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Legends of Nerimue- RP

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On the ruins of Zorian empire, once the most powerful land on the continent of Nerimue, were raised 7 kingdoms which were ruled over by seven royal families for centuries now. Some of them became glorious and powerful, while the others became average or even decadent and rotten from the inside, like corpses that were invaded by worms.


With lies and conspiracy on every corner, and the truth is something that is rarely found, the society and peace among allies, and truss between enemies, are endangered by bigger evil.


Necromancers and warlocks released a powerful demon who was sealed for centuries, so they can conquer their enemies by brutal force and fear. But the demon, during those long, dark and lonesome centuries, made plan on his own. The world shall suffer as he did, under the boot of his reign.


So he spreaded his minions to make a mess between kingdoms, so when the time comes, they all fall more easily, all weaken by wars among them and disasters that were sent by the demon himself.


Now, when it's all close to an end, old Wizard shows the sparkle of hope in these dark days. as a guardian of the sealed demon that cut loose, he knows a way to stop the demon until it's too late.


Or it's already over, and bravery just isn't enough? Will the darkness fall, or the last chance will fail?...

Kingdoms that are placed on Nerimue:


Eridne – land in the eastern part of the continent, which is placed between two mountains, so the only way to get in is to pass the canon. Habituated with mages witches and other humans who are gifted in magic, and ruled over by King Almerion the Wise. Main town is Eridu.


Kalimair – kingdom made from green plains and ancient forest, where live elfs and fairies who are now outnumbered. Main town, Aleina – the town of the trees, the greatest and most populated town in the kingdom is place from where rules the Garves family. The throne now belongs to princess Rebeca, because her father the king is sick and she is his only child.


Barreno – kingdom ruled over by the house of Hawks and the King Derek, which used to be the warrior kingdom, but now the people of the kingdom became peasants. But the memory of the glory days remained and the warrior genes were still in them , ready to be weakend. Main town is Barreno City.


Sorana – ruled over by Cliveus, king of dwarves. Placed in to the south-east mountains where they built the breath taking city, in the bones of the mountain. Main city is called Ebos.


Miluri – in the land of reign of warcheaf Ogura, orcs habituated the swamp area, between Barreno and Eridne, from where they attack the kingdom of Barreno. The reason is the constant hater et between humans and orcs. Main town is Baltas.


Anersei – oldest kingdom under the hand of King Victor and Queen Beatriz who are from ancient elf bloodline. Kingdom is populated mostly with humans, but there also live outcasts and refugies from other kingdoms. The main town is Lamis.


Doramizuo – also known like the Land of Dead. Placed on faraway north because of the lack of light. Ruler of this kingdom is Queen Leana, but the throne is not hers by right (she took it over while they all were in greaf for loosing they previous ruler which disappeared because of her actions). This is the land of Vampires, ghosts, necromancers, dark magicians, dragons and other unded creatures.



Other places:


Island of Peace – island where is placed the Society of the Wise, representatives of each kingdom who came together, forgetting on any problems between their countries and focusing on the real problems. They were council that were meant to take care of every bigger evil that is not caused by population that lived in those kingdoms.


Land of Nothing, placed from the middle continent, where is a large lake with an island, to the west. There is no life form living, just bare rocks and burned plants because of the curse of spilled blood of the innocent. Old tales tell that this was the main area of ancient Empire, where the royal family (this is the bloodline mixed between elf race, human race, mages race and god race – which melted in one bloodline during the long centuries) was betrayed and murdered. The fairest and the greatest land fell apart and became a ruin of old glory. Tales also tell that if there is any one left from that bloodline, the curse may be broken when the ruler goes to the deserted main town to correct the wrong.




The guardian was unabled to stop them now.


Spell of profound sleep was working wonderfouly, and he was unaware of the necromancers that came in the forbidden area. The temple that was builded on bare rocks, on the island that wasn’t on any map of the world, and that was not mentioned for more than a thousand years.


Main room was the collumn gallery, the room where the huge collumns made of strange brown stone that were placed in a circle, descending down the stairs and leaving a rounded shape place. In the middle of that place was a smaller circle where were engraved shapes and symbols. Ancient language, unknown to common people, unless the oldest books were opened.


Five persons dressed in long robes with hoods that were hiding their places placed themselves arround that circle, standing still for a few moments, as if they were rethinking about the thing that they were up to do now and here, at this place.


“We shall start now.” Said one of them, and they started to hum and whisper te spell for brakeing the seal of the prison. The prison of an old creature that was held there for a long, long time. Creature was there so long, that it almost forgot the taste of wildiness and life when he was last time in the outer world. Circle in the middle broke down, like explosion, ealing the darkness under it. Some kind of well that was digged deep in to the island’s wound.


“Are You shure that the Thing is actually there?” said the voice of other person while he or she was looking down in the hole.


“What would you do if you were inprisoned for more than a thousand years?” answered the first voice stepping out from the circle and walking over by the person that dared to ask such a thing. “He needs to be wakened. And the best way to do that is…” he pulled the man from the back, and slipping the blade over his throat. Then he pushed him in the hole raising his eyes to see the others. Sound of a body falling on the ground stopped the silence. “Wakeing him with a blood sacrifice.”





The water was still, and the wind was beraly the breeze that was blowing calmly. But animals were quiet, like they were asleep.


Then ground started to shake in the same time when the air was filled with horible laughter and victorious scream.


Necromancers were all dead.

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Ankoku woke up. She growled. "I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to actually awaken it!"


"Nya, Ankoku-chan, you shouldn't be so surprised. They really sounded serious. But, isn't it quite a problem that the beast has been awakened." A voice chimed.


Ankoku sighed. "I know, Koneko. I did expect it, but...I thought they'd chicken out or something." She got up, and a small brown tabby cat dashed out of the room. It jumped in the air, and turned into a girl.


Ankoku sighed, irritation obvious on her face. "Why are you such a showoff?"


"Nya. Can't blame me. Besides, are we going to experiment today?" She chimed, her voice sounding oddly evil.


Ankoku snickered, her eyes shining black. "Yes, Koneko, yes we shall."



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Strands of her hair blew briskly into her face as a strong gale of wind hit the barren countryside. Nonchalantly, the girl pinned the strands at the back; assuring that they would not be able to distract her once more.


Wearing the old military uniform of Barreno's olden days, the girl walked around the peasant village calmly, looking at what it was reduced to. Adjusting some old spectacles on her face, she squinted a bit as the focus of her eyes adjusted.


I have a feeling, the girl thought. Something bad is about to happen.

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Waking up Aarifa walks to the window expecting to see the rising sun but all she saw were dark clouds that threatened to rain. She felt the stillness in the air and the terror of the atmosphere.


I guess it has taken place. the weather and animals are showing the signs.


She turns around and heads off to get dressed for the unexpected.


note: im pretty new to RPGs if i commit any wrong then please do correct me.

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Aleniea sits up, snickering because this is a new day and she's in hiding from those who want to kill her. "Heh... I'm not dead yet" She cackled evily, chocking on her spit, coughing. "Most Necromancers are dead...Most wereforced to be good, others remained in their own traits!" She mutterd to herself, only because she was in an inn, no one was really awake this early... She slips on her cloak and grabs her staff, and goods. She opens the door, it creeking slowly and her bare feet made some creeking it's self on the wooden floor. Hurrying down the stairs, she places a bag and her room key on the front desk, slips on her boots and runs out of the inn, her hood flying behind her. "Hehe! Awesome for some fresh air." She looks up and all of a sudden she gets soaked, falling into the town's fountain, "Grr... God bless it!" She yells.


(( she doesn't look where she's going and in Kalimair, where she was born but everyone hates necromancers X3 ))

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He had finally arived the canion that gave entrace to the land of Eridne. He watched the two mountain and passed through the canion.


It didn't took him long to arrived the streets of Eridu, the streets were filled with all kinds of warlocks and witches. There didn't seemed to be alot of Necromancers around, was he the only one there? He hadn't seen any necromancers around in a long time.


He entered a inn and ordered a room, going to his room rightly after for rest.

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Koneko jumped outside, and smelled the air. Ankoku followed, and looked around outside. Nothing new. At least, nothing new for Doramizuo. Ghosts, vampires, you could basically find any "evil" being here.


Koneko jumped impatiently. "Ankoku-chan, let's goooo already!!!" She moaned.


Ankoku turned to Koneko, her face showing no emotion. "Got it. Let's head out."


They ran off towards the Southern Forest.

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"Gaah! I'm gonna kill this fountain." She casts a spell that smashes the fountain after a few words. "Hurray! It's gone." She mutterd, trying to excite herself, shuffling along the roads to the outer side of the city, her hood on and trying to keep warm from the wet and cold morning breeze. SHe mutters crossly to herself, "I gotta controll myself, Gaah! I wanna-- No, no killing, trying to make a living is hard when everyone treats me like dust." She runs into a tree outside of the city and falls to the ground, obviously knocked out.

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After a few minutes of their very fast running, Koneko sniffs the air and stops.


"What is it, Koneko?" Ankoku asked.


"I smell somethin." Koneko muttered. She trotted off towards a tree, and sees a girl.


"Oy, Ankoku-chan! Found someone!" Koneko yelled out. Ankoku walked over to the girl, and shrugged.


"It's no fun if they're already unconcious." She stated.


"Can I? Pwetty pwease?" Koneko asked, holding her hand out.


Ankoku sighed, and put a black marker in her hand. Koneko giggled evilly, and wrote on the girl's forehead.


Kitty-chan wuz here


((Sorry Speedy, I couldn't resist. XD If this's okay.))

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*Eridne – main town, Eridu*


Orb cracked while king’s breath started to slow down. Small peaces of the Vision Orb fell apart on the desk, looking like the diamond dust on the light of the candles that were lighted.

This is the first time that he felt the pure fear. What was that thing that entered his vision and trien do feed with his spirit? He couldn’t answer on that for certain. This isn’t the ordinary creature that can be found in the Vision land, lurking arround in the darknes.

He shall send the question to the Eridne representative in the Island of Peace, where the wizest humans, elfs, wizards and other creatures come together to discuss. This isn’t something that he ever encountered before, and onely the Societo of the Wize will have the answer on his question.



*Kalimair, Aleina*


“Dammn!” princess Rebecca was frustrated. “Why did they ever go on that place anyway? They know that it’s dangerous.” She asked the fairy that came for her, in need to heal some of the fairy boys that got hurted in the Grenhopk Swamp.

“I apologize, princess. They are just curious boys, m’lady.” Fairy said with shivering voice. The princess released the sigh, closing her eyes.

“No, the apologie is mine. I shouldn’t react like this, but I’m so upset with the illness of my father. He is on his sundown of life, and my healing magic can’t help him to cure. Illness is stronger than me.” She answered to the fairy.

“You must know, that there is no magic that can prevent the things that are written in the stars. You must let your father go.” Fairy said, trying to comfort her.

“I guess that’s right, but I hate the fact that he will hand me over the burdain of ruling. I am not even in good relationship with my parents.” Rebecca released another sigh.

“And who is?” little smile escaped on the fairy’s face and she returned it with a small smile too.



*Barreno, Barreno City*


The harvest was good, what made the King Derek appeased. His people will be secured when the winter comes knocking on their doors.

If onely those orcs from the Milury stop attacking them for now… He frowned. What do they have to do that they stop doing that ever again?



*Sorana, Ebos*


Cliveus was upset, the ground was slightly shakeing dwo days ago, and he didn’t liked it. Not at all. But nothing was damaged and no one was harmed. He didn’t feel that as long as he can remember, and he had quite number of years on his back. As a king of dwarves, it was his duty to carefuly observe the possible disasters and to protect his people from any harm.

Maby it’s time that he send someone outside, to the surface, so the things can be explored once again. It was long time ago when someone of them was out there…



*Miluri, Baltas*


“Prepare evereything for attack! Tomorrow, we eill fest with the lives of humans that tried to kill us all. The revenge shall be ours!!” chief Ogura raised his fist to the sky, and the orcs started to shout in aproval of his leaders actions. Humans will be crushed tomorrow.



*Anersei, Lamis*


King and Queen were calmly looking on the street from their balcony. The streets were full of people that were celebrateing the Nature godess with dancing, singing and laughter, what pleased their rulers and filled them with pride for their people. Godess was good to them this year, and they are repaying to her today, celebrateing her name and kindness with little presents on the altar on the High Square.

Life was good these days.



*Doramizuo, Palace*


“I sense that a power have ben released.” She murmured to herself. “I guess that those foulish necromancers succeded in their plans.” Her fingers petted her raven, puckering up her lips. This news could be very good for her, but she have to be careful or she might get burned. “We will see.” She said and reven spreaded his black wings starting to fly.

The bird flew out trough the window, and then she laughed.

Queen Leana was pleased.



*Somewhere in Lamis*


Her fingesr finally wrapped over the money pouch and smile escaped to her lips. She will have good food and comfortable bed for tonight.

“Stop!” some man screamed and the one that she was trying to steal from turned and realised what she was doing. She tried to slip away, but the man started to shout.

“Thief! Thief!”

“Stop her!” one woman started to shout too, but she started to run. She bumped in to the person that had an armor that was shining like silver. That was the moment that she knew that this time there was no escape…


(*lol* i see you found it. sorry for my late post, but i wasn't able to post anything. pc crashed down. XP)

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Sadurian woke up after a well deserved rest. He got up stretching himself and going to the bathroom, after a quick shower he got dressed and grabed his belongings.


He putted his long bown cloack on and walked downstairs. He paid the owner of the inn for his stay and left.


"Aah... wonderfull day!" He said as he romoved a notebook and looked at it. "So what am i seeking here? Oh yes, i need a book of curse magic." He looked around for a while looking around, he found a book store and entered, a few minutes later he came out with the book.


"Now... i need a vision orb... I'll find out where to find that later. Now: TURISM TIME!" He said entusiaticly and he walked away. "First stop:..." His stomach growled. "Food!" he entered a pub.

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Aleniea shoots up, "What happend?! Ooh... My head..." She rubs her hand on her head, looking at her hand seeing black stuff, "AHHHH!! I've been touched by the curseee!!" The 'Was' was smudged to say, 'Xas'... She runs into the town, screaming, "ANYONE! I NEED A DOCTER!!" Also she's scrambling about looking like a chicken screaming.


(( Okay she's freaking out alittle too much... ))

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Koneko jumped into the tree just before the girl woke up.


Nya, this girl messed it up. Now it's "Koneko Xas here."


Ankoku had jumped in another tree, her face as grim and creepy looking as ever.


She's awake now...should I kill her? I wonder...

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She stopped, turning around rapidly. She looks down at her hand, spitting on it and rubbing it onto her cloak. "Gone." She mutters to herself, inspecting her hand. "False alarm!!" She shouts, it seeming to echo in the trees.. She stomps over to where she was knocked out at, looking around the tree and up the tree but saw nothing, moaping and sitting under the tree, staring at the grass.


(( she hates puzzle games :P ))

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After getting dressed Aarifa heads to Eridne- the main town.


Its far from here but if i need to know then i should go.


Its a long journey but determined she continues her travel.

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=The Guardian=

"No...!" came the man's smoky whisper. His white beard curled in soft wisps as his bushy eyebrows furrowed in thought; he was always mistaken for what children believed to be 'Old Saint Nick'. Bah!


He let his vision sphere curl up into smoke with the final vision of the blood sacrifice. Pinching the area between his eyes, he stumbled across the variety of pans and whatnot around his little home. Leaning into his misty window, he looked out into the horizon with foggy eyes.


"Please, spirits..." he murmured. "Give me a sign. Any sign at all, that there is still hope for Nerimue."


Like magic, the clouds seemed to part with the first rays of light shining into the window. Sighing in relief, the old man smiled. "I see. I understand what you mean."


Going back through the assortment of keepsakes and others, the man pulled out a musty old cauldron and began to throw a variety of odd ingredients into it. Mixing it with a large wooden spoon, a large smoke billowed from the cauldron as the man's eyes swirled hypnotically.


"Tell me, then..." he muttered. "Show me where these chosen people are..."



"Deary me!" exclaimed a woman as the girl walked into the old village. Clutching her tunic, she had the caricature of one who suffered a heart attack. "Where in Heaven's name did you come from?"


"Oh... uh, me?" the girl spoke sheepishly, pointing to herself. "I'm... sorry, if I interrupted anything."


"Not at all, love!" the woman exclaimed, still looking as if she were about to hyperventilate. "It's just that... who in Heaven's name goes out during this ungodly hour?"


"Huh?" she muttered in confusion. Looking around, she looked back at the woman. "I... don't really get it. It's just really dark, though, I have to admit," she smile sheepishly. "I don't really get what you mean by 'ungodly hour'."


"Miranda! Che cosa lo pensate state facendo? I raccolti…" came a robust voice. A rugged man in peasant clothes appeared from behind some crops; trailing off as he saw the girl. Looking at the woman accusingly, he pointed at the girl. "Chi è questo?"


"Relax, Frederico," the woman muttered. "She's only a girl. Could you believe she just appeared in the middle of the night?"


"I... guess I'll be on my way then..." the girl muttered, turning away from the two. The woman stopped her abruptly.


"Deary me, you don't have to leave!" the woman exclaimed, pulling the girl back. "Frederico is just a little edgy today. Frankly, he's always edgy."


"Hmph!" the man muttered.


"Tell me, girl," the woman spoke, holding her shoulder. "Where are you from?"


"I..." the girl muttered. "I don't know."


"Your name, at least?"


"I don't know."


Frederico gave out a rich, robust laugh. "Ohohohohoho! Girl has no name!" the man spoke with a heavy accent. "Potreste credere? Una ragazza senza il nome. Senza nome! "




"What? Is true!"


"I... I don't mind." the girl muttered. She seemed uncomfortable. "I don't... I can't really remember... anything, at all." Looking at Frederico, she quickly added, "B-but those words! Senza Nome? They sounded really pretty."


"Pretty? Ce! " the man muttered. "Girl knows nothing about anything!"


"Oh, would you shut your trap!" The woman scolded.


Waving it off, the man looked at the girl with his stone gray eyes. "So she like being called no name, huh? Bah! Fine. She be Senza Nome, then."


"Senza?" the girl muttered. "T-that's okay with me..."


"Well then, Senza! Are you just going to stand there in the middle of the night then with no home to go back to?"


"N-no, I suppose."


"Very well, then." The woman spoke with a smile. "You'll be staying with us today, then."


"Che cosa?! " the man exclaimed.


"With those orcs from Miluri attacking any time! Think, Frederico! A girl like her couldn't stand one second out there!" the lady yelled.


"I'll behave!" the girl spoke softly. "It'll... It's gonna be like I never existed at all."


"Hmph! Benissimo! " the man grumbled, stomping back into the little hut. "Ma se i raccolti non compensino il suo appetito, non venga gridando a me! "


"You'll get used to him. All of us had to." the woman spoke, smiling. "Welcome to the family, Miss Nome. And by jove, aren't those pretty spectacles?"


"You mean these?" the girl spoke, pulling off her glasses. She squinted a bit. "Ah. So these are 'spectacles'." she chuckled softly. "I just found them on the ground when I woke up. When I put them on, my vision seemed to sharpen."


"There's a lot of things you need to re-learn, Senza." the woman spoke. "Oh, and by the way... how well do you handle a sword?"


(Ooh. >.< Long post.)

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Aarifa after days of endless travel comes to Barreno. Tired from the entire journey she looks around for a safe spot to rest before continuing her journey for truth.


She turns around and tries to evaluate a good resting space when she sees a figure walking far away from her. She tries to follow that figure to some distance and notices that its a girl but being weak she gives up and heads to the nearest tree for a good night sleep.


She spots a tree high and wide enough for her to sleep. She climbs it up and the moment her head touches the soft leaves she falls asleep

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Koneko jumps from branch to branch, leaving Ankoku in thought in the trees.


Something...is definetely going to happen.


Ankoku looked at the clouds.


No dark skies...bah, who cares? I thrive in bloodshed.


Ankoku followed Koneko, who was much farther ahead by now.


I don't care...but...what's this feeling?

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Sadurian was sitting on bench near the gates of the kinds castle. He was munching on a piece of bread he had stole from a store near by.


Bah! Pay for food! Who ever heard of a nonsense like this? The town where i came from noone paid for food! He thought. Then again noone ever gave me food...


He sighed and shook his head. Everyone was always mislead by him being a necromencer, they all belived he was evil, what wasn't fully wrong, but he was rather kind.


He looked at the castle for a while.


"I want to visit the inside." He said to himself.

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She sighed, walking to the town's fountain to wash her face, glancing at the words noticing the name, 'Konkeo' Where have I heard this name?... And do I feel another necromancer's aura?... She shook her head and continued washing her face. No necromancers are alive except me and a few others as I know... She thought, scowling into the water. "Mannn I'm starvinnggg..." She mutters, holding her stomache and sitting down at the fountain in her half drenched cloak searchign through her backpack. "No one will let me pay for anything.... They'd just know I'm one of 'them' if they get a close look at my arms." She rubs her tatooed arms crossly, shivering.

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Ankoku slowly nodded to herself as they reached a small cave.


"Ankoku, this looks like a good place to rest!" Koneko called. Ankoku walked towards it, and thought about the girl.


I wonder why I didn't fell the need to kill her...could she possibly have been a necromancer?


Ankoku quickly dismissed the thought.


No, there can't be any other necromancers around here.

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=The Guardian=


"A girl in Barreno City, hm?" the man muttered, looking closer into his sphere. "Huh... it seems as if she had lost all conscious memory of her past. Bah! This will be hard to prove, indeed!" Still looking, the white sphere whirled in his hands.


"Orcs from Miluri will attack the village she's residing in, and whatever skills she had learned before will have to be re-learned. Well then," he closed the orb with a slam of his palm, with white eyebrows furrowed. "We'll have to give some assistance, I guess. Valejo!"


The man then stood erect, overlooking at the pile of keepsakes and tinkering devices. At once, a bird the color of fire flew to his side; with tail-feathers reminiscent of a peacock. Turning to it, the man put on a poker face.


"I want you to go to Barreno City and look for a girl with spectacles and dark hair. She has lost some of her memory and is living with a woman named Miranda. Got that?"


The bird cocked its head to the side as if it understood.


"Good." the man then opened the window and let the bird fly out. "Now go and do your job, you mangy bird!"


With that, the bird disappeared into the skies.


_+Senza Nome, Barreno City+_


"Now deary... it's morning an' we have to get yerself all fix'd!" the woman spoke, combing the girl's hair. Smiling sheepishly as a way of thanks, the girl interlaced her fingers albeit worriedly.


"Um... yeah. Miranda, do you think... do you think I can be a knight like you said?" the girl spoke, looking at the woman. She smiled.


"Of course, love. You were wearing Barreno Military Uniform, for crying out loud! I'm certain that you could..."


Frederico suddenly barged into the scene, his usually sarcastic face lined with worry. "Miranda! They're here!"


"Criminy," the woman cursed. Pulling up the girl, she scavenged around the room for something; finally pulling out a sword. "Here," she spoke, handing the girl the rusted sword.


"B-but I don't know what to do with this!" the girl whined.


"You will," Miranda spoke, running out the door with Frederico.

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*Anersei, Lamis*


King looked up to the door that opened loudly, showing them their young knight, who was also their adopted son, pulling by the arm the girl with bunch of dark hair that hid her face. Rugged look on her told there will be problems.

“Let the girl free.” Queen said to knight. And he stopped, letting the girl free, but she fell on the ground with a painfoul sigh. Queen felt something that made her astonished and speachless. King stood up, aproaching to the girl and frowning on his son.

“Are you all right?” He stopped by the girl which was on her knees and hands. “What is this?”

“Girl was caught in stealing.” Knight answered looking at the girl with serious look on his face. “What shall we do with her?”

“We will decide and take care of it.” Said the Queen politely looking at the knight. “You can go now.” Knight left and then she looked at her husband. “What shall I do? Punishment is necessary, even if I don’t like to punish anyone.”

“Please, my Queen, let me go.” Girl spoke for the first time directing her look at the Queen that was already doing that.

“I’m sorry, girl, but the rules are well known and we can’t do that. Evereybody else will think that they too can break the rules, and that is not so.” King said, returning to his throne.

“Do not worrie, young one.” Queen smiled. “You’ll be back here in a day or two. God by now.” Girl spreaded her eyes in fear, but then she dissapeared. “Oh, my. I forgot to land her ON the ground…”

“You mean, she is not on the island?” King asked laughing.

“No. She is on the island, but a meter or two above the solid ground. I hope she didn’t hurt herself.”



*Eridne – main town, Eridu*


Almerion’s face was frowned in worrie. He can’t wait for the answer from the Society of the Wize, with time passing by. They could all be in great danger, and not knowing it ‘till it’s too late to react propperly.

He released a sigh looking trough the glass of a window on the town under his tower. He will need someone with magic power that is not like other sorcerers from this town. A magician and… Yes. A necromancer.

But how in the world will he find a necromancer in this area? They are not qite welcomed with aproval. And mostly the stay away from this kingdom. Will any of them accept to come here?



*Character doesn’t know where is he, but he is near the borders of the main provincy of lost empire*


Another morning that he was observing from a shade.

Not knowing anything that he wished to know, was frustrating and making him miserable. He was searching something, but when you don’t know what you are searching for, it makes you wondering why even bother? But he had nothing else to do, and all he had was time, so he kept searching.

He released a sad sigh and looked at the rising sun that glowed like red and burning mass.

If he could onely find what he’s been looking for during this long, long time. Will he know that his search is done when he come to it?

He didn’t know.

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"Are you sure about this Nova?" Sadurian asked looking at the castle.


"Don't you trust me Sari?" The tiny lilac haired pixie that was sitting on his shoulder asked him.


"Huh... No!" He answered her.


Sadurian looked once again at the castle's walls. It was crazy, even though he really needed a vision orb, no way he was going to broke in the castle, last time he did something like that it didn't ended well for him.


"I'm not going to break in the castle."


"Awww... You're such a whimp Sari!" Nova said floating on her green wings.


"I'm not a whimp, and my name is Sadurian. Besides you know very well i don't like stealling." He said.


"Really? Then why did you three weeks ago stole someone's bread?" She asked.


"That doesn't count. I was starving and broke!Still are you really sure there is a vision orb inside?"


"Yes i am and what are the chances of you getting caught? You can turn invisible, remember?" She remembered him.


He sighed. It was true he could turn ivisible, but that didn't stoped him from getting caught last time.


"You want to find Rull or not?" Nova asked. Sadurian flinched at the name and looked at Nova.


"Very well, lets go. Blind ilusion." He said as dark smoke surrounded him till he was no longer visible. Nova hide in his backpack turning herself invisble also.


He climbed the walls and jumped inside the castle.


"This is so wrong, i'm not supose to steal!" He whyspered to Nova.


"It's not stealing, you'll give it back after you summon Rull back." Nova said.


"Speak lower, you want us to get caught?" He whyspered to her and he run to a window climbing it and getting inside. "Now tell me the way to where the orb is kept."


She pointed the way out for him as he ran through the hallways. I'm so going to get caught. He thought when he hid from guards.

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