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Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

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kaze_mizuki: well, if lars had brain damage, the last thing rhen would have said to him was a harsh criticism. so now she's worried (why? you can answer that). and also, she's sorry (sorry?!) about what had happened earlier. i just thought that if i were rhen, i would also ramble to keep silence away because i'm sure silence would be awkward for both of us. also, i would apologize even if i wasn't wrong, just to make up for earlier. but i do agree with you that it's not normal for rhen to do that. :D :FunnyBunny:

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//sighed// i wish i found this before!

this one is magnificent, i love it,


i like lars as describe in the first one you post

about day 15, i've never think rhen will sob in front of lars

i notice that lars is sleeping on the floor when talia is with them

but what if talia isn't there?

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ahh! i had to think for days about what to write! my imagination is running dry now. although i do hope it comes rushing back quickly.


Day __


This week has been so tiring…we now have our druid, and we’re in the inn in Veldarah. My eyelids are drooping. Rhen’s got puffy eyes (well, we slept the whole afternoon and we're still tired). Talia has eyebags (Rhen and Talia are sleeping but I can still see the puffy eyes and eyebags). Elini is lucky. Ever since she was able to summon Nanghaithya (the daeva) she’s been so energetic. I suppose she’s absorbed part of his essence. It’s around seven in the evening now, and Elini and Vohu Manah are the only ones looking so lively. I swear, we’re the closest anyone can be to looking like zombies without using any makeup. Vohu Manah suggested we take the whole day off tomorrow. I suppose the women will want to go shopping. But I want to stay in the inn and rest. For half a week, we had only about three to four hours of sleep each day in the cave. Under normal circumstances we’d be fine with that, but if one has to battle nonstop the rest of the day, it’s obviously hard to endure. For the first half of the week we trained and trained and slept in the tavern. then we bought mana replacements and cassia leaves and went for the daeva the next half of the week. I don’t think I should have to write about the training part and everything; it wasn’t eventful. But about the daeva…that was rather fun.


We saw him on the peak of Mt. Orion, doing nothing. Elini told us earlier that there was still a chance of getting to him even after a week after Vohu Manah was defeated. Daevas and demons are proud creatures, Elini said. They take pride in their accomplishments and spend half a month on average gloating about it to any unfortunate person standing by. Perhaps this daeva wanted to see Vohu Manah’s temple from the mountaintop to get a nice view of the place where he fought it out with the Bard. So when we saw Nanghaithya there, we weren’t really surprised. We went back to the nearest cave entrance and got ready for battle. Elini took large doses of covey balm; she has the most mana-consuming skills among the three of us. There we left Talia.


“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Talia asked us. She was worried, obviously.

“Of course we’ll be okay! I’m protecting them!” I said.

“No you’re not. I’m protecting you. Now bring up the rear, northerner, and take these Lightning Spells,” Elini replied. I was about to retort, only I remembered Elini’s a whip woman. “Now, Talia dear, you can watch from the cave exit. Wish us luck!” Elini added.


As we went up to the peak, Nanghaithya noticed us. And he launched into a speech about the fact that we’re about to die, that Ahriman sent him to defeat us because he’s very capable of it, blah blah blah. He looked like Derez, the necromancer, and sounded just as annoying.


Anyway, we fought, and to my irritation, I found that my spells were not effective against Nanghaithya. After Elini summoned her birds to attack him, she turned to me and asked, “Northerner, what’s wrong with your skills? Don’t tell me you’re nervous!”


I dodged Nanghaithya’s attack and replied, “I don’t know!” That moment, Rhen was hit square in the stomach by one of Nanghaithya’s skills. “Lars, help me!” she shouted. I went and healed her immediately, since I had nothing better to do. Rhen mumbled thanks and went on fighting. I threw Lightning Spells at the daeva when he hit Rhen again. This time, Rhen died. Well, at least her body was still intact. If he had blown her apart, cassia leaves would have been useless. Nevertheless, I got furious at the daeva and the moment Rhen was brought back to life, I went straight for him and pushed him to the ground. I landed punches swiftly and as fast as I could. He blasted me off with a powerful kick and I fell on the ground and broke my neck. I heard Rhen and Elini scream my name. There were a few moments more of battle, then a loud thud and footsteps running towards me.


“Lars, are you all right?”


“Northerner, that was a stupid thing to do. Well, under normal circumstances. I thought I saw sparks flying out of your fists while punching him. Rather amusing to watch, now that I think of it. The sparks must have helped. We finished him off quickly after that. Oh dear. Your neck is broken.”


I couldn’t move. Aside from my broken neck, the force of my fall numbed my whole body. “TALIA!” Rhen shouted. Talia came quickly, and saw me lying down there. “Poor boy. Wait. I think I know how to heal you.” She healed me completely in a couple of minutes. Actually, the healing took only ten seconds. She had to try repeatedly to perform the right spell for broken bones. We started down after taking Vohu Manah’s soul. Rhen insisted that I take off my cloak to wrap the glass-contained soul in. I did, because Rhen was so stubborn.


When we got out of the cave and into Land’s End, I was shocked to find Nanghaithya waiting for us right by the cave exit. I forgot everything that happened before and ran towards him again to tackle him. I was surprised to find that I had run past the daeva when I fell face down on the grass. I heard Rhen laughing, and I heard no battle sounds. When I looked up, all of them cracked up. “Jeez, Lars, you never learn! You shouldn’t attack a daeva like that!” Rhen laughed.


“Gullible northerner. You forgot that I can now summon Nanghaithya when I like, and he cannot harm anyone unless I tell him to. He’s also not solid anymore. You actually thought he was the real thing!” Elini said matter-of-factly.


“You mean you planned this while we were walking down?!” I asked. I didn’t hear any signs of plotting when we were walking. How Elini told them without me finding out earlier, I can’t imagine. Women.


Elini ignored my question. “That was priceless!” Rhen continued.


We continued walking to the temple and pushed Vohu Manah’s soul into his lifeless statue. He came to life instantly. Then he said something, which I didn’t listen to. Well, I caught the words Halloween Hills, Rashnu, skull, key. Then he gave us a skull that was displayed in the middle of the temple and went with us back to the Wildwoods. Then Rhen collapsed and I had to carry her all the way to the Eastern Empire. She was really heavy. But I didn’t really feel the strain on my arms until I laid her down on a bed in the inn. They went numb, and I fainted. When I woke up Rhen was still recovering in another bed right next to mine. Vohu Manah greeted us cheerfully with a tune on the flute.

“My children, you must not exert yourselves too much. Now lie back down. Sleep. You shall need it.”


And so, I slept. The flute music was just so smooth, perfect, and flawless. I woke up again thirty minutes ago, with Talia and Rhen in their beds. Elini and Vohu Manah are chatting on the other side of the room, and are having the most animated chat about the Western Isle. They haven't noticed that I'm awake. And like I said, my eyelids are drooping. I’ll have to sleep again.

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Really good chapter for Lars' POV~ He does seem like the type to write out a page like that when he doesn't feel like it.


And, I hope your imagination rushes back soon. The story's really good y'know.

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