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Legends of Nerimue- RP

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She wakes up, jumping out the window and dragging the backpack with her. She lands on her feet and starts running again. Suprisingly she dissapears and reapears into the city she started at. "Too.. Tired.." She digs through her bag, taking out the doll and puts the backpack on, sitting next to the fountain.

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sorry for delay, but i finally made it...


*Eridne;Eridu- Palace*

Almerion watched the girl that jumped out the window, surprised by it but his student, Petra, made a small hole in the magic sheald that was surrounding the building so the girl can flee. Well, that would be a harsh word, because she will know exactly the place where she is at any time. The string of her hair floated in the air towards to her and she immediatley closed the hole.

“That went good.” Said Petra with a smile.

“And when i think about that i said that there was magical sheald that could keep her inside… But that's not the problem now.” Almerion turned to the necromancer and the demoness. “The question is, are you willingto stay here for a few days and try to figure out what in the hell of a creature was released, so strong that it managed to crack the Vision orb?”


*Kalimair, Aleina, swamp*

“Dammn…” princess Rebecca gasped. “ I feel like someone is draining me. At least te magical power that is in me…”

“You couldn’t be more righ, princess.” Rebecca turned to the voice, facing the beautifoul woman that was standing by the willow. “You must get out of this place at once.”


*Barreno, place that was under the attack of orcs*

“Mercyful gods…” Said one baron and King couldn’t disagree. One look at the horror in front of him left them speachless and filled with disgust. The place where the battle was held was burned to the ground, still burning on some parts as the bodies were placed on the earth, men and orcs equaly.

“What happened here?” king asked himself.

“Excuse me, my Lord, but we discovered the tracks of a person that survived this slaughter. Two persons, actually.” Said one solider.

“We must follow them quickly. Leave some of the men here to berry those poor men. Burn the orcs to the ashes.” King said and then the main part of the army left in a hurry to trace thoser tracks.


*Sorana, Ebos, dwarven delegacy*

“How soon will we be in Anersei palace?” asked first dwarwe.

“A day or at least three if we take it normally. And if the weather doesn’t get worse…” answered the other one with a sigh. The air was soo sweet and good that he wished to stand a little bit longer on that place.

“What scared our King?” asked the third one.

“I heard that it was about the earthquake that hitted us.” Answered the first one.

“No. It’s much bigger than that. I’m afraid that the king th8inks that a powerful demon was set free from it’s dungan. If he’s right, we are all in danger.” Said the second one that spoked earlier and then the scilence fell over them.


*Doramizuo, Palace*

“The prohibitions of leaving the Doramizuo are well known by now, and the Army was warned that no one is allowed to leave without your permission.” Said the black raven and the queen smiled.

“Good.” She said. “I like when you obey my everey command.”


*Anersei, Lamis*

She was afraid. What was happening to her. She couldn’t sleep any longer because of those frightening dreams, and the longer she stayed awake, without sleep, she was becoming more and more delusional what made her shiver like she had a fever. She slapped herself to put it all together and that she don’t fell asleep, but it was more difficult with each minute and hour that passed by.

She taught that the dreams were beautifoul, once, but what would she give gladly if she could have just one night of sleep without dreams.

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(( no prob. ))


She gasps for air, looking up and her hood falls down surounding her with a blackness, she sneezes from the dust that flies up from the floor. "All's... Good." She whispers to herself and throws her hood on and drags her backpack to the woods. "Aight. To... left or no.. through the woods. Yes." She nods, skipping through the dark forrest. "Feels like home." She tilts her head and looks up.

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Sadurian lifted his left eyebrow and looked at Nova, she smirked.


"Awesome! I can't wait to see what creature broke the vision orb." Nova said floating on her back. "I hope it's a hot demon lord!"


She heard Sadurian falling behind her.


"God, for once i wished you were normal." He said on the ground as he got up brushing the dust of his clothes. He grabbed Nova and sticked her on his cloack's pocket.


"Hey?! You have snotty hankerchiefs in here!" He heard her yell from the pocket.


"That's exactly why i stuffed you in there!" He replied.


"Hey! Get me out of here!" Nova yelled.


"When you behave and shut up!" He replyed.


He looked at Almerion, still hearing Nova cursing words that not even the worst of demons would swear with. God where does she learn those stuff?


"So you want me to figure out what cracked the vision orb. Ok with me, i like this town, don't think the people like me though. But i'll stay and help you, as long as you either fix the orb or get me a new one." He replyed smiling inocently, a curse word coming from Nova in his pocket broke his smile. Why didn't i just summoned a cerberus as test instead of her?! Why? Cerberus are less annoying, and they actually do what you tell them to!


((alil fun with Nova and Sadurian. :P))

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Prissy made her way to the palace with her undead skeleton companion. Overhead she could hear the roar of wings and snarls. We must be nearing it. Her goal was to get into the palace and assassinate the Queen. Even though there is a very big possibility she might fail but she still wants to try.

"We've been under her command long enough...it's time someone took action."


As she came out of the forest surrounding the palace her small army was waiting for her. She had called together dragons and socerers of old and a small handful of undeads. They all welcomed her with stomping and sparks.


"Shh, we must not draw attention to ourselves."


"I think you already have..."

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(( no, She teleports randomly, her hood surrounded her neck with darkness, showing her face and the dust is from the ground... she's now in the forrest next to kalimar


edit: ehhhh actually, she jumped outta the window, i think she broke it... ._. dunno))

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sorry, boys and girls, my pc had a weard reaction. it froze down and erased my entire new update, so it will take me some while to remake it. but you can still continue. p.s. and my username is no longer lady_Selena, so don't be confused by that.

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(@ Violoett_Duskwood: Eh, not a problem. Ev'rythin's gunna be alriight~ :D )


_+Senza Nome, The Outskirts of Eridne+_


"I think we're here, Aari!"


Senza skidded to a halt at the sight of civilization, her grimy face smiling in pure joy. Although they were lucky enough not to encounter any creatures during the journey, it was long enough for her to feel more uncomfortable than she ever did before. Valejo perched on her shoulder, cocking its head at all directions.


"Eridu! At last! I never thought we'd actually arrive here!" she spoke in desperate glee. Groveling to the floor, she gave the hard earth a big hug. "Oh, Eridu! Finally! I can take a quick shower!"


Valejo then softly flew from her shoulder, flying to her front. She raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What's wrong, Valejo? Something there in Eridu?" she spoke, straightening herself up. Staring into the darkness of its eyes, she felt a soft murmur that seemed to come from within.


"We're supposed to meet some people there? Who?" she questioned, yet Valejo darted away from her and towards the city. She gasped in surprise, running after it.


"Wait! WAIT! Who are we gonna meet!?" she yelled as she chased after the bird.

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**Kalimair, Aleina**

“Princess Rebecca!” knight farie said when he saw the princess in a hurry. She looked at him.

“Hurry, Puck. Assemble all of citizens of Aleina in the throne room.” She said wit pale face. “Hurry!”

“But princess…” he said.

“This is no time for discussion! I will be the future ruler, and I will not call myself Rebecca Rainoversky if I lett that anyone puts my decisions in question! Hurry. I want evereyone in the throne room in a hour.” She said. “Now I have to go to my father. And you, do what I say!”




**Doramizuo, Skeletal-throne room**

Raven was resting at the back of the skeletal-throne, behind his Queen that was smileing.

“So the fouls were making a conspirecy against my head…” she made a little giggle. “How foulish… How stupid can you be, to make a plot against the Queen of Doramizuo, and be confident that I will not find out. Raven! Go, and bring me those fouls. I will make an example of them, that the Queen is not someone that you can mess with.

Raven flew with a flame in his eyes. If she onely knew that her pet, her favorite pet, was in the conspirecy too… if she onely knew that he will let them escape, so they can throw her of the throne like she got rid of former ruler…




**Anersei, Limas, palace**

“Goromu is free.” Queen said with whisper. “I’m more and more shoure of it. And it’s all because of the girl. She is connected with that, my hunch is strong.”

“Girl is nothing special, my wife. Why are you shour that she has something to dowith that evil?” King asked looking at her.

“Because she is. But she is not the one that freed him.” Said another voice and they realised that it was the half goddess Sielle. They bowed, but she made them sign to stop with curtoasy. “She is nothing like you have imagined, connecting her with Goromu.”

“How do you mean that, Goddess?” King asked looking at his Queen.

“Haven’t you figure it out already?” half goddess smiled and then she raised her voice. “SHE is the BLOODLINE!”




**Island of Peace**

Evereybody was talking in the council room, most of them sitting on their place by the round table of mahagony. Few places were empty, and the persons that should sit on that places were aproaching in a hurry.

Beautiful face of a sorceress Arin, representative of the kingdom Eridne was worried while she was walking to her place with a simpe staff of gold and rubies in her right hand, while she hold the note in a grip of other hand.

“I apologize for beeing late, dear assembled, but the matter of a fact is urgent and it has to be done.” Her voice was calmed, for now. “We have a great problem among us that needs to be resolved immediatley. I’m afraid that the news are nothing good.”

“Lady Arin, would you be so kind and explain to us what it the thing that altered you so much?” said Marcus, representative of Anersei, an old elf that was member of Society of the Wize almost from the earliest times.

“Of course, sir Marcus.” She answered with a nod of her head. “I receved a note from Almerion, ruler of Eridne, in which stands that he crossed his path with something that destroyed the Vision orb. Someone or something so powerfoul wasn’t found in so much years that he pleaded us to give him guidance. He described the thing that made the orb crack… And I’m afraid that he described exactly the appearance of Goromu, the Dark Lord.” Evereybody started to whisper panickly.

“Goromu?!” asked vampiress Neissa that stood up the moment she heard the name. “How can that be? Society members sealed the doors and no one knows of his existance.”

“That is not entirely truth.” Said Marcus. “We weren’t able to destroy everey single evidence of his existance, and there are the prophets. But onely very powerfoul individual could set him free and take the care of guardian.”

“Guardian failed, Marcus!” Neissa raised her voice. “And I still owe him for the scars he made me. I will make him pay for that!”

“The vengance is not the thing that matters now.” Arin frowned. “Prisoner is released, and that is the problem.”




**Land of Nothing**



that's all for now, next time will be the lands that i didn't write about this time.

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Barreno City


Ah finally we are... my legs are aching from all the travel.


As she was thinking this Valejo flew right off with Sneza following behind it while asking who and where.


Wait for me Sneza.. Gosh my legs.. As she thinks this she runs behind them.

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