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Level Stats Guide

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how to use:

level. exp needed to reach level

ie: 1. 0 (to reach level 1 requires 0 exp)

HP: health points

MP: magic points (only Talia and Devin have mp values)

ATP: attack power/points

DP: defense points

GP: gold


everybody has the same exp needed. it's just what level they are to begin with then go on from there.

this is with ONLY beginning weapons. no special things, or add-on weapons.

levels 1-19

1. 0

Talia:HP:5 MP:0 ATP:1 DP:4

Devin:HP:8 MP:0 ATP:2 DP:5

Alicia:HP: 10 ATP:85 DP:137

Haddan:HP:10 ATP:90 DP: 100

Jack:HP:5 ATP:12 DP: 17

Federick:HP:10 ATP:60 DP: 13


Talia:HP:9 MP:3 ATP:3 DP:6

Devin:HP:12 MP:1 ATP:5 DP:9

Alicia:HP:14 ATP:88 DP:139

Haddan:HP:14 ATP:93 DP:103

Jack:HP:9 ATP:14 DP:19

Federick:HP:14 ATP:69 DP:16


Talia:HP:16 MP:8 ATP:7 DP:10

Devin:HP:19 MP:3 ATP:10 DP:16

Alicia:HP:22 ATP:92 DP:143

Haddan:HP:27 ATP:97 DP:108

Jack:HP:15 ATP:17 DP:23

Federick:HP:21 ATP:73 DP:20


Talia:HP:23 MP:13 ATP:13 DP:16

Devin:HP:26 MP:4 ATP:19 DP:21

Alicia:HP:28 ATP:98 DP:146

Federick:HP:28 ATP:77 DP:24

Jack:HP:22 ATP:20 DP:26

Haddan:HP:28 ATP:101 DP:113


Talia:HP:30 MP:18 ATP:19 DP:22

Devin:HP:33 MP:6 ATP:28 DP:28

Alicia:HP:35 ATP:100 DP:150

Federick:HP:35 ATP:81 DP:28

Jack:HP:29 ATP:23DP:30

Haddan:HP:35 ATP:105 DP:118


Talia:HP:38 MP:24 ATP:23 DP:26

Devin:HP:41 MP:8 ATP:33 DP:33

Alicia:HP:43 ATP:104 DP:154

Federick:HP:43 ATP:85 DP:32

Jack:HP:36 ATP:26DP:33

Haddan:HP:43 ATP:110 DP:123

7. 468

Talia:HP:45 MP:29 ATP:27 DP:30

Devin:HP:48 MP:9 ATP:39 DP:38

Alicia:HP:50 ATP:109 DP:158

Federick:HP:50 ATP:89 DP:36

Jack:HP:43 ATP:29DP:37

Haddan:HP:50 ATP:115 DP:129


Talia:HP:53 MP:35 ATP:31 DP:34

Devin:HP:56 MP:11 ATP:45 DP:42

Alicia:HP:58 ATP:113 DP:162

Federick:HP:58 ATP:94 DP:41

Jack:HP:50 ATP:33DP:41

Haddan:HP:58 ATP:119 DP:135


Talia:HP:61 MP:41 ATP:35 DP:38

Devin:HP:64 MP:12 ATP:50 DP:47

Alicia:HP:66 ATP:118 DP:166

Federick:HP:66 ATP:98 DP:45

Jack:HP:57 ATP:36 DP:45

Haddan:HP:66 ATP:124 DP:140

10. 999

Talia:HP:70 MP:47 ATP:40 DP:43

Devin:HP:73 MP:14 ATP:56 DP:52

Alicia:HP:75 ATP:122 DP:170

Federick:HP:75 ATP:103 DP:50

Jack:HP:65 ATP:40 DP:49

Haddan:HP:75 ATP:129 DP:146

11. 1220

Talia:HP:79 MP:53 ATP:45 DP:48

Devin:HP:81 MP:16 ATP:63 DP:58

Alicia:HP:83 ATP:128 DP:175

Federick:HP:83 ATP:108 DP:55

Jack:HP:73 ATP:44 DP:54

Haddan:HP:83 ATP:135 DP:153


Talia:HP:88 MP:60 ATP:50 DP:53

Devin:HP:91 MP:18 ATP:69 DP:63

Alicia:HP:93 ATP:133 DP:179

Federick:HP:93 ATP:113 DP:60

Jack:HP:82 ATP:47 DP:58

Haddan:HP:93 ATP:140 DP:159

13. 1728

Talia:HP:97 MP:66 ATP:54 DP:57

Devin:HP:100 MP:20 ATP:75 DP:68

Alicia:HP:102 ATP:138 DP:184

Federick:HP:102 ATP:118 DP:65

Jack:HP:90 ATP:51 DP:63

Haddan:HP:102 ATP:145 DP:165


Talia:HP:107 MP:73 ATP:60 DP:63

Devin:HP:110 MP:22 ATP:82 DP:74

Alicia:HP:112 ATP:143 DP:189

Federick:HP:112 ATP:124 DP:71

Jack:HP:99 ATP:55 DP:67

Haddan:HP:112 ATP:151 DP:172


Talia:HP:117 MP:80 ATP:65 DP:68

Devin:HP:119 MP:24 ATP:89 DP:80

Alicia:HP:121 ATP:149 DP:194

Federick:HP:121 ATP:129 DP:76

Jack:HP:109 ATP:59 DP:72

Haddan:HP:121 ATP:157 DP:179


Talia:HP:127 MP:87 ATP:70 DP:73

Devin:HP:129 MP:26 ATP:96 DP:86

Alicia:HP:131 ATP:155 DP:199

Federick:HP:131 ATP:135 DP:82

Jack:HP:118 ATP:64 DP:77

Haddan:HP:131 ATP:163 DP:186

17. 3008

Talia:HP:137 MP:94 ATP:76 DP:79

Devin:HP:139 MP:29 ATP:103 DP:92

Alicia:HP:141 ATP:161 DP:204

Federick:HP:141 ATP:141 DP:88

Jack:HP:127 ATP:68 DP:82

Haddan:HP:141 ATP:169 DP:193

18. 3383

Talia:HP:148 MP:102 ATP:81 DP:84

Devin:HP:150 MP:31 ATP:111 DP:99

Alicia:HP:152 ATP:167 DP:209

Federick:HP:152 ATP:147 DP:94

Jack:HP:137 ATP:72 DP:88

Haddan:HP:152 ATP:176 DP:201

19. 3780

Talia:HP:159 MP:110 ATP:87 DP:90

Devin:HP:161 MP:33 ATP:119 DP:105

Alicia:HP:163 ATP:173 DP:215

Federick:HP:163 ATP:153 DP:100

Jack:HP:148 ATP:77 DP:93

Haddan:HP:163 ATP:182 DP:209

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levels 20-39

20. 4199

Talia:HP:170 MP:118 ATP:93 DP:96

Devin:HP:173 MP:36 ATP:127 DP:112

Alicia:HP:174 ATP:180 DP:221

Fredrick:HP:174 ATP:159 DP:106

Jack:HP:158 ATP:82 DP:99

Haddan:HP:174 ATP:189 DP:217

21. 4640

Talia:HP:181 MP:126 ATP:99 DP:102

Devin:HP:184 MP:38 ATP:135 DP:119

Alicia:HP:186 ATP:186 DP:226

Fredrick:HP:186 ATP:166 DP:113

Jack:HP:169 ATP:87 DP:104

Haddan:HP:186 ATP:196 DP:225

22. 5103

Talia:HP:193 MP:134 ATP:105 DP:108

Devin:HP:195 MP:41 ATP:143 DP:126

Alicia:HP:197 ATP:193 DP:232

Fredrick:HP:197 ATP:172 DP:119

Jack:HP:179 ATP:92 DP:110

Haddan:HP:197 ATP:203 DP:233

23. 5588

Talia:HP:204 MP:143 ATP:112 DP:115

Devin:HP:207 MP:43 ATP:151 DP:133

Alicia:HP:209 ATP:199 DP:238

Fredrick:HP:209 ATP:179 DP:126

Jack:HP:190 ATP:97 DP:116

Haddan:HP:209 ATP:210 DP:241

24. 6095

Talia:HP:217 MP:152 ATP:118 DP:121

Devin:HP:219 MP:46 ATP:160 DP:140

Alicia:HP:221 ATP:206 DP:244

Fredrick:HP:221 ATP:186 DP:133

Jack:HP:202 ATP:102 DP:122

Haddan:HP:221 ATP:217 DP:250


Talia:HP:229 MP:161 ATP:125 DP:128

Devin:HP:232 MP:48 ATP:169 DP:148

Alicia:HP:234 ATP:214 DP:251

Fredrick:HP:234 ATP:193 DP:140

Jack:HP:213 ATP:107 DP:128

Haddan:HP:234 ATP:225 DP:259


Talia:HP:242MP:170 ATP:132 DP:135

Devin:HP:244 MP:51 ATP:178 DP:156

Alicia:HP:246 ATP:221 DP:257

Fredrick:HP:246 ATP:200 DP:147

Jack:HP:225 ATP:112 DP:134

Haddan:HP:246 ATP:233 DP:268


Talia:HP:254MP:178 ATP:138 DP:141

Devin:HP:257 MP:54 ATP:187 DP:163

Alicia:HP:259 ATP:228 DP:263

Fredrick:HP:259 ATP:207 DP:154

Jack:HP:237 ATP:118 DP:140

Haddan:HP:259 ATP:240 DP:277


Talia:HP:267MP:187 ATP:145 DP:148

Devin:HP:269 MP:57 ATP:196 DP:171

Alicia:HP:271 ATP:235 DP:270

Fredrick:HP:271 ATP:214 DP:161

Jack:HP:248 ATP:123 DP:147

Haddan:HP:271 ATP:248 DP:286


Talia:HP:280MP:197 ATP:152 DP:155

Devin:HP:283 MP:59 ATP:205 DP:179

Alicia:HP:285 ATP:243 DP:277

Fredrick:HP:285 ATP:222 DP:169

Jack:HP:261 ATP:129 DP:153

Haddan:HP:283 ATP:256 DP:295

30. 9599

Talia:HP:294MP:207 ATP:159 DP:162

Devin:HP:296 MP:62 ATP:215 DP:187

Alicia:HP:298 ATP:251 DP:283

Fredrick:HP:298 ATP:229 DP:176

Jack:HP:273 ATP:134 DP:160

Haddan:HP:298 ATP:264 DP:305


Talia:HP:307MP:216 ATP:167 DP:170

Devin:HP:310 MP:65 ATP:224 DP:195

Alicia:HP:311 ATP:258 DP:290

Fredrick:HP:311 ATP:237 DP:184

Jack:HP:286 ATP:140 DP:167

Haddan:HP:311 ATP:272 DP:314


Talia:HP:321MP:226 ATP:174 DP:177

Devin:HP:323 MP:68 ATP:234 DP:203

Alicia:HP:325 ATP:266 DP:297

Fredrick:HP:325 ATP:245 DP:192

Jack:HP:298 ATP:146 DP:173

Haddan:HP:325 ATP:280 DP:324

33. 11648

Talia:HP:335MP:236 ATP:181 DP:184

Devin:HP:337 MP:71 ATP:244 DP:211

Alicia:HP:339 ATP:274 DP:304

Fredrick:HP:339 ATP:253 DP:200

Jack:HP:311 ATP:151 DP:180

Haddan:HP:339 ATP:288 DP:334

34. 12375

Talia:HP:349MP:246 ATP:189 DP:192

Devin:HP:351 MP:74 ATP:254 DP:220

Alicia:HP:353 ATP:282 DP:311

Fredrick:HP:353 ATP:261 DP:208

Jack:HP:324 ATP:157 DP:187

Haddan:HP:353 ATP:297 DP:344

35. 13124

Talia:HP:363MP:256 ATP:196 DP:199

Devin:HP:365 MP:77 ATP:263 DP:228

Alicia:HP:367 ATP:290 DP:318

Fredrick:HP:367 ATP:269 DP:216

Jack:HP:337 ATP:163 DP:194

Haddan:HP:367 ATP:305 DP:353


Talia:HP:377MP:266 ATP:204 DP:207

Devin:HP:379 MP:80 ATP:273 DP:237

Alicia:HP:381 ATP:298 DP:326

Fredrick:HP:381 ATP:277 DP:224

Jack:HP:350 ATP:169 DP:201

Haddan:HP:381 ATP:314 DP:363


Talia:HP:391MP:277 ATP:211 DP:214

Devin:HP:393 MP:83 ATP:284 DP:245

Alicia:HP:395 ATP:307 DP:333

Fredrick:HP:395 ATP:285 DP:232

Jack:HP:364 ATP:175 DP:208

Haddan:HP:395 ATP:322 DP:374

38. 15503

Talia:HP:405MP:287 ATP:219 DP:222

Devin:HP:408 MP:86 ATP:294 DP:254

Alicia:HP:409 ATP:315 DP:340

Fredrick:HP:409 ATP:293 DP:240

Jack:HP:377 ATP:181 DP:215

Haddan:HP:409 ATP:331 DP:384

39. 16340

Talia:HP:420MP:297 ATP:227 DP:230

Devin:HP:422 MP:90 ATP:304 DP:263

Alicia:HP:424 ATP:323 DP:347

Fredrick:HP:424 ATP:301 DP:248

Jack:HP:391 ATP:187 DP:222

Haddan:HP:424 ATP:340 DP:394

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levels 40-59


Talia:HP:435MP:308 ATP:235 DP:238

Devin:HP:437 MP:93 ATP:315 DP:272

Alicia:HP:439 ATP:332 DP:355

Fredrick:HP:439 ATP:310 DP:257

Jack:HP:404 ATP:194 DP:230

Haddan:HP:439 ATP:349 DP:405

41. 18080

Talia:HP:450MP:319 ATP:243 DP:246

Devin:HP:452 MP:96 ATP:325 DP:281

Alicia:HP:454 ATP:340 DP:363

Fredrick:HP:454 ATP:318 DP:265

Jack:HP:418 ATP:200 DP:237

Haddan:HP:454 ATP:358 DP:415


Talia:HP:465MP:329 ATP:251 DP:254

Devin:HP:467 MP:99 ATP:336 DP:290

Alicia:HP:469 ATP:349 DP:370

Fredrick:HP:469 ATP:327 DP:274

Jack:HP:432 ATP:206 DP:245

Haddan:HP:469 ATP:367 DP:426


Talia:HP:480MP:340 ATP:259 DP:262

Devin:HP:482 MP:102 ATP:347 DP:299

Alicia:HP:484 ATP:358 DP:378

Fredrick:HP:484 ATP:335 DP:282

Jack:HP:446 ATP:213 DP:252

Haddan:HP:484 ATP:376 DP:437


Talia:HP:495MP:351 ATP:267 DP:270

Devin:HP:497 MP:105 ATP:357 DP:308

Alicia:HP:499 ATP:366 DP:385

Fredrick:HP:499 ATP:343 DP:290

Jack:HP:460 ATP:219 DP:260

Haddan:HP:499 ATP:385 DP:447


Talia:HP:510MP:362 ATP:275 DP:278

Devin:HP:512 MP:109 ATP:368 DP:317

Alicia:HP:513 ATP:375 DP:393

Fredrick:HP:513 ATP:352 DP:299

Jack:HP:474 ATP:225 DP:267

Haddan:HP:513 ATP:394 DP:458


Talia:HP:525MP:372 ATP:283 DP:286

Devin:HP:527 MP:112 ATP:379 DP:326

Alicia:HP:528 ATP:383 DP:401

Fredrick:HP:528 ATP:361 DP:308

Jack:HP:488 ATP:232 DP:274

Haddan:HP:528 ATP:403 DP:469


Talia:HP:540MP:383 ATP:291 DP:294

Devin:HP:542 MP:115 ATP:389 DP:335

Alicia:HP:543 ATP:392 DP:408

Fredrick:HP:543 ATP:369 DP:316

Jack:HP:502 ATP:238 DP:282

Haddan:HP:543 ATP:412 DP:479

48. 24863

Talia:HP:556MP:394 ATP:299 DP:302

Devin:HP:557 MP:118 ATP:400 DP:345

Alicia:HP:559 ATP:401 DP:416

Fredrick:HP:559 ATP:278 DP:325

Jack:HP:516 ATP:245 DP:290

Haddan:HP:559 ATP:422 DP:490


Talia:HP:571MP:406 ATP:308 DP:311

Devin:HP:573 MP:122 ATP:411 DP:354

Alicia:HP:575 ATP:410 DP:424

Fredrick:HP:575 ATP:287 DP:334

Jack:HP:531 ATP:251 DP:297

Haddan:HP:575 ATP:431 DP:501

50. 26999

Talia:HP:587 MP:417 ATP:316 DP:319

Devin:HP:589 MP:125 ATP:422 DP:363

Alicia:HP:590 ATP:419 DP:432

Fredrick:HP:590 ATP:396 DP:343

Jack:HP:545 ATP:258 DP:305

Haddan:HP:590 ATP:440 DP:512

51. 28100

Talia:HP:603 MP:428 ATP:324 DP:327

Devin:HP:604 MP:129 ATP:434 DP:373

Alicia:HP:606 ATP:428 DP:440

Fredrick:HP:606 ATP:404 DP:351

Jack:HP:560 ATP:265 DP:313

Haddan:HP:606 ATP:450 DP:524


Talia:HP:618 MP:439 ATP:333 DP:336

Devin:HP:620 MP:132 ATP:445 DP:382

Alicia:HP:621 ATP:437 DP:448

Fredrick:HP:621 ATP:413 DP:360

Jack:HP:574 ATP:271 DP:320

Haddan:HP:621 ATP:459 DP:535

53. 30368

Talia:HP:634 MP:450 ATP:341 DP:344

Devin:HP:635 MP:135 ATP:456 DP:392

Alicia:HP:637 ATP:446 DP:456

Fredrick:HP:637 ATP:422 DP:369

Jack:HP:589 ATP:278 DP:328

Haddan:HP:637 ATP:469 DP:546


Talia:HP:649 MP:461 ATP:349 DP:352

Devin:HP:651 MP:139 ATP:467 DP:401

Alicia:HP:652 ATP:455 DP:464

Fredrick:HP:652 ATP:431 DP:378

Jack:HP:603 ATP:284 DP:226

Haddan:HP:652 ATP:478 DP:557

55. 32724

Talia:HP:665 MP:473 ATP:358 DP:361

Devin:HP:667 MP:142 ATP:478 DP:410

Alicia:HP:668 ATP:464 DP:472

Fredrick:HP:668 ATP:440 DP:387

Jack:HP:618 ATP:291 DP:344

Haddan:HP:668 ATP:487 DP:568


Talia:HP:681 MP:484 ATP:366 DP:369

Devin:HP:683 MP:145 ATP:489 DP:420

Alicia:HP:684 ATP:473 DP:480

Fredrick:HP:684 ATP:449 DP:396

Jack:HP:633 ATP:298 DP:352

Haddan:HP:684 ATP:497 DP:579


Talia:HP:697 MP:496 ATP:375 DP:378

Devin:HP:698 MP:149 ATP:500 DP:430

Alicia:HP:700 ATP:482 DP:488

Fredrick:HP:700 ATP:458 DP:405

Jack:HP:647 ATP:305 DP:359

Haddan:HP:700 ATP:507 DP:590


Talia:HP:713 MP:507 ATP:383 DP:386

Devin:HP:714 MP:152 ATP:512 DP:439

Alicia:HP:716 ATP:491 DP:496

Fredrick:HP:716 ATP:467 DP:414

Jack:HP:662 ATP:311 DP:367

Haddan:HP:716 ATP:516 DP:602

59. 37700

Talia:HP:729 MP:519 ATP:392 DP:395

Devin:HP:730 MP:156 ATP:523 DP:449

Alicia:HP:732 ATP:500 DP:504

Fredrick:HP:732 ATP:476 DP:423

Jack:HP:677 ATP:318 DP:375

Haddan:HP:732 ATP:526 DP:613

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levels 60-75


Talia:HP:745 MP:530 ATP:400 DP:403

Devin:HP:746 MP:159 ATP:535 DP:459

Alicia:HP:748 ATP:510 DP:512

Fredrick:HP:748 ATP:485 DP:432

Jack:HP:692 ATP:325 DP:383

Haddan:HP:748 ATP:536 DP:625


Talia:HP:761 MP:542 ATP:409 DP:412

Devin:HP:762 MP:163 ATP:546 DP:468

Alicia:HP:764 ATP:519 DP:520

Fredrick:HP:764 ATP:494 DP:441

Jack:HP:707 ATP:332 DP:391

Haddan:HP:764 ATP:545 DP:636

62. 41663

Talia:HP:777 MP:553 ATP:418 DP:421

Devin:HP:779 MP:166 ATP:558 DP:478

Alicia:HP:780 ATP:528 DP:529

Fredrick:HP:780 ATP:504 DP:451

Jack:HP:722 ATP:339 DP:399

Haddan:HP:780 ATP:555 DP:648


Talia:HP:794 MP:565 ATP:426 DP:429

Devin:HP:795 MP:170 ATP:569 DP:488

Alicia:HP:796 ATP:538 DP:537

Fredrick:HP:796 ATP:513 DP:460

Jack:HP:737 ATP:346 DP:407

Haddan:HP:796 ATP:565 DP:659


Talia:HP:810 MP:577 ATP:435 DP:438

Devin:HP:812 MP:173 ATP:581 DP:498

Alicia:HP:813 ATP:547 DP:545

Fredrick:HP:813 ATP:522 DP:469

Jack:HP:753 ATP:353 DP:416

Haddan:HP:813 ATP:575 DP:671


Talia:HP:827 MP:589 ATP:444 DP:447

Devin:HP:828 MP:177 ATP:593 DP:508

Alicia:HP:829 ATP:557 DP:554

Fredrick:HP:829 ATP:532 DP:479

Jack:HP:768 ATP:360 DP:424

Haddan:HP:829 ATP:585 DP:683


Talia:HP:843 MP:600 ATP:453 DP:456

Devin:HP:844 MP:180 ATP:604 DP:518

Alicia:HP:845 ATP:566 DP:562

Fredrick:HP:845 ATP:541 DP:488

Jack:HP:783 ATP:366 DP:432

Haddan:HP:845 ATP:595 DP:694


Talia:HP:859 MP:612 ATP:461 DP:464

Devin:HP:860 MP:184 ATP:616 DP:527

Alicia:HP:861 ATP:575 DP:570

Fredrick:HP:861 ATP:550 DP:497

Jack:HP:798 ATP:373 DP:440

Haddan:HP:861 ATP:604 DP:706


Talia:HP:875 MP:623 ATP:470 DP:473

Devin:HP:876 MP:187 ATP:627 DP:537

Alicia:HP:877 ATP:584 DP:578

Fredrick:HP:877 ATP:559 DP:506

Jack:HP:813 ATP:380 DP:448

Haddan:HP:877 ATP:614 DP:717


Talia:HP:892 MP:635 ATP:479 DP:482

Devin:HP:893 MP:191 ATP:638 DP:547

Alicia:HP:894 ATP:594 DP:586

Fredrick:HP:894 ATP:568 DP:515

Jack:HP:828 ATP:387 DP:456

Haddan:HP:894 ATP:624 DP:728


Talia:HP:908 MP:647 ATP:487 DP:490

Devin:HP:909 MP:194 ATP:650 DP:557

Alicia:HP:910 ATP:603 DP:595

Fredrick:HP:910 ATP:577 DP:524

Jack:HP:843 ATP:394 DP:464

Haddan:HP:910 ATP:634 DP:740


Talia:HP:925 MP:659 ATP:496 DP:499

Devin:HP:926 MP:198 ATP:662 DP:567

Alicia:HP:927 ATP:613 DP:603

Fredrick:HP:927 ATP:587 DP:534

Jack:HP:859 ATP:401 DP:472

Haddan:HP:927 ATP:644 DP:752


Talia:HP:942 MP:670 ATP:505 DP:508

Devin:HP:942 MP:201 ATP:674 DP:577

Alicia:HP:943 ATP:622 DP:611

Fredrick:HP:943 ATP:596 DP:543

Jack:HP:874 ATP:408 DP:480

Haddan:HP:943 ATP:654 DP:764


Talia:HP:958 MP:682 ATP:514 DP:517

Devin:HP:959 MP:205 ATP:685 DP:587

Alicia:HP:960 ATP:632 DP:620

Fredrick:HP:960 ATP:606 DP:553

Jack:HP:889 ATP:415 DP:488

Haddan:HP:960 ATP:664 DP:775


Talia:HP:974 MP:694 ATP:523 DP:526

Devin:HP:975 MP:209 ATP:697 DP:597

Alicia:HP:976 ATP:641 DP:628

Fredrick:HP:976 ATP:615 DP:562

Jack:HP:905 ATP:422 DP:497

Haddan:HP:976 ATP:674 DP:787


Talia:HP:991 MP:706 ATP:532 DP:535

Devin:HP:991 MP:212 ATP:709 DP:607

Alicia:HP:992 ATP:651 DP:637

Fredrick:HP:992 ATP:624 DP:571

Jack:HP:920 ATP:429 DP:505

Haddan:HP:992 ATP:684 DP:799

----61126+ no more levels, though you can get more exp.

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Requirements to get Talia

None. she's the starting character.




All equipment are set from weakest to strongest

Weapon(ATP wise set)

Hand Dagger, Practice Sword, Oak Staff, Bastard Sword, Black Oak Staff, Iron Staff, Bone Rapier,

could only have one of these since there guild weapons: Staff of Healing, Thistle, Earth Wand, Flame Whip, Mystic Staff

Shield(DP wise set)

Oak Shield, Brass Shield, Iron Shield,

(spell scrolls no order, all have same DP): Firefly Spell, Energy Swarm Spell, Decay Curse, Hemlock Shower, Ice Rain Spell, Snowball Spell, Tornado Field Spell, Mysterious scroll)

can only have one of these since their guild books:(no order, all have same DP) Book of White Magic, Poisonwood Scroll, DragonScroll, Scripture, Earth Book

Armor(DP wise set)

Dress, Leather Armor, Doublet, Brass Armor, Chain Mail, Steel Armor, Black Robe?, Plate Armor, Ageis Robe, Tivanna Robe,

Helmet(DP wise set)

Hat, Leather Helmet, Light helmet, Brass Helmet, Chain Helmet, Fury Turban, Antlers, Anedem,


Disruption Ring, Winged Sandals, Fury Ring, Ice Amulet, Fire Amulet, Poison Ring, Good Luck Charm, Charm Necklace, Strange Ring



Can be married to Devin.

Only character able to join guilds.

Can not leave a guild after joining one.

Only one able to equip the winged sandals.


Max Stats & Equipment

Max stats without equipment:

Max HP:991

Max MP:706

Max ATP:532

Max DP:532

Best equipment(not including guild weapons):

Weapon:(forATP) Bone Rapier

Shield: Iron Shield

Armor:Tivanna Robe


Max stats with best equipment:

Max HP:991





Guild info

Best guild weapon(strongest to weakest):

Mystic staff for ATP

Flame Whip for DP

Earth Wand


Staff of Healing

Can join ONLY one of these guilds:



Earth Mage(earth)



Spells from spell books (more info in Maren's guide) :


Astral Rip, Cocoon, Entangle, Love Sick, Enchantment, Filibuster


Flame Lash, Fire Burst, Fire Enchantment, Source Flare, Wild Fire, Static Shock, Star Fire, Acid, Fire Elemental, Brimstone

Earth Book:(Earth mage)

Bear Trap, Tar Pit, Earth Fist, Shockwave, Impale, Sand Storm, Rock Slide, Land Mine, Stone Demon, Lava Flow

Poisonwood Scroll:(Witch)

Silver Bullet, Ritual, Bale Whip, Vamp Blade, Spirit Blade, Frog, Call of Darkness, Unholy Wave, Great Ward, Parasite

Book of White Magic:(Priestess)

Create Food, Healing Ultivus, Light Blade, Exorcism, Blessing, Rebirth, Cure, Ailment, Healing Cloud, High Exorcism

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