine. But I want you to massage my back tonight; the druids know how sore it is.” “We do?” Talia and Vohu Manah asked together.


:laughing:XD XD XD i was cranking up XD! this was great! and poor Lars turning red as a tomato XD


poor Vohu Manah.....Tear eyed? awwww XD


Great update Gabriela!


Update soon! Gabriela! =D

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ok...so this update is gonna be short...but i hope you will still enjoy...dec. 20's update will be even shorter, so you might want to put off reading this for a while, but i'm telling you...on dec. 25 i'm posting an update with something...special...in it. it's up to you to guess!

thank you everyone for commenting! ^^


Day 51 (bedtime)


Watching the sunset, Rhen was beside me, Talia on the on the other side, Elini beside Rhen and Vohu Manah beside Talia. Then Rhen got sleepy and leaned on my shoulder. She was so peaceful to look at; more peaceful than the sunset, beautiful as the sunset was. Talia gave me a mischievous look, and I’d have given her the same look because Vohu Manah was snoring on her shoulder if not for a stupid crow that had to ruin everything! It pooped on my hair! And then I cursed so loud that Rhen woke up.


Anyway, after that I took a bath and washed my hair as much as I could, and then we ate dinner (which was delicious by the way), and we’re back at the tavern bedroom, and Elini is telling us what to do in battle with different conditions.


“If Lars dies, Rhen, you better revive him with a cassia leaf, and we’ll both keep off the daeva while he heals himself. If I die, you will revive me, Rhen, and Lars will heal while you attack the daeva. If Rhen dies, Lars, for goodness’ sake watch your temper. While I revive her, attack the daeva, and heal her while I try to finish him off. Is that clear?


“And we should always stay together in battle; Rhen nearest the enemy. Of course, you sword, dear, is for closer combat than my weapon and Lars’ staff. I go in the middle with Lars at the back. Northerner, are you paying attention?”


After half an hour of directions, we were permitted to sleep. Actually, the Dreamer and the Bard already fell asleep by then, and the Manhunter (may she never lay her eyes on this page) drowsed off too soon after.


Rhen, however, was serious about the back massage I was supposed to give her. Rhen’s not a slimy creature, nor is she disgusting, but why the heck did my hands go cold, why did I have to take big gulps? Was I…nervous? Hm. Maybe because if I massaged too hard, or too light, she’d complain and if I didn’t do better she’d slap me with a sword in bad temper. Yes, that’s it. Much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I’m running from the truth I know that she’s starting to…intimidate me. No, she’s just the same as she was before; it’s that damned Sword of Power. Aagh. After a while I realized that I did not know how to massage. When I told Rhen her face was a mixture of amusement, disbelief and slight irritation.


“Lars, you’re unbelievable. Do you need a demonstration of how to do it?” she asked, sounding a bit exasperated, but very amused.


“Never mind. My back is not really sore now; but you owe me a massage. Goodnight,” she said. “And you owe me a demo. Goodnight,” I replied. And now, diary, goodnight to you too.

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