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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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Lol what a pie-filled chapter :D Have some pies:





Regarding the daeva fights... I just remembered that you DID detail the Zarich fight and Nanghaithya fight a bit. Sorry bout that :P

And since I'm a crazy daeva-fan (if you don't already know), here's the list of the other daevas names (because you said you can't even remember their names), their looks in case you need them (yes, I memorized what they looked like, or at least what their pixel sprites look like), and the druid they "captured":


- Indra: Holds Daena's soul. Is in the ice caverns. Blue hair, blue skin, blue-ish white clothes, grey eyes. Kinda looks like those cave spirits in Lands End, but replace all the yellow with blue.

- Saurva: Eithera's soul. Is in the genie lamp. White skin, horns, red-orange hair, green eyes, yellow-brown (ochre?) cloak. You know, the red-haired guy in my sig....

- Aesma: Vata's soul, in the cave-thing in the Blasted Lands (somewhere outside Thais). Looks like some kind of weird big grey monster with 4 horn-like spikes on his head and a pair of tiny wings. Black eyes, because most non-humanoid monsters in Aveyond have black eyes.

- Agas: Dreamer's Tear, and of course, is in the Dream Castle in Dreamland (or Dreamworld or whatever the place is called). Guy has blue full-plate armour and helmet (kinda like Galahad's but with the helmet on), dark grey gloves, grey-purple eyes.

- Ahriman: Old dude, long white beard, creepy glowing red eyes like Zarich, brown-ish hooded cloak with purple patterns, and same coloured inner robe with red patterns.


Everything's based off the original pixel sprites. If you have a different idea, well.. It's up to you

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ahem. no update yet. because i forgot what the heck happens to Danny after the party rescues him. can someone please please please tell me? i have a half-done update here, but i can't complete it and i can't skip it either.


@daeva_agas: O_O wow...XD i can't even remember their names and you know exactly what they look like...cool!

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Told ya I'm a daeva fantard. As if it's not obvious enough... Hope the infodump is useful. Concerning Agas, though, DO NOT BELIEVE MY DRAWINGS. Nobody knows what Agas' hair is like under that helmet. I gave him blonde hair because I'm insane.


About Danny... If I'm not mistaken, he went and freaked out about Rhen for a bit. You know, the typical "OMG, where have you beeen?!" And after they talk for a bit, Rhen says his mom is worried about him and tells him to go home, but he said he still wanted to explore the world or stuff so he left (and later ended up in Sedona).

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sorry for the late update...things got busy and so i couldn't really do much. >___< at least school will end in less than a month...


@daeva_agas and Berthier: thanks! ^^ i tweaked the story a bit though.


Day 71


"Danny has a big nose," Dameon mumbled under his breath when we were in the inn reviving Rhen's childhood friend. Although he must be just pretty jealous of Danny getting all Rhen's attention, I have to say, I agree with him. Well, I guess I'm pretty jealous of him too. But that's not the point. For once in my life I agree with Dameon, aside from our taste in girls.


Anyway, yeah, we've got Danny. He wandered into Halloween Hills and into Ghed'ahre and was taken in by a vampire--Tei'jal's ex-boyfriend, actually. Danny related his tale to us while he, Rhen and I drank goat's milk and Elini, Tei'jal and Dameon had beer. To be more honest, he related his tale to Rhen, and not us.


"Rhen, you have no idea how delicious the food was there! Nothing in Clearwater could compare to the banquet that they laid in front of me every mealtime!" Danny enthused. Rhen raised an eyebrow. Danny cleared his throat and added hastily, "Oh, yeah, of course. Your mom's apple pies are better than the food in that vamp town. Way better. Now that I remember the pies, the food they gave me tasted a bit stale..." Rhen sat back with a satisfied smile, but Tei'jal put on an insulted face. I could tell she was acting; so did everyone else, but Danny doesn't know her at all, and he suddenly went white, and clutched the garlic necklace we had put around his neck. I stifled a laugh because I wanted to see how Tei'jal would play with him. Everyone else looked curious too, and amused. Tei'jal is immune to garlic. She can't eat it, but you can rub a clove all over her and she won't die. Not that anyone has tried, though. Even we humans don't like to smell like garlic, so it wouldn't be nice to try it on her. And she has such sharp teeth...


...which she displayed in a grimace to Danny, who could only mumble "H-h-h-el...p m-m-eeeeee..." while she inched closer and closer to him across the table giggling maniacally. Danny started, "I...d-did I s-say s-s-stale? I meant...I meant--"

Then Tei'jal blew in his face ("Aaaagh!") and giggled again. "Just kidding! You're not plump enough yet."

"Nah, she's bluffing," Rhen assured Danny. "She doesn't eat people. She'd like to, but we humans are the ones holding her sunblock and she'd burn without it. And she likes it aboveground."

"Oh...o-okay...how did you meet anyway?"

"Long story. But I'll tell you this much: I was abducted in Clearwater to be sold as a slave in Veldarah. There, my magic was discovered, and I was told to go to Shadwood Academy to become a sword singer. And I was told to go on this quest and Lars accompanied me." Here Danny threw me a jealous look. Rhen continued, "And we met Elini at the entrance to the Wildwoods. She joined us once we graduated. Dameon joined us when we brought our second druid (that's part of our quest) to the Sun Shrine, which is in the Northern Isle. In Aveyond, to be more specific. We met Tei'jal in Ghed'ahre. She told us she was fed up with their place, and she wanted to go see the world aboveground. So we got some sunblock from one of the druids, and she went with us."

"What's your quest anyway? Can I help?"

"Err...I'm not so sure, Danny. It's quite dangerous," Rhen said uncomfortably. I could see she wanted to be with Danny, but that would kill him.

"No, I think I can handle whatever comes, Rhen! I mean, I survived those vampires in Ghed'ahre, right? Besides, I want to see more of this world. Clearwater is too small." How naive. I'd bet this diary he rode the Mule Express from Clearwater. There's no way he could have survived those nemeses and those creepy moving trees. I am quite impressed that he got through the Wildwoods and Halloween Hills alive. But then it was our party that saved him in Ghed'ahre.

Tei'jal came to the rescue. "Don't worry, Rhen. I'll keep him close. He'll be...safe with me," she cooed eerily. Danny went pale again. I guess even vampires on diet are still terrifying to most people...

"On s-second thought, I think I'll travel alone...you know, go around at my own pace..."

"Good idea. What about your mom, though? She's worried sick about you." Rhen said, relieved.

"Lemme write her a letter...if you ever go back to Clearwater, please give this to her. Is that okay?"



So now we're demoted to messengers. So much for saving the world from the most dangerous demon alive.


Danny's spending one night with us in this tavern, then he'll get away as soon as possible. Tei'jal has been doing creepy reverse psychology on him. Now the poor thing can't be more than two meters away from Rhen. Which is getting her irritated. Things are looking good.

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i'm glad you all liked the update ^^ i had fun writing it.


anyway, i forgot to say that there won't be another update for quite a while. i don't know, maybe about two weeks? school is about to end, and i'm trying to maintain my spot on the honor roll, so i'm going to have to study more... T_T

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here's an update, two weeks overdue. i'm really sorry, and i won't give you my reasons (which are, as always, a lot) unless you really want to know (but i'll tell you that my reasons are pretty boring and all) 'cause you're probably sick of hearing me rant XD


Day 72


The moment the sun rose (which came much later than usual), Danny went out the door dragging his rucksack which he had hurriedly packed last night. He got Rhen quite irritated last night, so much so that she would talk to him only when he asked something, and she would only answer briefly. Te'ijal never had so much fun in her living death, creeping Danny out of his wits. Actually, the poor boy couldn’t sleep because the place we had left for him to sleep in was right next to Te’ijal. And as we all know, Te’ijal doesn’t sleep. She spent the night facing Danny, not blinking once. To be fair, Danny didn’t scream out loud like a sissy anymore, but Tei’jal did tell me that she saw him sweating the whole night and that she “could see his juicy heart palpitating.”


Anyway, like I wrote before, the sun rose much later than usual, perhaps about 8 o‘clock. I suspect that this was Dameon‘s doing. I know I’d make the sun rise late myself if I had the power to do so. So all of us were awake, but too lazy to go out and travel and eager to see how Tei’jal would play with Danny.

“Er...I think I had better go...,” Danny said nervously to Rhen, who was rubbing her eyes.

“What?! You won’t be able to watch out for the crows and the werewolves. Wait for the sun to come up.”

“I’ll be careful,” he replied.

I rolled my eyes. “Danny, listen to me. You got by those infernal creatures by sheer luck. Your luck wore out when you got taken in by Te’ijal’s ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh! I forgot to ask you if he had a new girlfriend,” Te’ijal said to Danny. “Did he? Did you see a female vampire lurking in his house?”

“Uhhh...I...didn’t notice. I don’t think so,” Danny replied, his face getting pale. He was like a student up for a graded recitation, uncertain of whether he had answered correctly.

“Ah, good. I had a necromancer cast a spell on him when he broke up with me. He’s never going to get a vampress for as long as he lives. Well, he’s not exactly living...but...you know what I mean. I hope he rots in his ancient, dingy mansion.¾hey, what are you doing?” Danny was moving ever so slowly towards the door. We hadn’t noticed because we were all looking at Te’ijal.

"Sun's up!" he said with a shaky grin. We scrambled to the window. Sure enough, Danny was right. I heard Dameon mutter an expletive under his breath.


"Thanks for everything. You all saved my life. I...hope we see each other...again," Danny forced out as honestly as he could sound. Actually, he was already smiling brightly until his eyes met Te'ijal's. Which explains the ellipses. Anyway, we all made a show of being sad to let him go. Well, I guess we were sad that he had to go. He was so much fun to watch with Te'ijal, and he was already irritating Rhen, we could've been friends or something. Just as Danny turned around to start walking, Te'ijal cried out, "Wait!" so dramatically. We all looked at her, and Danny turned around. The moment was dramatic as hell and you'd think that our journey's plot had a twist in which Te'ijal falls in love with Danny and realizes it only when he's about to leave. Turns out, that wasn't the case.

"You didn't bring any food! And you have no weapon to fight off the creatures you're too sleepy to avoid. Take this, pretty morsel," she said, handing Danny the wooden staff I used as a crutch, and a slab of venison.

"Uhh...thanks," he replied, lifting up the staff and looking at it curiously. You could see he was grateful, but he was also bewildered.

"You use that to whack them to death," Elini said.

"I thought you had to know spells to use this thing," Danny replied.

"Well, you don't know any spells, do you?" Elini asked. Danny shook his head. "So you'll have to stick to whacking them. Don't worry, boy; whacking can kill."

"And you can whack meat with the staff to tenderize it," I added.

"Oh...oh, yeah!"


Te'ijal slapped him on his butt to move forward. "What are you waiting for? Plump yourself up! Baboosh, Juicy! See ya!"


Danny got out of the Wildwoods fine, we think. There was no sign of bloodshed on the way out, so I guess the guy's got a lot of luck left.


We're back in Clearwater, in Rhen's house. We gave Danny's letter to his mother, who could've burst with relief and joy at the news that her son is still alive. When she read his letter, however, she started frowning. "Naughty, naughty boy. Made his mother worry for ages. And you'd think he'd at least make his writing legible when he finally writes home!" Apparently, Danny has been thinking of traveling to some place in the Western Isle. We can't tell exactly where though, because his writing got messed up. Probably when Tei'jal almost smooched/bit him on the cheek.


We have a druid now. Armaiti, the Druid of Agriculture. He's silent and always looks sleepy, but quite kind. As a reward for saving him, he gave us a Merchant Card to use to enter the Peninsula via the Peninsula Trade Route (because the guy guarding the entrance is strict and charm-proof; we can't get past him without one of those things).


Dinner was fun. It was amusing to note that Tailor Darzon and his wife didn't look shocked at all when Armaiti walked into the house with us in full druid attire.

"Ah, Armaiti, how's it going?"

"Hmm...I was going to have a new kind of apple tree spread out into the Highlands; I've been developing it for almost a decade. But then a daeva came in when I was taking an afternoon nap and took my soul, freezing me for quite a while...these kids got back my soul and thawed me out," Armaiti said, winking at us.

Rhen's mother looked curious. "The apples from the tree you were developing; what are their special properties?"

"Well, for one, they turn red twice as quickly as the normal kind, and stay ripe for twice as long. The average size of this particular apple is...well, as big as this young man's orb," he answered, pointing to my water orb, which is quite big. "The taste I did not seek to change, because, as we all know, the apples here taste great already." Te'ijal nodded. Rhen's mom was still digesting the info Armaiti spilled, with an expression of awe.

"When are those apples going to be released?" Te'ijal piped up.

"Hmm...it's been more or less two months since I got to work on them; I'm not sure about the seeds, but the seedlings I'd kept must be dead by now. Anyway, these seeds¾" he reached into his pocket, searching. "Uhh...the seeds are gone. I think the daeva must have taken them or something. I don't think I would have dropped any one the way. I think I'm gonna have to spend a year making them again; at least I already know how to."

"Oh," Te'ijal and Mrs. Darzon both said, oozing with disappointment. The subject was left.


We've decided to go to Aveyond and drop Armaiti off before we head off to Sedona and take a look around. Armaiti wants to go to sleep in Aveyond as soon as possible, because "I do miss my friends, and I feel like I hamper your journey to some degree because I walk slowly," he said, with a chuckle.


So yeah. I'm excited to go to Sedona, and so are all the rest; Mrs. Darzon tells us the town is the best city there is in the whole Arishta Isles, beaten only by Thais before it fell.



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