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Ijspence....great work on the story walkthrough you posted on Everlong forum...

I have a few problems here...could you help me out with Entropy Expirius...?

I read that you have defeated him by only using the first team..

Who did you choose, actually?

I chose Glen, Meredith, Drakeor and Vixen but at the very first round my party was beaten until their HP is 1...and then they're all dead....

I haven't got the celestial equipment yet...the battle arena fights are so devastating with those challenging handicaps..

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I think I had Meredith, Justin, Drakeor, and Vixen when I beat entropy Expirius. Which vrsion are you playing? The key I found was to find the cycle of spells and have someone heal right after hp went to 1.

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My usual ultimate team is Julia, Drakeor, Vixen and Keen. I did manage to get the celestial equipment this time around (it only took me playing the game 3 times to beat Ultimate Weapon :roll: ). Even when I didn't have the celestial equipment I still managed to beat Entropy Expirius with just the one team. At this point it's probably useful to make sure that your healer has lots of speed (that's usually what I use my Beherits for, that actually was what also enabled me to beat UW as well - go figure). I don't remember exactly what my stats were in the previous times (I'm working on stategy walkthrough next), but I think having your healer's speed above 450 or so would be good. I would try giving her the Speed Demon cloak as well.

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I think the biggest thing about Entropy Expirius is to have lots of speed for everyone and to be patient. There will be a point at which he stores damage given to him, so if you see that message - stop attacking - restore your MP/heal up, do some status upgrades etc and wait until you see the message that he is no longer storing damage.

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Well...I have finally defeated Entropy Expirius two days ago and I want to thanks DJC :loving: SilverMist & Ijspence for that..



Speed IS an important factor... but defense and strategy are also quite important... :mwah:

Ijspence was right, I boosted my characters speed around 290-310 and I managed to defeat Entropy with my first party only...


My group characters were Glen, Meredith, Drakeor and Vixen & I have Celestial Equipments on them.



So, I asked the game author (DJC) on some tips so he posted me this:


"Hey there Mia,


Entropy Expirius has no weaknesses and he uses zero elemental attacks

and only one spell (Grand Cross) causes the special condition Chaos.

There fore it doesn't really matter who you take or combine with who

since no character has an advantage or disadvantage in this fight. You

definitely want to form your first two teams with one White Wizard each.

If you get down to the third team you will probably lose no matter what

unless Entropy is almost dead. If you don't want to include Vixen in the

first team, then I suggest putting her in team C since her Phoenix spell

can allow her to constantly heal and revive similar to a White Wizard

while the other member of team C attacks in a last ditch effort to win.


The key to victory in the Entropy battle is the strategy. The first

thing worth mentioning is that Entropy always starts out with

Starscream, which will bring everyone down to 1 HP, so be ready and heal

immediately. It's also the first attack in his pattern, so after the

last skill in his pattern (Supernova), expect Starscream again.


Another very important thing is that Entropy enters a couple different

states during the battle. When you see a message about Entropy storing

damage you can still attack if you want to, but Entropy will keep track

of the damage you deal. When he casts Supernova later, the damage

inflicted upon you is based on how much you hit him for while he was

storing. After a few turns Entropy will stop storing damage, so you can

just and regroup and heal while waiting for that if you wish. It's your

choice whether to attack or not during this phase.


Entropy's other state is when he absorbs damage dealt. You do NOT want

to attack during this phase, because no matter how much damage you deal

he will be healed for twice the amount. If you deal 9,999 HP (max

damage) he will be healed for 19,9998 HP. So basically you have to wait

a few turns until he stops absorbing damage.


Now if you're using physical attacks you'll want to be sure to maintain

Armor Break on Entropy at all times just to do normal damage. Also, if

you plan on casting Slow to gain a speed advantage, make sure you

inflict Mind Break first so Slow is effective, and maybe even cast Focus

on your White Wizard. I don't suggest casting Might since Power Surge

will likely kill anyone with it. Don't maintain Boon either unless

you're willing to take extreme damage from Energy Surge."


Hope it helped you animae!



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I'm just started the game. I found the walkthrough but there is one "monster" I just can't seem to conquer. I'm at the point where "Brad" is in the bed and I just got back from the temple. Is there any trick to beating the "evil" that came?

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I'll tell you what I used for Manifest Conception:


Brad lv 24 Nightmare, Black Shield, Black Armor, Black Helmet, Defense Belt

Sammy lv 24 Kaiser Knuckle, Siler Knuckle, Silver Plate, Silver Bandana, Karate Wrist

Julia lv 22 Silver Staff, Silver Armlet, Silver Dress, Silver Bandana, Star Pendant

Drakeor lv 22 Mythril Pike, Silver Shield, Silver Armor, Silver Helm, Strength Belt


Sammy should attack and mantra. Judith should attack and cure. Drakeor should attack. Brad should use blaze and keep eating Ethers when his MP is exhausted.


Hope that helps.

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None of my characters have "learned" anything yet. Sammy is at level 35, Julie at level 29, Drakeor at level 29, and i'm not sure of Brad's level. Is there somewhere where I learn spells?

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As you level up, you gain skill points, but it's up to you to assign the points for each character into the skills you want.


Open up your Item list and choose "Primeval Shard" this has the "Skill Shard System" which will allow you to choose your heros and then it will list the available skill sets. Move the little arrow to a skill type and select it. Then move the "fill bars" to give the character that skill (assuming you have enough for that particular skill level). Note: Some skills are only useful for particular characters if they are currently using a particular weapon type (mostly swords for swordsmen, but also pikes for Drakeor, so you will want to assign skills which match your weapon set as well).


You will want to change these around during the game as you need particular skills for particular foes, so you will want to go back here frequently.

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whoooopdeeeedo wrote:

Oh my gosh, I feel kind of dense! I gave my charactors skills and the game just became so much easier. lol! Thank you so much.



I commend you for getting so far without having any skills at your disposal! :o

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I'm at Dokkalfar but i don't know who to "cure" mindblow...is there a certain spell that works on him? Is here a way to weaken him? I've saved just before this point and have tried several times to defeat him and just can't figure how.

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