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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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OMG it finally came!!!!


Lars and Rhen Kissed!!


I really laughed over this part:


We were all unconscious for a while; when I gained consciousness, I felt something extremely heavy and something soft and warm was on my lips; I actually liked the feeling, really; it felt like warm marshmallows, but when I opened my eyes, boy was I in for the shock of my life! Was I kissing Rhen or was this the other way around?! I was, naturally, shocked, and I yelled as hard as I could. My mouth was the only thing in my body working then; I was numb all over. Rhen woke up and opened her eyes; and she screamed as shrill as any girl can, and rolled off me in shock. Elini, apparently, fell face up on Rhen, accounting for the weight. Which is why Elini fell face down on the ground, and broke her nose.


The shock of kissing Rhen (or vice versa?) simply can’t leave me. Why is it that my mind plays it over and over and over and over again in my head?! Why do I have to feel it all over again? Sometimes I touch my lips to make sure that the feeling is now only a figment of my imagination; that Rhen is somewhere else, not on my lips. You must understand, dear diary, that this is my first real kiss, even if it was an accident.

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^^ thanks, everyone!

i said i'd be back Jan. 1, but then i decided to update now, then tomorrow is the first update with dameon in it. after that i won't update for i don't know how long because we have tests, and projects, and a lot more, so it will be a miracle if i get to update in the middle of January or so...T_T

but here's the daeva battle, and yes, Lars did do something dramatic again...enjoy! >.<


Day 54 (bedtime)


I never knew how hard it would be to spend time with three women and two druids. One druid was hard enough, that druid being Vohu Manah, but together with Rashnu, it’s almost impossible for me to keep my sanity. No, Rashnu is not like Vohu Manah; he’s the complete opposite. Well, can one expect the Druid of Darkness to be as childish as the Druid of Music? The hard thing is that Vohu Manah keeps on trying to amuse Rashnu, make him laugh, everything! And Rashnu, he’s always getting irritated. He’s already put a veil of darkness over Vohu Manah’s eyes four times because Vohu Manah was trying to play hide-and-seek with him. Poor Vohu Manah; though I must admit seeing the two druids clash is highly amusing!


But then, on with the story of the battle with the daeva, who has a weird name, Zarich. He was really scary, intimidating, and then when he attacked, it was usually magical. And so all of us were panicking.


“Lars, heal me!”

“Lars, revive Elini!”

“Rhen, cut off his head!” (Thank goodness the head referred to was not mine.)

“Elini, pass me some covey balm!”


Yeah, that was what it was like. Then there was an occasional expletive from Elini whenever a magical attack grazed her. Zarich was silent, and attacked and attacked with magic until one of us died or something. Then another would revive her, go on with fighting, I’d heal her, and go on poking the daeva with my orb staff. Boy was he hard to defeat! If not for our own resident whip woman, Elinidana ter’Lithir de Aramati (what a long name!), Zarich would have won in a minute or less.


Rhen died once, and I lost my presence of mind and grabbed Elini’s whip. I wasn’t thinking clearly, but I remember that I was lashing at the daeva madly, madly enough to make Elini afraid of going near me. well, it was wise of her not to go near; I was not trained in using a whip and so it would always swing back to who-knows-where after each lashing.


“LARS! What the heck are you doing! You promised me you’d keep calm—,” she started (as she told me later)

“YAAAAAH!” I screamed, still lashing at the daeva. Elini told me she panicked that I’d hit her or Rhen and so she dragged Rhen off to a corner and revived her with a cassia leaf.

“Lars! Will you please return my whip and heal Rhen? You’re scaring me!” she shouted. Apparently I did not listen and so she took a deep breath and dived at me, tackling me and the whip to the ground. In the meantime Zarich was trying to heal himself.

“You prat! You promised you’d watch that temper of yours then you go berserk and, as if it’s not enough, you grab my whip! Now go to Rhen like a good boy while I finish Zarich off (Zarich growls and casts a spell at us, missing me by a hair)—hurry!” By this time I had gained sanity again.


And so I went to heal Rhen. She looked over at me weakly when I came over and gave me a small smile.


“Rhen, lie down and relax. I’m going to heal you now,” I told her. The healing spell made her figure on the damp ground glow, her cuts sealing instantly, bruises returning to her normal skin color.

“Thanks, Lars,” she said gratefully. She tried to get up, but couldn’t.

“Lars,” she breathed, with a worried expression on her face, “My legs…they won’t move!”

“Oh no…”

“Hey, the two of you, what’s taking you so long?” Elini shouted over the sounds of the whip.


“So how am I going to fight..?” Rhen wondered out loud.

“As long as no one’s seriously injured, I have no real purpose in this battle,” I said slowly. I was getting to an idea, but I was not quite sure how to tell her. “I…I think I’m going to have to carry you.”

“What?!” She was seriously shocked.

“No, really. Your legs can’t move, but otherwise you’re perfectly fine, and between the two of us, you’re more important in battle. As for me, I think I can manage to carry you.”

“Er…how are you going to carry me?”

“Uh…you can…like, sit on my shoulders or something; then use one hand to grip my head and the other one for the sword. That’s the only style of carrying I know that will give you freedom to fight with that sword.” It was awkward, but that was our only hope.

“Are you sure?” Rhen asked hesitantly. She didn’t enjoy the idea as well.

“Yeah. And Elini’s getting tired.”


I drew up every ounce of strength in me to lift her up to my shoulders to perch. Her numb legs dangled heavily and she grabbed a handful of my hair to keep her there. I was in hell. Little did I know that I’d be deeper in hell when we started the actual fighting.


“CHARGE!” Rhen hollered. Then she’d shout to me the direction in which to run. “Left! No; not too far left. Left! More! No no no, right this time. To heck with that; Lars, just run at the daeva!”


Nothing is more tiring than carrying a sword singer in your shoulders while running around, coupled with the said sword singer pulling at clumps of your hair as if they were reins. And then I’d see that sword of hers swing in front of me, making me cringe at thought of the sword swinging into my face.


Elini seemed amused, but did not really react until the battle was over. Zarich, at two simultaneous blows from the two women, finally fell and disappeared. Then Elini looked at Rhen and me and laughed her head off on the ground.


I let Rhen down, and she took Rashnu’s soul, which the daeva had left behind as he vanished, and wrapped it in my cloak, which she tugged off of me.


“Mission accomplished!” said Elini proudly. “Now we should get going; Rashu’s waiting.”

“You just want your nose fixed,” I whispered under my breath, with a smirk. Rhen heard and stifled a laugh.

“What did you just say??” Elini demanded. “Nothing,” I assured her.


On the way back we practically ran. I had to carry Rhen all the way, since she simply couldn’t stand. What do you call that carry? Um…bridal style. And she had to hold on to my neck. Poor me; my arms, scalp

shoulders, and then neck; all abused terribly by the same girl on the same half of one day. I shall be very grateful if another male joins our party so all the dirty work wouldn’t have to be pushed to me by default.


And so we went out of the graveyard, into the cold, dark atmosphere of Ghed’ahre. I laid Rhen gently on the grass and scanned the area with my eyes, looking for Talia and Vohu Manah. They were not to be seen. Elini automatically paced to the cathedral, leaving me to stay with Rhen.


She had dragged herself off to a tree so she could lean on it instead of lying flat on the ground. I sat beside her, but we didn’t talk. After that incident in the maze, we really did not talk to each other if it was not necessary. I wish I could just forget that, but how? I can’t just pretend like nothing happened; like I did not kiss her, like she did not fall right on top of me. I personally think it’s her fault that we did kiss, because, after all, she was the one who fell on me, but then how does it help the fact that we kissed? It doesn’t, so thinking of that is not making me talk to her, or making her talk to me. Most likely she’s convinced herself that it’s my entire fault, because while she really was the one who fell and she can’t deny it, she’d say that it was not her fault that I was right under her when she fell. It just so happens that we’re both stubborn and know that the other will retort if accused of the fault. And so we’re not even saying why we’re ignoring each other as much as possible. But then that does not matter since we know what is on the other’s mind. Well, at least, I think that is what is on her mind.


After a couple of minutes, Elini and Talia emerged from the cathedral. Elini’s nose was already back to what it looked like before. Rhen and I waited for them to come. I noticed Vohu Manah was not with them, and gave Elini and Talia a questioning look. Elini laughed and, when they were seated on the grass in front of Rhen and me, told me,


“He’s asleep, in Rashnu’s room. Where’s the soul? Talia and I are going to surprise the both of them. Where is it?” she asked. I took it from the backpack, and rolled it gently out of my cloak. I handed it to Talia.

“Let’s go,” she whispered excitedly, unable to hide her eagerness. I pointed to Rhen.

“Err…Talia, can you heal my legs? They got…broken in the fight. Lars had to carry me all the way back,” Rhen mumbled.

“Why sure! Poor legs; must have hurt a lot, huh?” Rhen shook her head and said, “No, there was no pain. In fact, there was no sensation at all! After I died I just couldn’t stand.”

“You died? I hope Lars kept his cool. Did you, Lars?” Talia was mischievously smiling at me. I cleared my throat and said sheepishly, “Um…I lashed out at the daeva.” Aha! Talia was expecting that; as she was healing Rhen’s legs she turned her head at me so Rhen couldn’t see her wink and stick her tongue out. Oh, the humiliation! Good thing Elini doesn’t know about the kiss thing! Otherwise she’d tell Talia and she will pester me day and night…


After the healing was finished, we went into Rashnu’s room. Talia laid Rashnu’s statue under a chair which Vohu Manah was resting his head on. Then the rest of us stood at the back of a curtain to watch the scene as Talia slipped Rashu’s soul into his body and tiptoed back to us. Rashnu’s body slowly gained color, and when he woke up he bolted into a sitting position, knocking his head on the bottom part of the chair, waking Vohu Manah up with a thud. Rashnu roared an expletive, and Vohu Manah; he was the one we laughed at, yelled, piercingly,


“HOLY PONIES!” Goodness, that cracked us all up.


After Rashnu took in his surroundings, Vohu Manah crept up to him and shouted joyfully, “COUSIN!” At that he smushed Rashnu up in a big hug. “Thank the Oracle you’re safe!” Rashnu appeared irritated.


“Vohu Manah! How many times do I have to tell you that I resent your calling me cousin?! I can hardly believe we’re even related!” he said cuttingly. Vohu Manah drew back like a kicked puppy. He was pitiful, giving Rashnu puppy eyes.

“But…but…you’re my favorite cousin!” he wailed.

“I’m your only cousin; I curse destiny for my extended family tree every night.”

“How can you be so…so cruel?” Then, with sparkling eyes, he realized that since Rashnu is alive already, we must have returned. He ran out the door without a word. We went back out to Rashnu, who tilted his head and ranted on. “What, were you spying on us a while ago?” He recognized Talia. “Talia, what the heck was that for? Why must I freeze trying to fight a daeva and the next waking moment, be glomped by my clown of a cousin? You seem like you’re behind all this!”

“Well, I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist! By the way, Rashnu, while Vohu Manah is out looking for us, I’d like to introduce you to…” Here she stopped and whispered into his ear. “Oh, really? Cool,” we heard him say, while he looked at Rhen to me, from me to Elini, then back to Rhen.

“Nice to meet you, Miss…,” he started, holding his hand out to Rhen.

“Darzon. Rhen Darzon,” she replied, shaking his hand.

“And you are…?” Rashnu asked me.

“Lars Tenobor. This is Elinidana’ter Lithir de Aramati,” I told him, shaking hands with him too.

“Just call me Elini,” she said


At that moment Vohu Manah peeked in and said, “Oh, there you are! I searched the whole town for you! Thank you for bringing Rashnu back to life!” Rashnu simply shook his head sadly. I had disturbing images of Vohu Manah dancing into manors and roll-calling us while vampires stared at the poor lunatic druid. Much as we do love Vohu Manah, we can’t help but be embarrassed sometimes.


“So, shall we go back to the Sun Shrine?” I asked.

“Sure! But we can’t make it now, I’m sure,” Elini said.

“We could stay at the tavern, though. For one night. Then tomorrow we can go to the Sun Shrine first thing in the morning,” Rhen suggested.


And so we’re at the tavern, and the rest of us are trying not to watch Vohu Manah drag Rashnu around the Wildwoods to look at crows. He never did that with any of us; perhaps Rashnu really is his favorite cousin. Rashnu is fuming, obviously eager to go to the Sun shrine where Vohu Manah would have to behave under the watchful eye of the Oracle.


It’s only twilight, and I can’t believe how much we’ve done in a day. I must rest though, since carrying Rhen has left me very fatigued.

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Lars is so dramatic, he went insane when Rhen died :laughing:


Heh, I feel sorry for Vohu Manah, Rashnu hates him :D


Yes! The Dameon update! Tomorrow! Yay! Muhahahah!

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happy new year!


so here's the next update after which i really will take a break from writing and updating...in it, Lars tells us how he loathes Dameon...also, he now knows something he should have known ages ago...


Day 55


I did say that I wanted another male in the party, and I got what I wished for. I should have been careful what I wished for, because now I’d rather I was the only man in the party for the rest of the quest. His name’s Dameon, Sun Priest, Talia’s son though there is no resemblance. How can a red-headed, young-spirited woman (a former sorcerer at that!) resemble a half-bald, big-nosed, smelly Sun Priest? His manners are sickening; he’s always trying to kiss Rhen’s hand, the pervert. And Rhen, she falls for it. How can one tolerate that? I’m so furious at him for…for stealing Rhen away. She used to talk to me even after that stupid kiss, even if it was just to ask something or tell me something important. Now she never does. She’ll tell him the plans, hoping that Elini and I will overhear and go with it. And, to make matters worse, she makes doe eyes at him. Eww.


Well, I’m not going to let him get away with that; as soon as I have the courage to talk to Rhen again I’ll treat her as a gentleman should. What right has Dameon to steal her away? She’s the first person who’s actually changed me into a decent person and he goes and sweeps her off? I’ll admit; he does need her, in a way. With that kind of fashion sense, he’ll need somebody to update that look of his; it’s hurting my eyes to see that half-bald hairstyle. I have nothing against bald people; fully or partially bald, but then Dameon’s head simply takes away all my patience. He must have been blindfolded when he cut his hair like that!


And I think there’s something fishy about the guy. He seems…like he’s hiding something behind that ‘gentleman’ façade. And I’m quite sure my opinion is not biased because of Rhen; Talia herself did not seem to be comfortable with Dameon. They had a confrontation in the Sun Shrine about Talia killing her former husband, Dameon’s father, the former Sun Priest. It shocked all of us; it was true. But Talia had a reason, she said. Her husband was one of Ahriman’s minions, and could have done much damage to the world if she had not interfered. Dameon still hates her though. Perhaps his father was even less good-looking than he was, and when he died Dameon did not have a person to stand by that would make him look good. I think even the necromancer in Veldarah looks better than Dameon. At least he doesn’t have that hideous hairdo…


In short, I loathe the guy. Elini told me that I have to get him out of the way if I want Rhen to be mine someday. Here’s our conversation, which we had at the back of the Sun Shrine after Elini yanked me there while Dameon was flirting with Rhen.


“Lars, looks like you have competition,” Elini said mischievously.

“For what?” I was puzzled.

“Uh, haven’t you noticed?”

“Noticed what?” I was starting to get annoyed.

“How dense can your kind be?! You’re always blushing when you’re around Rhen, tripping and everything, and don’t you think I don’t know what happened in the Crypt Maze,” she whispered, fox ears now visible on her head. “I know it was an accident, but it happened, didn’t it?”


For a moment I couldn’t speak. She knew?! Apparently she hadn’t told Talia, thank goodness. But she knew! And she was enumerating the signs that—


“You like Rhen,” she said simply.

“You’re wrong, then,” I muttered.

“No. I’m sure. Why is it that every single time she dies you go crazy?”

“Because she’s like a sister to me.”

“Am I like a sister to you?”

“Yes; you’re pretty much the same to me, the two of you,” I replied.

“Then why don’t you go crazy when I die?”


I couldn’t answer. Elini continued:


“Lars, it’s either you’re lying or you simply haven’t realized it yet. You have a crush. On Rhen.”


I still couldn’t speak.


“What’s in that book you’re writing?” she inquired.

“Why should I tell you?” I countered.

“No, you don’t have to show it to me. I’m just curious, but then I won’t tell the others, I promise.”


A warrior would never break a promise. So I told her.


“It’s my diary.”

“My, my! A diary! I’m willing to bet my three husbands that there are a lot of parts there that describe you blushing, tripping while looking or thinking about Rhen, going crazy over her deaths, being protective, and more.”

“I’m sorry to tell you that there are none of those in my diary.”

“Really? Show me then. I’ll only take your word if I can see that. But if I win the bet, I won’t have to look into it.”

“That’s blackmail!”

“Oh well. Fine. Just look into that tonight and count how many times you’ve shown those signs. What’s important is that you realize it.” With that she turned away and walked back into the Sun Shrine. And she spoke once more before walking into the door.


“Oh, and I know that the little kissing scene is playing over and over in your mind and that you enjoy it. Subconsciously, at least.” She winked and walked in.


I wasted no time in scanning my diary. While they were inside I was at the back reading my diary. I never expected that Elini would be so right. Do I like Rhen? After half an hour of reading it, and some meditating, I conceded that Elini was right. And so I am attracted to my former slave…my mom will never forgive me, but then I can’t help it, can I?


I spent the rest of the day criticizing Dameon subtly, and I attempted to trip him with my foot twice. Levus is happy in love and thinks love is the best feeling in the world, but in my situation, love is anything but.


Rhen is not happy with my treatment of Dameon, and I’m trying to ignore that. No way is Dameon going to steal her away. Rhen does not deserve a smelly sun priest. The mother-in-law, if he did steal her away, would be perfect, but the husband would be the opposite.


Vohu Manah and Rashnu both unlocked their basement doors and let us choose a gift from each room. I was not present when they chose the gifts, as I was at the back, but they chose a sleep flute from Vohu Manah’s room and sunblock from Rashnu’s. We’re going to Ghed’ahre tomorrow to give it to the vampress there so she might join our party. If she does I’m going to ask her to bite Dameon.


Talia has left us, because when we went to watch a sunset in the Wildwoods again, she wandered off. We went along with her, and we saw a house there, with a hermit inside. Apparently the hermit and Talia know each other and the hermit was once a king and he ran away from something and now he’s here. Talia decided to take him to the Sun Shrine and so they went ahead and there they are. Elini, Rhen and I will miss Talia a lot. Talia seems to be relieved though, since she doesn’t have to be with her son any longer.


Now we are at an inn in Veldarah. I made sure Dameon sleeps the farthest from Rhen in the room. He is not getting chances with her as long as I’m here.


Elini is really stubborn, and every time she’s with me when Rhen and Dameon aren’t around she tells me what to say to Rhen. “Give her a compliment. Tell her she smells nice or something,” she’d say. Or, “Hold the door open for her once in a while, northerner. Her type likes that mushy stuff.” I know she means well, but this is getting me very, very embarrassed.

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Lars vs. Dameon! The green-haired lovesick sorcerer against the sun priest whose head is nearly bald. Both are trying to win the heart of Rhen Darzon, the shoe maker's daughter who is also a master at sword singing. Tune in next time to see who wins! Back to you, Huston.


Lol Sorry, I had the urge to type that. Great chapter~

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Yesss! finally Lars realizes that "he" likes Rhen!!

:party: :party:

Lars was so embarassed! hehehe XD :oops:


Lars vs Dameon


Go Lars!!!

Boo Dameon!!!


update more plsss!

great update!




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“Give her a compliment. Tell her she smells nice or something,” (Elini) would say.


Hah! I loved that part! Elini sounds as clueless as Lars! Huzzah for Elini! HUZZAH!

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