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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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Great Update Gabz!


Getting pooped on the head! hilarious!


Poor Lars, I know how it feels...


I got pooped on the arm (During our elementary days,with Alexa.)


Sheesh, I cursed the bird.



To Everyone who will read this:


I know what the Dec. 25 Special is!!!




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lol Lars got pooped! i was pooped on once on my shoulder... i was cycling outside even though my mom told me not to go......XD and to make things worse i had already taken a bath that day....lol btw great update!

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My faveorite bit was

Rhen, however, was serious about the back massage I was supposed to give her. Rhen’s not a slimy creature, nor is she disgusting, but why the heck did my hands go cold, why did I have to take big gulps? Was I…nervous? Hm. Maybe because if I massaged too hard, or too light, she’d complain and if I didn’t do better she’d slap me with a sword in bad temper. Yes, that’s it. Much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I’m running from the truth I know that she’s starting to…intimidate me. No, she’s just the same as she was before; it’s that damned Sword of Power. Aagh. After a while I realized that I did not know how to massage. When I told Rhen her face was a mixture of amusement, disbelief and slight irritation.




Watching the sunset, Rhen was beside me, Talia on the on the other side, Elini beside Rhen and Vohu Manah beside Talia. Then Rhen got sleepy and leaned on my shoulder. She was so peaceful to look at; more peaceful than the sunset, beautiful as the sunset was. Talia gave me a mischievous look, and I’d have given her the same look because Vohu Manah was snoring on her shoulder if not for a stupid crow that had to ruin everything! It pooped on my hair! And then I cursed so loud that Rhen woke up.
Though I didn't really understand the bit where the bird pooped on him.



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Day 52 (morning)


Today we go to the cathedral to look at what’s behind the door there. This may very well be my last entry if we die in there, if the daeva is there and kills us or if the monsters there are tough. I’m actually getting nervous now. But I am sure that Ahriman hasn’t sent his strongest daeva yet; he’ll reserve that daeva for the later druids, who, I expect, are stone statues now. Of course, Ahriman will want to gloat over our defeat, so I also expect that he’ll make the daevas wait for us, holding a druid’s soul as bait, to finish us off. So, he cannot finish his plan to take over the world unless Rhen is irreversibly dead. She better not die, or I’m killing the daeva in the worst way I can imagine…


Rhen and I are betting about Ahriman. She thinks that he’ll reel in his daevas after they get the souls so as not to lose any more to us. My opinion is that he’ll make them wait for us. If I win, I don’t need to massage Rhen’s back, but she’ll massage my feet. If she wins, I’ll be her slave for another day. The both of us are very confident about our bets, and no doubt I’ll win because I took into consideration the mindset of a demon. Rhen’s idea will have been a wiser alternative for Ahriman, but then who said he’s smart? He’s powerful, as all demons are, but demons are rarely smart.


Breakfast was bacon and eggs, Elini’s favorite, and goat’s milk. We’re leaving Talia, Vohu Manah and the Wildwoods soon; we’re just waiting for Rhen to finish bathing; all of us took a bath, we smelled too strongly of garlic now. Did you know how the werewolves in the Wildwoods eyed us? If not for the fact that they are now afraid of us, they’ll have eaten us long ago. I’m dead serious.


I wish I could see Mom, Hector and Ylitta once more. I’m not sure how they’ll accept me. I told this to Rhen this morning, and she said she wanted to see her family now, too. I’m not surprised. They’ve been separated for like a year and a half. And so, if it makes Rhen feel better, I won’t visit Ghalarah before we go to the Western Isle to visit her family. Rhen doesn’t know what I’ve decided, and I’m not going to tell her because if Talia hears, she’s going to tease me with her eyes. It’s very annoying…


Anyway, Rhen’s finished now, so bye.

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Awww amazing update!!!!

She better not die, or I’m killing the daeva in the worst way I can imagine…


This is the best! i love the line Lars being protective of her XD


Rhen doesn’t know what I’ve decided, and I’m not going to tell her because if Talia hears, she’s going to tease me with her eyes. It’s very annoying…


Love it! just love it!!!! Talia teasing Lars....I guess she knows what lars doesn't know..."That He loves Rhen!!!!"


go on keep updating can't wait for more!

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Lol I love the bet part. Obviously, he won't reel in the daevas because he's really stupid enough not to do anything about it and will make 'em wait. Just like AP. I mean, Ahriman and Zorom didn't do anything about the guardians in the game, and thus they got defeated, badly. So who says the guy will gain some intelligence and do something here?

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lolz...Lars is starting to become protective of Rhen, isn't he?..he doesn't realize it but he's giving hints about it all over his journal pages...here's another update; next update is on the 24th and after that, the 25. hope you enjoy this!


Day 52 (lunchtime)


So now we’re having berry milk, made from crushing the wild berries into the goat’s milk, which tastes unexpectedly good. I’m getting tired of goat’s milk now; it used to taste wonderful to my taste buds, but now maybe I’ve drank too often and too much so now it tastes as ordinary as water. Actually, I invented it because I became thirsty, and Elini and Rhen told me to drink the goat’s milk in the bag.


“Never mind. I’d rather stay thirsty than drink that.”

“Why?” Elini scolded. “You said you’re thirsty, and you had better drink up before it becomes serious and you mess up with your magic and kill us all!”

“Lars!” Rhen joined in. “I won’t let you dehydrate, and since you’re thirsty, if you won’t drink I’ll force the milk down your throat! Why don’t you want to drink? Has it gone bad?”

“No,” I replied. “I’m just tired of drinking the same thing every single day. Can’t I, like, change the flavor or anything?”

“I can’t believe we’re hunting for a daeva and all you care about is the flavor of milk! Do you want me to ram down some berries in the milk bottle so you’ll have berry milk?!” Elini said, exasperated.

“That sounds good,” I said.

“Aargh!” Elini cried, frustrated now, pulling on her hair as if to tear it out.

“What? I said I’d drink it if it was berry milk.”


Elini refused to answer and so I made the berry milk myself. I took a small clump of berries, crushed them a bit (I made sure my hands were clean) and plopped them into a bottle of goat’s milk. I shook, then drank it, and we continued on our way. Soon after, in the second maze (explanation follows), Elini and Rhen were curious about the taste and made some themselves. They loved it too.


We’re in yet another maze. Let me explain. That maze behind the door led to Leyrvo’s Lamp, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Then when we went around Ghed’ahre, I was struck with a thought. I took Rhen aside while we were walking.


“Hey, Rhen, do you remember the empty room in the graveyard?”

“Yes; why?”

“Well, I was thinking; the cave in the Mt. Orion Cave System was also useless at the start, wasn’t it? Then we put the pomegranate on the altar and then the boat from the other side of the acid river floated to us, and in the end we got our demon.”

“Are you planning to put a pomegranate on the floor of the room are something?” Rhen looked puzzled, and slightly irritated, and she looked like I was wasting her time.

“No, maybe if we find something that we use or bring out inside the room, maybe something will appear. A door, perhaps, or stairs to a dungeon where our daeva awaits,” I explained.

“Do you have an idea of what to use?” Rhen asked, this time looking interested.

“What else do we have in here that’s mysterious and otherwise useless as well? Leyrvo’s Lamp, of course!”

“Will it work?”

“Do we have any other plans that might work? And besides, we’re here already in Ghed’ahre, so we might as well try it out; there’s no harm in trying,” I replied.


Rhen then told the rest of the party, and they agreed to try my plan. And so we came to the empty room in the graveyard, and with a flourish I produced the lamp out of the bag. Then:


“Well, how are you going to light it? it’s not going to light up all by itself, silly Northerner,” Elini snorted. Imagine my shock at realizing that I had not thought of how to light Leyrvo’s Lamp. Then Vohu Manah suggested bringing out the vampire ashes.


“I heard about Leyrvo once, met him too, poor chap; he died climbing over his fence. He slipped a foot and got impaled on the wooden—, well, they’re not intended to be stakes, but they certainly are shaped like stakes. Oh well, you don’t need to hear about that, do you? I think that we should place these in that,” he said, pointing at the ashes, then at the lamp.


“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Do you have any other ideas that might work? And besides, we’re here in the room, so we might as well try it out; there’s no harm in trying,” Rhen said, smirking.

“Eh…sure,” I said. So I placed the ashes in the lamp, doubtfully, then it LIT UP! Then a door appeared on the middle wall…Vohu Manah was prancing around in excitement and he started clapping his hands like an amused child. I could only stare. So could the rest of us, so I was not alone. Then, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go in!” Rhen said, and I heard some excitement in her voice.


And so now we’re here. And it is tons harder than the last maze, leading me to think that the daeva really is here. And thankfully, we have enough food for a week, because Talia and Vohu Manah decided not to go in, so that our food supply would not be used up and so that we would have less difficulty keeping track of the party members.


“Promise you won’t do anything rash with the daeva, okay, Lars? And be good children, the two of you,” Talia said tearfully to Rhen and me.


“I promise,” I said, and said goodbye to Talia and Vohu Manah. I heard Talia shout, “And remember to always eat on time and never wear wet socks!”


I suppose we’ll have to see just how long we’ll survive. I told Talia that we should be gone for a week at most, and if we don’t appear, most likely we’re dead and it’s up to her if she wants to come after us and take revenge on whoever caused our deaths. I do hope we survive, though. Ahriman shouldn’t get the pleasure of his downfall being stopped, that is, Rhen getting killed. I will not allow it. In the meantime, diary, wish us luck.



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