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Saga Destiny : The Beginning

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Far away into the world

stood a land called Aeonos,

the Land of Eternal Time...


For the past decades...

Aeonos has been peaceful

with its secret kept away from the world

that no one been able to reveal...



Aeonos had changed

the evil began to threaten the innocents...

the demons arise from the ground

the chaos invoked a deadly secret

that could destroy not only Aeonos

but the entire world...


The prophecy was not fulfilled

Four young adventurers

destined to travel through Aeonos

to restore peace once more

to the weary land...



In Saga Destiny, the four young adventurers are not fixed. You will be forming a party of four from twelve and wove your own storyline throughout the game


Swordman Alec

-Good in both physical offense and defense. An expert is various sword skills


Warrior Max

-Have a very high physical power. A master of axe wielding


Defender Greg

-Has high stamina and defense. Also a master of various weapon


Lancer Norris

-Agile and dexterous spear wielding. Adept in spear weapons


Thief Daniel

-High speed and dexterity. Gifted with the ability to steal


Monk Kensou

-Master martial arts. Powerful and able to take down enemies with bare hand.


Archer Sean

-High dexterity, wield bow weapons and able to take down enemies from range


Gunner Matt

-Powerful gun wielder and a master sharpshooter


Cleric Roseann

-A white magic wielder. Able to heal and aid allies in battle


Enchanter Astria

-A white support magic wielder. Support allies with the power of light


Witch Joanna

-A black magic wielder. Uses hex and curse magic to devastate the enemies


Magician Gaston

-A black magic wielder. Manipulates nature and turn it against his enemies




Party Select System made completely with Events by me



Cave of Caerva, now with lighting/shading effect.




-ccoa's UMS

-Trickster's Skill Shop

-Amanda's Super simple Vehicle Script

-Blizzard's Pseudo 3D battle

-Other script add-ons by myself




-The scripter's above

-All the other RPG community forum people

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Ooohh it looks good so far, Kinnison. I hope more people will get a chance to help you out with your game and all. ^^


And I'll be happy to test further versions of your game and all. :)

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looks like ive got some competition for game making.


can i offer some advice?


-the lighting effects are off, first of all its not centered, and doesnt look like it coming directly from the lamp. use white at the center and make sure its centered, but you also dont want the light to overpower the object of origin.

heres a screen of a peice of my work, can you see what im getting at?




-also, the walls and water of the cave are too square, the default water tiles in RMXP have long been shunned. you can find round versions that look much better at rmxp.org. also the walls, you cant find new tiles, but you can map them diferently.

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Thanks everyone for the support.



Yeah, I know that the light did went off a little from the flame. The light was just used for testing.

For the round water tileset, I will be making one on my own using a template I made myself and will going to make it suitable to be placed on any terrain.


(By the way, all those advice you gave just make me all fired up)

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yes, i am. however, i wouldnt sugest it for light RPGers. mine is more for the experienced RPGer who doesnt mind serious content. and its going to be quite long, so it wont be finished for quite a while.

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Right now, there's college and computer problems holding me back, so I can't carry on with the project for now.


I'm still going to have it finished, so everyone have to wait. Sorry for making everybody wait. I'm hoping for the best in it too.

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