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Aveyond DC (Continued from the last episode)

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I didn't finish the story before the site crash. I'm not bothered to repost the previous episodes because I lost some of the episodes so I'm posting the continuation of the story. I stopped right about here. If you want the previous ep


The hind


With the help from Melini, they managed to defeat Nanghaithya. However, as soon as they restored the druid Melini left them alone because she only hangs out with graduated people.


RhenCat.png Remember that hind we talked about earlier? If we kill it then we're graduated for doing a noble deed.

LarsShock3.png Noble? I think we'll die before we're nobles

Rhen1.png Come, lets go. I knew the way there

LarsCry.png ...


At the hind's cave


Lars1.png Whats with all these statues?

Rhen1.png Oh you want to know? You are destined to become one like them.

LarsShock2.png Wha..wha..What?!

Rhen1.png Lets go

LarsShock3.png I don't want to die. I don't want to lose my hair. My beautiful jade emerald hair

RhenMad.png Would you stop crying like a baby? You won't be able to graduate with such attitude

LarsCry.png Can't we do something other than this?

Rhen1.png Well, we can always fight that ogre we found back there at Boringon. Its a die fighting or die stoning world.

LarsCry.png You doesn't make any sense at all


Both of them entered the cave, unaware of the danger ahead of them.


Lars1.png Can you hear that sweet melody?

Rhen1.png Huh? Where?

LarsShock.png Oh...Its so sweet... Like a candy

RhenMad.png That was the most awful melody of all. I can even beat her with my voice in Aveyond Idol

(A reminder, girls never get attracted to the melody from the hind's harp)


Mars slowing walks toward the voice, talking to himself and about his green hair


LarsShock.png Here comes my green hair...

RhenShock2.png Whhaa, Mars...STOP! Or you'll lost your green hair!

Lars1.png Huh?

RhenShock3.png No! Its too late~ You're in front of the hind. Run!

LarsShock2.png ARGH~!


Mars now standing in front of the hind, which was a bad news...


LarsShock2.png Argh, I'm hardening~!

RhenShock.png Oh, I can't believe she's so beauti...

LarsShock2.png You're not the one who supposed who caught by the hind's beauty! Help me!!

RhenMad.png ...fully ugly, you're the worst monster ever. You'll never going to win the beauty contest.

LarsCry.png I got the point now...Now help me out! I'm stoning

RhenEvil.png Now taste my Boot Slapping Prada. Waliwaliwaliwakawakawaka

LarsShock3.png You got to help me, I'm turning to stone

RhenMad.png Will you quiet down while I beat the bits out of this hind?

LarsCry.png But...

RhenMad.png You're not even turning into a rock. You just petrified*, that's all. (*in a state of shock or fear, not stoned)

LarsShock.png Really?

RhenMad.png Yes, so just keep quiet or else I'm going to ask the hind to turn you one right away

LarsShock2.png Okay okay, I quiet down


As soon as they defeat the hind, they were wondered what to use as a proof of their good deed...


Rhen1.png What are we going to use as a proof? How about the hind's hair?

Lars1.png No, I'm going to use her hair. Its so fake that everyone can fake out a graduation with someone's hair

Rhen1.png Then I'll use your hair since nobody else owns a green hair

LarsCry.png You don't get it, do you?

RhenCat.png Ah, I got it. Lets use the harp

Lars1.png Yeah... Lets take it


Mars grab the harp...


LarsShock2.png What? Its so heavy

Rhen1.png Then you take it

LarsCry.png Why me...


They drag the harp back to the academy, hoping to get graduated by using it as a proof of good deed. What willl happened next?


To Be continued.

You found Zhen Zarzhon

But he's attempting to throw that green haired guy. Who's that guy in the story?

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Oh...Its so sweet... Like a candy

I thought that line was funny! :D I also love the part about "Aveyond Idol"--so funny!


Ah, sad though that you can't repost the rest of your story. :( I'm really glad that you're continuing anyways, Kinnison!


And congrats on becoming a mod. :blink:

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I got to read this earlier today, Kinnison, but I must say, I love reading this latest chapter. Just as funny as ever. :D


I'm so happy that you're continuing your story. ^^

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i'm so glad to see this! :)

i loved the 'aveyond idol' line. and thanks for defining 'petrified' for us. XD

i can't wait to see more of melini; i thought she was hilarious!

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Sorry for the late update. Here's the recent one, but its quite short:


They finally managed to get something that will make them graduates, so they hurry back home to Badwood Academy.


RhenCat.png Graduate...graduate

LarsDog.png Graduate...graduate


At Badwood Academy


RhenCat.pngHey, hey. We got the hind's harp. That's it... I'm quitting Badwood and go for Aveyond Idol instead.

LarsShock2.png Wait! We're suppose to give the harp to the Headmaster for graduation!

RhenBlush.png Oh, I almost forgot about that. Hey, we're graduating and leaving this place soon. I'm joining Aveyond Idol, so wish me luck.

LarsCry.png There's no difference from the previous one


As soon as Zhen hand over the headmaster the hind's harp. He immediately gave them a certificate and a graduate clothings. Zhen and Mars immediately rush to their room to put in their new clothes.


RhenBlush.png Weee, what a nice sword singer/dancer clothes, this will give me 30% more chance to win Aveyond Idol.


As soon as Zhen put in her new clothes, she immediately threw away her old one.


RhenEvil.png Muahahaha...


Meanwhile, Mars put in his magician clothes. He said...


Lars1.png Yes! Now the girls will recognize me as one of the most greatest ~handsome~ mage of all.

Rhen1.png Man, you're the worst. You should make a maniac's laugh.

RhenEvil.png Like this...Muahahaha

Lars1.png Uh...Okay...

LarsEvil.png Muahahaha


While laughing, Mars threw away his old clothes. As soon as they left the Academy...


Elini1.png Hey...E Grader

LarsShock2.png Wargh!

RhenShock2.png Yaaaaa~!

Elini1.png I didn't mean to scare you two. Like the script said, I'm now going to join you two

RhenCat.png Really?

Elini1.png Yes, I'm planning to gather more husbands and fight low graders with my whip.

LarsMad.png Yeah, yeah. Keep that whip away from me


(System) Elini has joined the Party (For real)


RhenCat.png Yay, lets go

LarsCry.png Why do I have to face all this trouble...

Elini1.png Do you just say something?

Lars1.png No...

RhenEvil.png He did... He said he wants to be whipped by you...Muahaha

EliniMad.png I see, a Grade E bachelor asking for a whip

LarsShock2.png Nooooo, I di... *Smack*


Zhen and Mars had found a new 'friend' on their adventure. Wondering what will happen next.


To Be Continued...

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:o Wow! Where'd everyone go? I read it a while ago at school, but I guess I didn't say a peep about it. :(


Anyhoo, so FUNNY!! :laughing: It was so funny how Elini just popped out of no where! :D And the 30% higher chance of winning Aveyond Idol was funny too. Guess she's one of those people who likes to dress for success. :D

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It's very funny!!!

I like it!

It look like Rhen is the boss of Lars not Lars the boss of Rhen!!!


I like it, even I don't read it from the begining, but it sure nice!!!

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Finally found your story...I saw it some time ago but was to busy to read then...Great updates Kinnison! Never cease to amuse me ;)



(System) Elini has joined the Party (For real)


I like the "For Real" part...xD

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