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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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hello gabriela.. im a late comer to amaranth and read your story today... its a very good love story... i always thought lars and rhen should be the golden pair as they started out on the quest right from start.. and you made my imagination come true.. but altogether you have a lovely writting technique.. keep up the great work.. another fan for gabriela...

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@Enchantress and Rhen_Fan: I always thought so too. I love every hate-based love stories (I really REALLY love the movie You've got mail :D) and maybe also because my own relationship was some kind of hate-based too when I first met my current bf.

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I must say totally OT.


It's highly annoying AND off topic to tell people talking a little bit off topic - still keeping it somehow in the current subject - that pls don't go off topic. How off topic is THAT? o.O

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omg. i can't believe the number of times i've done this--you know, leaving amaranthia for a long time and not telling anybody anything. i am so sorry!


i guess i was embarrassed to say that i simply couldn't write for a long time. i actually had an update long ago but i couldn't improve on it until recently. it was too short so i didn't want to post it, and i didn't want to come here without an update, so...anyway, i still need to re-flex my writing muscles but here's an update. ^_^


Day 56


Teijal, our new party member, is cool. She has zero mana but she can make beasts go to sleep. She’s awesome. The best thing is she wants to get rid of Dameon as much as I do. She knows I like Rhen and she’s rooting for me. Now, dear diary, you might wonder how a stranger like Teijal got to know that I like Rhen. I did not tell her that. Elini did. They are now trying to help me, but their suggestions…hm. Make your own opinion of them. For example:


ELINI: Give her flowers.

TEIJAL: I can push him into the sea when we go to the Northern Isles.

ELINI: Sing a cute song to her.

TEIJAL: I can bite him if you want.

ELINI: Buy her some chocolates.

TEIJAL: Hey Elini, can I borrow your whip? It’ll be quick, I promise. (Elini: Rhen will kick you out of the party if you dare!)


I didn’t trust Teijal at first; of course, I thought she was pretty cool, but nice things and people can kill you if you don’t know any better, and Teijal certainly looks dangerous. So I was just cordial and everything with her. But after lunch, when Rhen and Dameon were having a conversation under one of the trees in the forest outside the Wildwoods, I overheard Elini talking to Teijal about the members of our party. They didn’t notice I was sitting in the tree right above them. I suppose they thought I was walking around somewhere being a loner. I think that no one would ever think that I climb trees. It’s not the way I was brought up, but I did like climbing up trees in the afternoons to try and escape my piano teacher. My mother never stopped me from climbing trees, but always reprimanded me for hiding from my teacher. If only my teacher was a bit nicer I wouldn’t climb anything and I might be a great pianist by now. But then I might have gone to a music school instead of Shadwood Academy, and then I would never go on this quest with Rhen. So…I suppose it’s okay that my teacher wasn’t really nice. Anyway, Elini was talking with Teijal.


“That’s Rhen. She’s a sword singer, obviously. Very kind girl, but judging by her choice of men, perhaps she is a little…immature.” Teijal nodded silently, their eyes both on the animated pair. “Her mission is to go and fight Ahriman, the most powerful demon yet.”

“The one with her is Dameon. He’s the Sun Priest, and yet we always notice him under the shade whenever the sun is out. Ironic. Honestly, I don’t like him. His mother is a priestess at the Sun Shrine, and we’re great friends, and Dameon hates her. She killed his father, which I think would be a perfectly good reason to hate her, if the cause hadn’t been for the greater good. His father was one of Ahriman’s minions and if Talia hadn’t killed him the world would have been ended years ago.

“I don’t want to trust that man; his manners are too…proper…sometimes is seems like he’s mocking me with them. Though I have no evidence, I think he’s on Ahriman’s side or something and he’s luring Rhen to him. Of course I can’t whip him on suspicion, but if anything happens to Rhen, he’s dead. Lars will take care of that.”


“He’s the boy with the green hair, isn’t he?” Teijal said. The ‘conversation’ (which was one-sided) was rather quiet and lacking energy, but these two had nothing else to do.


“That’s the one,” Elini replied. I was smirking up in the tree, getting ready for compliments I was almost sure I’d get. “He’s a spoiled sorcerer without table manners.” I got shocked and was about to jump from the tree and blow up at Elini, but I held my tongue and felt my cheeks reddening. “Such an amusing companion. He’s really a nice boy inside, though. Lars may have a short temper, but he’s changing. He’s very protective of Rhen, too. Oh, and—” here she lowered her voice, but I could still hear—“He has a serious crush on Rhen…!” then she giggled, while Teijal, although quiet, looked amused, I’m sure. My blood was heating up, and I fell from the tree, and became unconscious. I awoke in the same place, with all of them bent over me, anxiously watching my breathing.


“Lars! You’re awake! Thank goodness you’re alright,” Rhen said brightly, while the others (except Dameon breathed a sigh of relief. “Dameon healed you. He can use the same skill you use, you know. Right, Dameon?” I couldn’t bear the sight of looking at Rhen making doe eyes at Dameon. Maybe that’s why I bolted upright, to everyone’s surprise. I muttered something that sounded like ‘Thanks’, went away, saying “ I’m fine”, and sat down under a tree and stayed there until Rhen said out loud, “Dameon thinks we should spend the rest of the day in the Tavern and ask around if there are any daevas or druids nearby aside from Rashnu.” Does she know how much this hurts me, to see them talking together every minute of the day, to realize that she doesn’t talk to me anymore all of a sudden? The first person who changed me—the reason that I’m not leaving the party—


And besides, I didn’t need his healing. I’m sure a bucket of cold water would have done the trick.


When I was asked why I was on the tree, I said I took a nap there. Teijal, perhaps, knew I was lying and said right out loud, out of the blue, “I HATE the sun.” She was lying; she loves the sunlight. No one else looks straight up at the sky when it’s noon on a summer’s day. Then she looked at me and winked. I thought there and then that she was an ally. It was confirmed when she took me aside and asked, “So, human, would you like me to push the sun pansy off a cliff?” I was stunned and shook my head. “Oh, ok. Just tell me when you want me to push him off. I hear you have trouble with him.” Yesss!


Dameon is such a pansy; he can’t even kill a bee on his own. He has almost no offensive spells, and his defensive spells barely even work. His hairstyle is so corny it would make the most eccentric man in the whole Arishta Isles cringe with embarrassment. And all the barbers would ban him from their shops. He smells like he hasn’t taken a bath since last year and yet I’m jealous of this guy. If I were the richest, smartest, most handsome man in the world I’d be jealous of a poor simpleton if he had Rhen’s heart. Forgive me if I sound too desperate and mushy, but I can’t help it. In reality I’m actually more desperate and mushy.


Dameon is a pain in the ass, and a sight to make my eyes sore, and I’m not kidding. Elini is teasing me, thinking that I’m crying because I see Rhen talking with the half-bald pansy every waking minute of the day. She doesn’t understand—my eyes are really sore and watering badly. I can’t understand why Rhen can bear to look at him. He must have put a spell over her or something. It sucks that I’m not experienced with love spells and potions; otherwise I’d have already found an antidote. It sucks even more that love spells are banned on every Isle except for the Southern Isle and so I can’t get my hands on one.


I asked Elini if she knew any antidotes, and she said people didn’t make any antidotes on the Southern Isle because there wasn’t any point in using a love spell or potion if they were going to reverse it. As for jealous lovers, she said, antidotes weren’t effective because they could only be used by the person who used the love potion in the first place. Apparently, the only options available for one like me are:

a.) to use a stronger love potion on Rhen and hope that it works, or

b.) get rid of the person who used the potion on Rhen. Or simply, push Dameon off of a cliff.


Then, I asked Elini if she knew any love potions or spells. She got a bit insulted.


“Northerner, I am not so desperate for husbands to the point of using love potions! Besides, I don’t need any help from spells to attract men.”


I decided to leave it at that. The Oracle knows what Elini will do to me if she gets offended a teeny bit more. I’m going to think of what to do later. As for now, I’ll satisfy myself by tripping Dameon with my feet. Or watch him trip on his own robe. Ah, the decisions we have to make in life. Wait, what decision? I can do both…


i will post another one later. ^_^

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kk here is the next update, after which i'll try my best to update again soon...^_^


Day 57


Today we went around the Eastern and Northern Isles to find more frozen druids, or better, daevas. But we found none. We’re all pretty disappointed, except Tei’jal who has been drooling at the sight of the day sky. She’s the only one I know who goes out and looks up at the sun (well, the corona) at lunchtime. Amazing how the sun can’t hurt her eyes. She now has a slight tan, and will be very dark by next week if she goes on like that. That’s very unusual for a vampire. Just imagine—how sensational—a tanned vampire.


“We could try other isles,” Tei’jal said. “Surely there are druids there. And the daevas might be there too.”

“You know, vampress, you’re right. Let’s go to Veldt, we can stay at my house, and I’ll introduce you to my three husbands!” Elini said excitedly. I saw Dameon’s eyes widen in alarm at the thought. Such a sight—it made my day.

“We don’t have a boat,” Rhen blurted out. I saw Dameon breathe a sigh of relief.

“There’s a boat dealer near here, right?” Elini said. Rhen pointed to the boat dealer’s house, which had a small boat ‘parked’ right out of his house. The distance made the house look as tall as my thumb; the boat was even smaller. We walked and walked, with Dameon shading his eyes with his hand, and Teijal staring up at the noon sky.

Apparently, the boat dealer wouldn’t sell us the boat if we didn’t find him a wife. All of us looked at Elini, who is, after all, looking for a husband. She shook her head, saying his calves were too skinny. Picky woman; but I don’t blame her—if I were her, I might have done just the same. The boat dealer didn’t seem to hear her comment, thank goodness, or else he might not sell us the boat at all, even if we gave him the crown jewels of Sedona. We have to go look around everywhere we can to find a woman, available, exotic (that’s what he wants; it could have fit Elini perfectly), but the kind who doesn’t mind skinny calves. Teijal suggested New Witchwood.


“People there like almost the exact opposite of what people aboveground prefer. Perhaps we could find a woman who will actually like, not just tolerate, skinny calves,” Teijal thought aloud. I remembered Gretchen—beautiful but unappreciative of it. A normal person would worship Hilda for giving her beauty.


And so we went there, Dameon clutching Rhen’s sleeve, his eyes shifty. A bat swept past our group while we were walking to New Witchwood. A piercing, shrill scream and thud sounded—Dameon passed out.


“We should come here more often,” Elini whispered to me. Teijal snickered. I think one day she’s going to scare him out of his wits in here; it looked like she is planning to. I won’t mind a bit, though.

“Dameon!” Rhen started slapping his cheeks and fanning him. “He fainted.”


I was expecting to see Rhen laugh and think Dameon’s a coward, but none of that happened. When he gained consciousness almost instantly, he turned as red as a cooked lobster. Rhen was just too sweet; it’s unfair for him to get all her attention. “Well, it’s your first time to enter this place, right? I suppose it will be a bit hard to adjust—you’re a sun priest, after all. You’re not in your element,” she reassured him. I wanted to laugh. Maybe Rhen didn’t notice that he was not terrified of the dark but of the bats—or rather, the cute baby bat which fluttered past our group (am I overdoing it?). The paranoid glances he threw all around the place were because of fear of the unknown. Which wouldn’t be bad if he controlled it. What a coward. I myself was scared when we first entered Halloween Hills, but I never freaked out like Dameon did. Neither did Rhen and Elini. I simply can’t understand what Rhen sees in him.


We went around entering houses and everything, bought some witcheye root for curses, and I bought a chicken curse spell secretly, just in case Dameon pisses me out for a good reason aside from talking to Rhen all day and kissing her hand (eww yuck). One day we should get him stuck in New Witchwood—he’ll be a hit in there with that unique hairstyle of his. That way they won’t let him go. But no more wishful thinking. His over-polite manners will turn them off once they get to know him.


I’ve just realized that all the things I consider to do to get Dameon and Rhen separated will make Rhen hate me. I must think of a way so that she won’t. To think that a year ago the only problem I had was how to get the school dorm food to taste better. Come to think of it, the dorm food tastes better than most of the food we’re eating out here (except for venison). And come to think of it, I’m getting off topic.


We got into a house with one witch in it, and she looked pretty creepy. Then the others talked with her asking if she was available and everything, because we just found a possible match aboveground. She thought about it and asked if he was ugly. I said yes, because it was the truth anyway, and she agreed to come.


When we got to the boat dealer, he found her perfect. She found him ugly, and she liked him. The boat dealer was very grateful and sold the boat to us for a reasonable amount of gold. But by the time we got the boat, it was late at night and so we couldn’t travel anymore. Actually we got it half an hour ago. We just finished having dinner at the tavern, and after a short rest, we will all sleep. I will tell Elini and Teijal to make sure that Dameon does not lay a hair on Rhen while she’s asleep. If he does, I’ll slip a few bats in his robe while he takes a bath.


Tomorrow we shall go over to the Western Isle after buying more cassia leaves and other supplies. I hope we can go look for Rhen’s family now. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her to them for a visit—it’s the least I can do for being so mean to her before.


let the Dameon-bashing increase! ^_^

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