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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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sorry for my Lateness life has been tough cuz of school....

Great update! I love it! Talia is acting like a true mom XD OOOOOOO Lars is giving more hints!!!! XD XD Great update Gabriela!

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thank you, everyone! here's the next update, and tomorrow i'll be updating again. then i'll take a break from updating...i'll try to update on January 1...


Day 53


I’m so exhausted. Well, all of us are. Last night we went through so many switches (Leyrvo seemed to love switches if it’s true that he designed all his here) and gates and there was this part of the maze where you have to go past rolling boulders that, when you bump them, teleports you back to the path leading to the first boulder. I think we got hit five times, more or less. All of us got frustrated at the third failure, and were insane by the fifth time, in which we ran like crazed chickens away from the boulders. Then we got to this part where you have to avoid waxing and waning holes in the floor or else you get teleported to the first boulder, too. Thankfully we got past that the first time.


The trolls smell like Gretchen’s stinkrot root, only they smell much stronger and they are more than what we gave Gretchen. I swear I’m starting to get immune to the odious odor, while Rhen and Elini are always covering their noses with whatever cloth they can get their hands on. As a result, I can’t understand them when they speak. This morning:


“Do you think we should go left?” I asked, looking around.

“Mmggmhm,” Rhen said, muffled by the cloth she was clamping to her nose and mouth.


“M-hmm, mmggmhm!” Rhen replied.

“Yeah, your words are clear as church bells ringing a foot from my ear,” I returned. “Never mind. Just nod or shake your head. Left or not?”

She nodded her head. “That’s better,” I said, and continued walking.


And there were times when it wasn’t a matter of yes or no. Tonight:


“What’s for dinner? I’m hungry,” I complained. Elini pointed to the bag with her free hand, then to the floor. I set the backpack down, and opened it. Elini then pointed to the food that we can eat for dinner.

“Mghmgmhmgmg,” she said. (“Yes I can understand you,” I was tempted to say.)


“I suppose pointing is how cavemen communicated when they didn’t have languages yet, huh?” I said. My eyes widened when I saw Elini readying her whip. And so I ran off ahead and flashed a peace sign, covering my mouth with part of my cloak, mumbling, “Mghmgmhmhgm!”


Angrily, Elini ran after me with the whip, leaving Rhen to pick up the backpack and scramble after us. Rhen caught up a minute later, because she had to close the backpack, pick it up, sling it over her shoulder all with one hand, and she isn’t used to using only one hand. She usually holds her sword with two hands.


Catching up with Elini and me, she found Elini holding me up by the neck and me struggling to get free. She started panicking and waved her hands in the air frantically mumbling in her handkerchief for Elini to put me down. Then suddenly a troll appeared from Oracle-knows-where and took Elini by surprise. She was so shocked she dropped me and instantly fought the troll with Rhen. My buttocks are still sore even now, and I’ve decided never to try and tease Elini again. Dangerous woman. I think I can see why she needs so many husbands. Another reason why I would not want to be considered to become her husband.


Tonight, like last night, we are going to sleep on the damp moldy floor, hoping that no trolls come and instantly trample us. Elini and Rhen sleep on one side of the corridor with me on the other side.


Last night, the temperature dropped and I took pity on Rhen, who has a short-hemmed dress as her outfit. Elini’s dress is enough to keep her warm, but Rhen couldn’t endure the cold for the whole night. Of course, the Northern Isle was a different matter because we never stayed out for more than an hour, while here in the maze we have to spend the night. So while Elini was sleeping, Rhen was still awake.


“Are you cold?” I asked her. She couldn’t answer, but her reply of chattering teeth was enough. I crawled over, took off my coat and wrapped her in it. Rhen thanked me and drifted off to sleep; if there’s anyone here who’s supposed to get enough sleep, it’s Rhen. But if Mom found out what I did she’d disown me, I think.


Since I’m so exhausted now, I can write no more. I hope tomorrow I have more energy to write…more importantly, more energy, enough to defeat the daeva, if there is a daeva at all.


hope you liked this...^^

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here's another update, after which i really will take a break from updating (though i still might be around in the other forums) until maybe Jan 1.

okay, so the something special i told you about? er...i was thinking maybe this is too early in the quest, but then i decided i'd write this already since there won't be much possibilities of this happening when Dameon has joined the party. but enough of my babbling, read on!


Day 54 (lunchtime)


This morning up until now we’ve been solving puzzles. There was one where we had to move colored blocks (“OOH they’re shiny!” –Rhen) to corresponding block holders so that a block appears in the middle of the room when you pull a switch above the center block holder. There were notes; poems, actually, above each block holder, and it gave hints as to what color block we should place there. We decided to push one block each, plus one for me “because you’re a boy,” Rhen said. And so I pushed the yellow block, Elini pushed the red block. Then Rhen absent-mindedly pushed the green block (the second to the last one to be pushed in) into the block holder with a poem describing the sky.


“Uh…Rhen,” I said.

“Hm? What?” she asked.

“The poem here describes the sky. We’re supposed to put the blue one here.”

“Huh?—oh, CRUD!” she gasped, realizing her mistake.

“Easy, Rhen,” Elini said. “We can still reset the puzzle, you know.” She proceeded to the switch beside the door and all the blocks returned to their original positions.

“Sorry,” Rhen apologized. “I wasn’t really thinking when I pushed that in. And after all the hard work we’ve gone through!”

“Well, it’s our fault partly, too,” I told her. “Elini and I should have noticed that; we weren’t paying attention. Anyway, what’s done is done, and we better finish this if we’re getting to the end of this maze.”


So we did the whole thing again. Poor Rhen. She was so embarrassed.


Then when everything was finished, another block appeared in the middle, and:


“You think we should get it?” Rhen asked.



Rhen pulled and pulled at the block, but it wouldn’t budge.


“Let me do it,” I said.

“Are you sure?” Rhen asked. “You can barely kill a bat on your own without using magic!”

“Maybe you’re just moving it wrong,” I replied. I pulled at it a lot, it would not move at all. Then I decided that I’ll kick it off the holder.


“Rhen, Elini, get behind me,” I said.


Then I kicked the block with all my might. Then the world around me was swirling and I felt myself getting sucked into the block through my foot. “HELP!” I screamed.


“Lars!” I heard Rhen shout, and then she gripped my hand tightly pulling me out. I screamed in pain as the block and Rhen seemed to be splitting me in half. Rhen perhaps realized this wasn’t the way to go so she pulled Elini too and offered no resistance to the block. “Wherever you’re going, Lars, we’re going with you,” Rhen whispered. Then the block sucked the three of us into…another room.


We were all unconscious for a while; when I gained consciousness, I felt something extremely heavy and something soft and warm was on my lips; I actually liked the feeling, really; it felt like warm marshmallows, but when I opened my eyes, boy was I in for the shock of my life! Was I kissing Rhen or was this the other way around?! I was, naturally, shocked, and I yelled as hard as I could. My mouth was the only thing in my body working then; I was numb all over. Rhen woke up and opened her eyes; and she screamed as shrill as any girl can, and rolled off me in shock. Elini, apparently, fell face up on Rhen, accounting for the weight. Which is why Elini fell face down on the ground, and broke her nose.


The shock of kissing Rhen (or vice versa?) simply can’t leave me. Why is it that my mind plays it over and over and over and over again in my head?! Why do I have to feel it all over again? Sometimes I touch my lips to make sure that the feeling is now only a figment of my imagination; that Rhen is somewhere else, not on my lips. You must understand, dear diary, that this is my first real kiss, even if it was an accident. So excuse me for thinking and writing like a madman…


“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” That was me. Rhen followed:


“MY NOOOOOOOOOSE!” And, of course, Elini.


Yeah, so that was how we sounded. What a racket. When we turned to face each other, Rhen and I must have been as red as newly-surfaced lava.


“Lars…what the heck happened?” she whispered, her voice shaking.

I touched my fingers to my lips. “I…don’t know! Hey, it wasn’t my fault! When I woke up I saw…felt…,” I couldn’t continue. Embarrassment and shock and bewilderment took away my tongue.


At least Elini wasn’t poking her broken nose in our business; if she did, she might tell Talia and I’d be in hell until she returned to stay at the Sun Shrine from her teasing. She was, at that moment, minding her own business and nose. I could hear her mumble, “Ow. It hurts. Darn, how will I find a new husband if I look like this? The rest might leave me, even! Oh, crud…”


Rhen and I decided not to tell anyone about what happened, but then you are not exactly a ‘someone’, are you? But even now I can’t bring myself to look straight or talk directly to Rhen; if I do talk to her, it’s only to ask a question; it’s like we were not together on a quest for almost two months. So, now, we’re not talking much.


Elini resolved to find the daeva and return alive and in time for Talia to fix her broken nose. Well, she is very determined. Although she doesn’t seem very much different from how she looked before.


Then I looked around the place we were in. Four gates in front of us led to a door at the end. There were riddles, the answers to which were Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, and Leyrvo. And now we are just right out of the door, because we need to eat lunch before we go inside and we need to get our health and mana in top condition: the daeva is inside.


It’s this: when we got to the last door, I peeked in and my nerves went numb again at the sight of what seemed like a daeva, only much more threatening than Nanghaithya.


“Oh…no, oh no, oh no…,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What is it?” the girls whispered.

“The daeva…,”


And so we’re here, resting, eating, drinking berry milk, and using up lots and lots of covey balm. Elini is glugging Aquifolium now…I hope Aquifolium won’t have any side effects; I heard someone in the Academy had to use the comfort room minutes after trying some Aquifolium; it had laxative effects on her. Elini, though, seems to be a seasoned warrior and she must be used to drinking Aquifolium now. Oh well, if we die now I hope Talia sees this diary and brings it back with her.


I’ll have to forget that incident earlier if we’re going to beat this daeva; but it’s so hard! How can I look straight into her eyes after what happened? What a life this is.


so how did you like it? i know it was an accident, the you-know-what, but then it would be extremely mushy if it was done on purpose or something...

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OH YA!!!!!! RHEN AND LARS KISS!!!!!!! this was the best! And a broken nose yay!!! Loved it! great update!!!!! I can't wait to read the Deava battle! :evil: It will be Awesome!!! Great! I hope Lars does something Dramatic if Rhen dies....OH update soon Gabriela!

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