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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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and...i'm back! *sigh* i have my excuses, but i'm sure you won't want to hear me rant--school.

you must be getting used to this, how many times have i left without even saying goodbye? then i come back and act as if nothing much has happened. i'm really sorry, but school did take me by surprise. we have this new system where it's so easy to fail!


anyway, here's a bit of update. lars gets a slight hangover, but it's not detailed. then lars gets an unrealistic nightmare and panics. i can't update the rest yet; i need to know first: what reward did they get for killing all those things in Brumwich? the wasps? or hornets or whatever they were. i need to know what happened since i'm starting to just guess!


Day 61


Goodness, could I have been that drunk? Shocking. No wonder Rhen and Elini had to sit on my torso before I’d wake up. I thought I was dying!--the breath was sucked out of me pretty bad; when I opened my eyes I saw the two of them sitting on me, Rhen on my stomach, Elini on my chest. What a way to start the day. A day in which we did nothing but kill monsters, icky blue snakes. All the cursed armor we got from killing the stones is going to sell for a considerable sum. But now I must sleep; we all have to sleep. Too many snakes around and I still have a bit of a hangover…i could throw up just at the sight of one of those blue, three-headed sn


*break. what happened here? apparently the rest of the page is now covered in icky vomit. another reason not to have people reading it. XD*


Day 62


Today and yesterday we were so busy. We fought so many snakes and them creepy cursed stones, and I’m getting used to Rhen dying. I suppose this is training for when we finish the quest. She’ll be as good as dead to me, for certain. Anyway, about the snakes, they’re really disgusting! Rhen agrees, and I know it, but she prefers to be a goody-goody and she doesn‘t complain.


Last night, when I finished writing a short entry here, we all fell on our sleeping bags (even Tei’jal, who actually snored!) I fell into a deep sleep, and I had a nightmare. A very shallow one, though. Now, I can’t believe I thought it was realistic.


Rhen was in front of me. We were alone, near the Lowlands school, and before I noticed it was just Rhen and me, I complained about the snakes. She told me:

“Lars, you can’t loathe something like that just because it doesn’t look nice. I mean, it’s not trying to do you any harm, right?”

“Oh well. Perhaps they don’t mean it,” I said. Rhen nodded enthusiastically. “I mean, maybe they don’t mean it when they try to kill us all the moment we make the slightest eye contact.” The smile Rhen had a moment ago disappeared in a blink of an eye. I instantly regretted saying that to her. I tried to apologize.

“Hey, look Rhen, I’m sorry; my mouth, it just goes on without the command of my brain¾”

“What the heck has happened to you, Lars? Ever since he got in our group you‘ve been so mean¾”

“So mean? For all I know I’ve been trying to be kind to you for longer than you know!”

“It’s about him, is it? You hate him. You don’t understand¾”

“No! I don’t! I don’t understand why you’ve been ignoring the rest of us for so long, following him around like a puppy!”

At this Rhen couldn’t take anymore and stomped off crying. “I hate you!” I didn’t know how those few comments could affect her so much. I ran after her, but there was no sign of her. The Lowlands was empty, save for me. I felt empty, and I called out her name for what felt like hours, and I saw a group of snakes in one spot that was empty before, all trying to get at something in the middle that I couldn’t see from where I was. Then I saw one snake at the edge throw a sword from its mouth, covered in blood, it was clearly Rhen’s. Then a pale hand made its way out of the group of snakes, also bloody, lifeless. I shouted, “RHEN!” and¾I woke up, sweating.


She got up from her sleeping bag a few metres away and said groggily, “Larsh…it’s three in the mownin…” and promptly fell back in. No one else stirred. I sighed in relief. How could I take that dream so seriously? Even asleep, I should’ve known those things couldn’t possibly happen. I should’ve known it was just a dream. Rhen couldn’t get riled up just because I was crudely sarcastic about snakes, right? The comment wasn’t even witty--I wouldn’t say that in my right mind.


Anyway, today I kept extra care not to irritate Rhen in any way. It’s hard for me not to annoy her; it’s sort of in my nature to be a bit mean, I suppose. But if it’s for Rhen, I think I can make an effort. So far, so good. She seems a little suspicious now, because she’s not used to me being extra nice. I liked annoying her, and even though I’d irritate her frequently, I was already nice compared to before.


Okay, so if I’m nice, Rhen won’t talk to me as much, but at least she won’t hate me. If I keep on bugging her, she will talk to me, but then one day she might lose patience, or I might accidentally go overboard, and she’ll send me back home with Mother and I won’t even get to bring Mom any glory at all. Worst of all, she’ll never talk to me again. Ever. This is already sort of a second chance already, this quest, and I haven’t even apologized to her yet. If I bust this, no more.



One thing nice about the snakes is that once you get the hang of it, you can chop off all three heads at once and you win. Unfortunately, I can’t do this with my orb staff. The most it will do in attacking is it will keep the heads off of you for a few seconds, nothing more. Dameon cheated, and he asked Rhen if he could try out her sword. Of course, she let him borrow, and let him wreak havoc upon the snakes. I asked Elini if I could borrow her whip. At first, she wouldn’t let go of the whip, remembering the last time I used it in the underground maze of Ghed’ahre. “Do you want us all to die?!” she retorted.

“Please, Elini. Dameon’s got Rhen’s sword and he can behead them all so fast…I’m the only one not having fun!” I pleaded, with puppy eyes. Elini’s whip, when wielded correctly, is sometimes as good as a solid sword. Of course I’m no whip boy, but I could try.

“Fine,” she said. “As long as you practice over there, and don’t you go near us while using that whip or else you I‘ll belt you hard!”


What an experience. Gore all around. If I was a sword singer or a whip man, I’d never hate snakes again; they‘re so fun to kill! Unfortunately, I’m a sorcerer. I stopped only when I felt my mental state was changing into a psycho. Maybe that’s why I can’t be a sword singer or a whip man. I’d go insane in a few moments. If I became a vampire, I’d be worse. Tei’jal was breaking the snakes in half, with a smile on her face. I can understand her dark humor now, a bit. Not that it makes it less creepy.


We’re back in Veldarah, and Elini thinks we’re almost ready to go to the Highlands. Almost. Our plan tomorrow is to stop by Ylisfar (we haven’t gone there yet, but it’s in Shadwood’s list of places with armor shops). The list was in one of my old academy textbooks, and I cut it out for the trip last time I saw my books. After Ylisfar, we’ll go up north, good luck to us.


Rhen didn’t talk to me much today, but it’s okay, I suppose. As long as she’s there. I hope I get no nightmares tonight. There’s a long day ahead tomorrow.

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Weee~ an update! This was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Lol, I can see Lars going paranoid over there. Poor him.


Eh, but I guess that's what makes this story interesting. Keep on~ ^^

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XD thanks everyone, for reading and commenting!


but before i post the next update, i need to know what reward (if any at all) they get for killing the pests (whatever they were, someone tell me!) in Brumwich. pwease? :3

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It's a good deeds. I somehow think that I got a level up, or an acess to finish another quest, I don't realy remember too. hehehe

Maybe you can play it again using goodies so you can end it pretty fast.

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kk, here's the next update. nothing much, but is Lars starting to give up on Rhen? he's...WEAK!!! or maybe he's quite the opposite. you decide.


Day 63


What a long day.


Ylisfar was nice; very nice, and very unique. I haven’t seen anything like it before. The weapons are great, too. They look really expensive and are really powerful. If I bring one weapon back to Ghalarah they’ll all faint in awe. How nice it would be to see Hector pass out after seeing this!


We stopped by Brumwich, whose villagers are pretty troubled by the theft of their corn, which is perhaps their most important food since there are cornrows all over the place. They’re asking us to find out who got all the corn, since we’re traveling the world anyway, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we were to find out the theif (or thieves) in the mere process of exploring a place. We can’t leave even one stone unturned looking for druids and the daevas with their souls. Exploring pays off anyway, because we always find some treasure chest somewhere containing useful supplies like food and mana replacements, spells, armor, weapons. If the armor and weapons are weaker than what we have, we can always sell them to the nearest shop, and the cashier on duty will be happy to buy whatever we have that’s worth at least 1 gold penny, no matter what they’re selling. You can sell armor to a food vendor. You can sell bread to an armor-and-weapons guy. And so on and so forth with whatever combination you can think of.


Anyway, aside from the missing corn, there’s an area in Brumwich terrorized by hornets, I think. Hornets or wasps or something of that kind. The villagers can’t kill them on their own, they can’t get anyone else to do it, and passersby are rare and the few that pass their area aren’t magic wielders or warriors. The insects are pretty deadly, according to the villager we talked to, but most likely we’ll be able to kill them before they do us in. I wanted to go kill them right away, but Rhen told the villager, “Maybe later. We’ll come back when we’re ready. Just let us stock up on cassia leaves…”


When I looked at the area where the hornets were, I thought they were just like bees, like the kind at Aveyond. I felt silly for having to prepare before killing them. Little did I know they were so deadly!


We bought supplies and went to the large insects. When the fight began, I was shocked. They were just as deadly as the villagers said; if I battled them alone I'd die in a turn or two! Well, maybe killing snakes and the cursed stones is easier, but it was a whole swarm, and you just couldn’t focus on annihilating a handful since the rest of their swarm would sting you and everything. Took us half an hour to finish, and we used up all the cassia leaves. I suppose if we had trained a bit more we could have done this easily, but who knows how long we’d be away, and all of Brumwich would have to wait blindly until our return, or until another group like us passed by. The possibility of the latter was near zero for the time frame of another couple of years, and if we’d train, the Lowlands holds no real challenge anymore and we’d have to go up. If we find the daeva holding the soul for the druid of the Highlands, of course that mission would be the priority and by the time we finish, all the crops of the poor villager’s hornet-infested land will be gone.


All of us fell once, except Dameon. He died two times, the poor pansy. But Rhen doesn’t seem to care if he’s strong or not; as long as he has his manners and calls her m’lady and kisses her hand every now and then, she still follows him around like a puppy does to its master who raised it. Well, maybe…maybe if she’s happy I shouldn’t interfere. I mean, maybe she does…love him. Even if there’s nothing much to love. Lucky man. But I don’t want to think about that. At least not now.


Our prize for playing hornet (or wasp) exterminators won us the respect of the people; no money involved. I suppose it’s fine. It feels pretty good to have people respect you for what you’ve done, and not for your job, or your parents, or your wealth and position in the world. The Brumwich people live simply, and yet they’re perfectly satisfied with their simple lives. I wonder what would have happened if I was born in Brumwich. Perhaps I’d still be a sorcerer, but maybe I wouldn’t think so much about fame and wealth. Would I have met Rhen? Maybe as a classmate in Shadwood; we could’ve been friends from school. Would it have changed things? Maybe I’d have had a better chance of getting her if I was born here…


Anyway, I must stop this. I am what I am and I can’t change what has passed--only the future is in my hands. But with the situation now, what does the future hold at all? Fame. Glory. But Rhen won’t be with me anymore, and that’s not a future I relish thinking about.


Gaaah! Must stop wallowing in misery.


It’s twilight now, and we’re sleeping between the Lowlands and the Highlands still, in our sleeping bags, near the little boat we bought. There are no more marshmallows, sadly. One can’t get all your desires in the world, and that includes a simple dessert for us. The life of a traveler…hard, and yet, I love it.


Day 63 (night entry, just some musings)


What do I value more here: Rhen’s happiness or mine? I love her, and I want her to be happy in love, and if she won’t be happy with me, I should accept it like a man. Maybe Dameon is okay. Maybe I just don’t like him because Rhen likes him. Maybe I’m just imagining that he’s up to no good, so I have another reason to dislike him when I’m just really jealous.


Maybe…I should give Dameon a chance. I’m still going to watch him closely, though. If he dares harm Rhen, he’s going to die by my bare hands, and there’s nothing the druids can do about it. If he won’t hurt her or anything, maybe I should just let Rhen do as she wants…not easy to do, but if it makes her happy……

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I love this story! It starts out funny and light-hearted, but as Lars realizes his feelings, it becomes more and more dramatic.


Only 1 complaint, though: Where are the other characters? Recently, it's only like this:


Lars: Rhen and Dameon are so close, I can't get in.

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