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Last Hope - Alpha test out.

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Hi this is my first fully english work. I was watching the movie Passengers and suddenly had the idea to make this.

Title: Last Hope

Creator: Night Melody

Program: Rpg Maker VX

License: Freeware




Ever had a dream that felt so real from wich you couldn't wake up? If so, how could you tell what was real and what was not? And what if you had died in the dream or in reality?


Alic and Tessa were both in the same cruise when it sank, they both gave shore on a misterious island known as Dreamfull Island that is covered with a permenent layer of snow. But something is wrong, the town is deserted, when it snows people hide in the shurch, the twon's people seems to be completly unaware of the world beyon that island. Alic and Tessa team up to try to find their way back to where they came from, but someone wants them to stay in that island.

Afterall, Dreamfull island, isn't that much of a dream or is it? What secrets does it hold? Why does it hide? Why everyone seems to disappear when it snows?


Features (updated 7/01/10):


.Day and Night system by events (not included on the beta nor alpha).

.Cartepillar system by events/script (removed)

.Neomessages (working)

.custem menu (working)

.sideview battle (working)

.custom save menu (working)

.light effects (working)

.puzzles (events (not working either -.-''))


Characters' Information:
















Alpha test:






To the Rpgmaker brazil comunity for their help and tutorials.

To my best friend Leandro for offering me the rpg maker vx.

To the http://www.dollwizard.com/wizard/ website where i made the character battlers.



1. I'm not english of birth, so there may be some grammar and ortography mistakes.

2. I'm a newb on this, so criticisam is welcome... but be kind e.o...

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hi... looks pretty interesting to me


love the looks of the characters.. there are a few grammatical mistakes but im sure you will cope up..


all the best to you and looking forward for your game

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1.I like the plot and the characters seems like an interesting story. Though you could post more details (not spoilers) about the plot. The characters are well descrived also the way they are, hope you stick till the end with what u descrived of them.


2.I like the fact that you chosed to use battlers instead of faces. Face's are already so used. But you should try to get rid of the white remains around the battlers.


3. There isn't alot of the maps shown for me to actually criticise them. They seem a bit too white... but what am i saying... it's snowing... of course it's going to be white. Put some bunnies, they always make winter maps adorable (i sound like my cousin -.-'' )


4. The title is sugestive, and so is the title pic. It probably has to do with someone's death, or a coma or something like it.


5. Just a curuiosity now. You say Alic is affraid of water, then what was he doing on a cruise? jw.


I've nothing else to say. Keep working on it, i'm sure it'll make a good project.

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Thanks for ur coments. And yes Alic is affraid of water, but as long as he doesn't has to touch in nothing more than a shower he's ok with it.

Plus his friends made him go in the trip.


But thanks. And about the bunnies... the rpg maker vx rtp characters haqve no bunnies graphics, if u or anyone else can get me more graphics i'll be thankfull.

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Lol. Alic's afraid of water? I am too! I see that your native tongue is not English. See, I'm not an American or Englishwoman, either. I'm a Filipino, actually.


Anyway, your game plot sounds very interesting. And the characters are fascinating. I just love games with mysterious attributes(the plot). Can I be a tester when it's finally released? I could be of help.

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Hey everyone. Sorry for the double posting but it's just to warn u that the alpha testing version is now ready to test. Hope you guys it, and sorry for the delay, i've just been to busy.

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ye i know. But i'm stucked till the deck with projects, trying to get in college, trying to make a comic, trying to make 100% made by me game... plus trying to finish this project... it's alot of stuff...sorry, i'll update the test version as soon as i can so it will last longer (if i can get the sideview battle script to work -.-'' ).

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