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Savior of Darkness

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Prologue - Abandon


Between the Saviors of the world, all males will be cursed. Those they fought before, will mark all of their children, but while females will be free, males will endure this ratched curse.


"Your Highness, are you sure of this?" Lucyus Savior asked as he heard his sister and queen of Sisternia sang once again the curse.


He looked at his beloved sister and at the child on her arms. He still couldn't believe she was going to do that. The Savior family had already been cursed for along time with that but they all seeked for a way to go around it, this time, they didn't do it and that child had been born.


"Yes Lucyus, I'm sure.This cursed monster cannot exist in our lands. Take him away, and kill him in the deepest forest you can find. Drown him in the coldest ocean, but just free this land, this people of it!" She said, her voice trembling with pain. She started sobbing in pain and kissed the childs forehead.


"I'm sorry my queen that you have to be forced to do such a thing." Lucyus walked to his sister and gently removed the child from her arms. He looked down at the peacefull boy, how could something so inocent be birth of so much pain?


"Lucyus, just one more thing. My husband, the king, wants you to bring his heart. So you either bring it or don't come back at all." She said refusing to look her brother in the eyes.


"I understand your highness." Lucyus said rocking the baby gently. He walked towards the door and opened it.


"Lucyus..." The queen called before he left the room. "I'll miss you." She smiled sadly at her brother.


"I know you will Heliana." He said and smiled kindly to his sister and left. She already knew he wouldn't come back.


He run as fast as he could out of the castle and grabbed a horse. He placed a hood over him, he had to make sure he wouldn't be followed. The horse ran as fast as it could through the forest. As he went he looked down to the baby on his arms, the pale skined child opened his eyes and looked up at his uncle. He had bright red eyes.


"Savior..." Lucyus said sadly. "You're a Savior little one."


The child smiled raising his arms to Lucyus as if what he had said was something good.


(sudden idea... hope you guys like it.)

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Beautiful start to a story, NightMelody! I'm looking forward to more. :D


By the way, I think you meant "wretched" instead of ratched at the start (please forgive the impertinence, but everything else was soooo good...a typo, I suspect) :)

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hi Nightmelody... nice great start... love your idea so far.. and dont mind me correcting another typo error but

Quote :


He run as fast as he could out of the castle and grabbed a horse.


it should be he ran as fast as he could....


just wanted to make your already best story to perfect and best story..

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ye, sorry about the typos, i know enough english to be understood by english speaking people, but i'm not as good writting as i am talking it and i'm not english of birth.




Chapter 1 - Slave


Days had darkned in Javenia. No, not darkned, the correct would be lighten. Javenia had been rampaged by centuries by all kinds of dark creatures and darkness, but now, the dark creatures weren't the problem, what the Light fighters had become was now the problem. Revan understand that as he walked through the slave camp, looking side to side at the caged demons on the camp, he knew more than half of them would be sold to sell spiritual energy, the new times drug.


"It's sad Xander." Revan started watching the demons holding the light enchanted bars looking at him with pleeing eyes.


"What brother?" A tall man, with blue dark hair said right behind him.


Xander and Revan were twins, identical ones, they were both scholars, one in dark magic, Revan, and the other on light magic, Xander, both following strickly the moral vallews they believed, they didn't knew if the way they act was good or evil, but at their eyes, they knew they were doing what was right.


"This is." Revan answered watching the many creatures of darkness.


"They're creatures of evil brother. They used to do alot of harm to this place."


Revan sighed. "Talk about role switch. Light fought them before because they destroyed and enslaved, and now light has taken darkness's place, and now it's the one enslaving the darkness creatures and destroying their homes. Now tell me Xander, who's the evil now?"


Xander looked at the sky. "When you put things that way,you got a good point..." He didn't finish just trailing off in thoughts.


"Let go of me!!" A child's voice caught Xander's atention. He ran forward and saw the camp master holding a young boy's arm. He seemed young, less than seven! The boy had pale skin and long grayish hair, very skinny to the point you could count each rib on his torso.


"Oh no you brat! You're going with me!" The man said throwing the boy inside a cage and closing it.


The boy hit the back of the cage bars and fell in the ground whining as he hid his face in his arms. The man grumbled as he fixed his well cared clothing. Revan looked inside the cage at the young boy sobbing in the ground.


"The busyness is running well!" Xander said looking at the man. Revan looked at him, that was obvious by the man's belly size. He wasn't starving, that was for sure, at the contrary of the skinny boy he was looking at.


"Human or humanoid slavery isn't allowed." Revan said looking at the boy.


"That's a demon." The man said. "A lowlife, rule breaking, head spinning demon!"


Revan looked at him. That was impossible, a boy with such a inocent energy couldn't be a demon, could he? He had seen kind demons before, but their energy wasn't like that.


"How old is he?" Xander asked noticing his brother's interest in the boy.


"Seven. I found him being hidden by a dead demon two years ago. I took care of him, thought he was human at first, but it didn't took him long to show what he truly was. Little ingrat beast."


The boy mumbled something underbreathe. And the man hit the cage bars making light flicker inside the cage, the boy got up and crawled against the other bars.


"Hey! Stop that!" Revan said and looked at the boy. "How much?"


"Huh?" The man and Xander said at the same time.


"How much for that boy?" Revan explained. "I want him as my aprentice."


The man set his price and Xander went with him to fill the papers for the boy. Revan kneed down and looked at him.


"Hey... can you hear me?" Revan asked. The boy nodded. "Can you talk?" He asked and once again the boy nodded.


"I like your aura..." The boy said just like that. "It's shiny, and gold, and... nice..." The boy said.


"What's your name little one?" Revan asked.


"Savior..." He answered looking Revan in the eyes. The boys eyes were of the brightest and deepest red he ever seen, he felt like he was looking at a pool of blood.


"Savior..." He just mumbled looking at the boy. Life was truly hipocrit.

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Interesting, interesting. Anyway, you've got a few typos. Just re-check them. Can't point them out right now. I always use my cellphone in Amaranthia.


All in all, it's rather dark(?) theme is quite fascinating. Cheers, NightMelody!:D

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Ha, Xander. Makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Good name.


I like this story so far, it's true that it's speckled with typos, but not so much for it to be a deal breaker. Keep up the good work, I enjoy the voice you put in your narration.

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I'm gonna be honest, i was watching Buffy the time i wrote that chapter, so i said, why not call the twin Xander. I just love Xander.


I'm glad u guys like the whole idea of the story, i wanted to break the old clichê that darkness=evil. Sometimes roles can switch.


If u guys keep comenting the story i will surely finish it.

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http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=1637 hehe! a lil present to the people who like this story, presenting Savior!




Chapter 2 - The chase


"Get him!" he heard them yell after him.


They had been chasing him for a while. Keep running, you need to give this to Revan. Come on, you're almost at the portal! He repeated to himself again.


He could hear his heart racing against his chest as he forced all of his muscles till the point of rupture. Five days, he had been running for five days, with no rest. He couldn't stop they would catch him. They didn't needed to stop chasing him, they worked in shifts of teams, plus they had an advantage over him, they could fly, but he was faster, far faster then their wings.


Keep running, please legs, don't fail me now! Keep going! Leviana continent needs this! He repeated to himself again.


"Agh!" He heard the yell run of his lips almost automaticly, but he didn't understand what had happened, he was still trying to run, crawling in the ground as a warm liquid ran down his leg, he closed his eyes as he felt the pain come and looked back at his leg. An arrow was piecing his leg side to side. He grabbed the back of the arrow and broke it. Don't pull it off. He remembered his master once saying to him.


He got up, they were atching on him. He starting running, limping away as he tried to be as fast as he was before even with a badly wounded leg.


"There he goes!" He heard one of them say.


"We got him now!" He heard another yell.


He kept running/limping away, not looking. There it is. I'm almost here. He thought when he saw the clearing, he went out of the woods, tripping a couple of times, dragging his leg behind. Almost there! In the top of the clearing, near a tree was a blue circle, the portal he had used to get there.


Wind hit him hard, the sound of wings flapping flodded his ears. He fell back because of the strengh of the wind and looked up. They had over run him.


They were beautifull,white pale skins, shining other the sun, their hairs, blond, brunette and black, seemed to be made of silk, their eyes, blue, brown and green, sparkled with the excitment of a novice. Their wings rested against their tunics and they smiled, no, smirked at him.

He started crawling away from the angels, never taking his eyes of them.


"Oh no you don't!" The black haired and green eyed angel said. He walked towards him and grabbed him by his circlet pulling him up. "Now we got you little demon!"


"Let me go you... giant bird!" He hissed at the angel. The angel closed his eyes and threw him away, he hited the ground groaning.


"You know the rules demon. No free documents equals demon camp with you!" The demon said looking at him.


He got up getting into batle stance looking at them.


"Give me back the orb you took!" He said.


"We've to keep this till we're sure your a free demon!"


"I can't go with you!" He yelled. The angels stoped as a dark energy started to envolve him. "You don't understand, I need to give that to my master!"


The angels flinched looking at him. They nodded and started walking towards him, he stepped back as more darkness started involving him. The angels traded looks as they unseathed their swords and charged at him.


He jumped back evoiding their atacks, as they, with every thrust of their swords, hit nothing less then the darkness he was pulling around him, moving it as a barrier. He whipped his hands towards the ground as the darkness followed the moviment hitting the ground and cutting through it. The angels flew as high asthey could to evoid the blade of darkness, but the blond one got hit falling to the ground.


The other angels flew at the blond angel and helped him up looking towards the demon. He looked at them holding the darkness in his hands. The green jewel in his circlet was shining. The understood it was a power inibator, so the power he was using was just half of his real ability. He closed his eyes and moved his arms towards the angels, the darkness striked at the angels as if it was spears, the angels closed their wings aound them as a protection, but something stoped it.


"Savior, it's enough!" A male voice rang.


They saw the darkness stop as the demon looked behind them. They looked back and saw a old man with dark blue hair. The demon sighed in realief, he had done it. He had been able to take the orb abck to his master. He fell down on his knees.


"M-master..." He whyspered in exaustion and fell down losing consciousness.


"Savior!" He heard his master yell in the darkness, cold, calm darkness.

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its really has an grasp over my mind NightMelody.. your plot really catches my whole attention untill i finish reading the whole chapter... welldone.. it was excellent

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Thanks guys, check out the coloured version of Savior





Chapter 3 - Horus


A little boy was sitting on the darkness,looking around for anything that could show him the way. His body was leaving a fain glitter of light in the middle of the darkness. A woman was lying on the ground infront of him, she was crying, her legs where desintegrating in small particles of light.


"Darkness is disappearing..." he heard her say. "I'll disappear with it, are you my guardian? It's so cold, it hurts... so metalic. Help me..."


She placed her hand against his chest and...


"Aaagh!" Savior sat up on the bed placing his hand against his chest as he gasped. Sweat That dream again, he kept having it over and over again. He looked at his chest, it was slightly red with the marking of a hand. The dreams were becoming more and more real.


He got up and looked down at his leg. A thin pink line shined on his leg. The wound had already healed, how long had he been unconscious? He walked to the bathroom and washed his face, looking himself at the mirror brushing his grayish bang away from his red eyes.


He walked out and grabbed his clothings putting them on. He looked around, his blue cloack was nowhere to be seen, neither was his circlet and his wristplates. He walked downstairs and saw Revan on the kitchen writting something on his notes.


"Good afternoon Savior." Revan said as Savior leaned against the door. Revan was an oldman, he had gotten paler with the years and his dark blue hair was starting to become gray. "Have you rested well?"


"Yes Master Revan." Savior answered and sitted at the table. "How long have I been out?"


"Two weeks. You were pretty exausted and dehidrated when I found you. Of course the angels apologizeed for atacking you and I forced them to give me the orb and something to compensate you."


Savior nodded, but just looked around. Revan surely was lucky to be human, how he wished he was human too.


"What they gave you to compensate me, master?" He asked.


Revan pointed to a box over the table. Savior got up and opened it, there was his silver circlet with the green jewel,but besides it were some new gold and silver wristplates with blue, green and red jewels.


"Elementar plates." Revan answered smiling at Savior. "Try them on."


Savior placed the circlet then the wristplates, formoments, he felt th energy of the jewels running though his veins, each one from a different element. Inside the box where more jewels.


"Sumoning jewels." Revan said. "You wanted to be a jewel necomancer, didn't you?" Savior nodded. "Not all of them have spirits, the clear ones are empty. You'll have alot of time to catch spirits into those jewels."


Savior grabbed the jewels and placed them in a compartiment on his belt.


"Now, Savior. I know you just awakened from a mission, you're probably still sore. But i need you to go to Leviana." Savior looked at his master. "I need you to deliver the Orb of Eternity to the queen of Leviana, Queen Luvina. Horus is already waiting you at the Dragon's Deck."


Savior nodded. "Very well master, I'll see you in a phew weeks." He said walking away, he grabbed his cloack that was over a sofa and wraped it around his right arm into his left side and left the house.


He run towards the Dragon's deck, hoping not to be seen, but it didn't took him long till...


"Savior!!" A group of female voices yelled.


"Ah €7@#!" He cursed running as fast as he could.


"Savior wait! It's us!" The group of girls kept chasing him, till one tackled him down making him fall loudly in the ground.


"Ooof!" he gasped with the girl's weight.


The girl, a three horned, black haired and black winged demon hugged him tightly rubbing her head against his neck.


"Oh Savior! I'm so glad you're here!"


"Huhh...!" he gulped tried to uncling the girl from him, the others caught up with them and surrounded him.


"G-Girls..." He started being interrupted.


"Savior! Savior! You're ok?! We were so worried about you! When we saw you arrive so hurt and uncoscious we just wanted to beat those angels!" They all said at the same time while closing in to him.


Why does this things happen to me?! He asked himself trying to get free, but that demon had a hell of a hug.


"Oh Savior! Are you leaving already? Please stay!" The demon girl holding him said.


"Girls, please! Let... go... of... ME!" He yelled fusing into their shadow and reappering behind them, out of the circle.


"Phew..." he said in relief hoping their corrent confusion would help him escape.


"There he goes!" One of the girls yelled.


"Ah darnit!" He cursed running away.


"Savior don't go!" The girls yelled.


"Can someone PLEASE put these girls on a leash?!" He pleed as he run away, with them still chasing him.


A shadow appeared over him, a birds shadow, a pair of claws clinged into his shoulders, lifting him up and throwing him into the sky. He fell down landing on a feathered torso.


"Thank goddess you're here Horus. I've never fgelt so happy to see you" He said in relief as he sat down on the giant white eagle's back torso. The eagle chuckled.


"You're lucky i saw those girls rampage you. Demons just love you don't they?" The eagle asked laughing.


"Don't joke Horus,this is serious!"


The eagle laught again.


"Where to Savior?"


"Leviana, and fast Horus!I've no interest to be hugged to death by fangirls... Last time they stole my underwear!" Savior answered as the eagle flew away till they both disappeared between the clouds.


Fly child of Darkness. Fly away... i'll be waiting you when you come back... A voice ecoed bellow as it's laughter chilled the demons on that twon. While darkness leaves, something else comes.




Ok the fangirls part is funny XP. And sorry for the big chapter.

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why are you sorry for the long chapter NightMelody??? we love it... and ya the fangirl part was hilarious..




Last time they stole my underwear!



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: my jaws are aching

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lol i'm glad you guys liked it cause i really can't write small chapters.


Ye, the underwear part is hilarious. i wanted to make a funny part appear since he had already been through so much drama. So what better then put a group of demonic fangirls after him XP

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Haha! I'm in the mood to write. I need coments -makes puppies eyes- please coment.




Chapter 4 - Leviana, in the back of the beast


The sky was purple, gently painted with golden points on it shining far away, green stripes waved along the horizont softly like silk. They were flying over a sea of clouds, only the sound of Horus' wings flapping was heard.


"Don't you just love the aurora lights?" Savior asked breaking the silence.


"Ye. They're a pretty sight." Horus replyed flying calmly.


Savior kept laying on Horus back, his hair waving on the cold air. He closed his eyes raising his arms so he could feel the breeze better.


Heal the soul through your feelings, Savior. The sight, the sound, the touch, the taste and the feelings. That's what you need to heal your soul. His uncle, Lucyus, used to tell him that when he was still alive, that was what he was doing now, healing his soul through the touch of that cold breeze on his arms.


"What you doing Savior?" Horus asked him.


Savior opened his eyes and looked at the eagle. "Healing my soul."


"You miss him, don't you?" Horus asked.


Savior layed back again freeing a sound very similar to a groan. Horus had been a long time with him since he could remember. Even in the time he was trapped in that cage on the slave camp, he would see Horus floating over his cage, sometimes at the night bringing him food. And then, following him till the demon city Revan took him too, keeping him company and friendship till the corrent moment.


"Yes..." Savior answered.


"Your birthday is in a week." Horus remembered. Savior growled again and Horus chuckled lightly. "It's not everyday that you turn nineteen. When the week ends, your last year as a teen will officially start."


Savior growled once more. He hated birthdays, he would probably stop growing now, or keep going till he was twenty five and stay stucked there for the rest of his imortality. Imortality... He thought. Revan wasn't imortal, that was more visible every day, neither was Xander. They would die and he would watch. Most the human friends he had would die also and he would watch, forever young, forever nineteen... or twenty five.


"Hey. Look!" Horus said all of a sudden as he pointed away.


Savior sit up on Horus back and looked to what he had pointed. Between the coulds, undreds of giant Manta Rays crossed the skies.


"Mantas!" Savior yelled jumping to Horus neck and sitting there as he made Horus flew towards them. "We're near Leviana!"


They flew as fast as they could towards the manta rays, they were smaller then the mantas, far smaller, flying between them till they where over mantas looking at their almost continent sized backs.


"On the back of the beast, you find the beautifuyll city continent, Leviana!" Savior said entusiasticly.


On the biggest and oldest of the mantas, a huge silver manta, on it's back was a stronghold city. It was a fortress, one only building filled with colour, with windows so bright to the outside sky.


"To Leviana Horus!" Savior said pointing at the manta.


"Yes captian!" Horus joked. He flew as fast as he could towards the manta, getting over it. A small deck was atached to the stronghold, where small sky ships were boarding. Horus flew towards it as he landed loudly. A group of human guards ran to them.


"It doesn't even feel that we're in a beast's back." Savior said as he jumped of Horus back. "Stay here Horus."


Horus nodded. The guards walked to Savior.


"Welcome to Leviana sir, hope you'll enjoy your stay sir, can you show me your papers?" They asked and Savior noded, giving them his identification documents. "You're a demon?" One of them asked surprised looking at him. "You look pretty human to me. What kind of demon you are?"


"I've no idea." Savior answered shrugging. Their atitude had changed, they seemed more agressive towards him.


"What you want from here?" They asked.


Savior sighed and remembered how politly they had behaved last time he came, though last time, they only asked Revan's documents.


"I come in name of Lord Revan." Savior answered calmly.


"Hmm... You have any proof?"


"Yes." He placed his hand on his backpack and showed the Orb his master had give him to them.


"Very well, go ahead, but we've our eyes on you." They said.


Savior was distracted watching a couple of humans putting some crates on their ship. "Ok. Just one thing." He said as he passed by them. "I think those humans there are stealing art."


He went through the gates and heard the guys on the ship yelling. "Run. The guards are on to us! Move it! Lets go!"


Savior chuckled.

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no need of making puppy eyes NightMelody...ummm...do you mind if i call you Melody???


and why comment??? i rather compliment on your super nice story... it was beautiful

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I'm glad you're liking the story so far. I wish more people would coment also. I like coments, critics, compliments. When i've non of that i lose the interest of finishing the story (that happens alot btw).


And yes you can me call Melody or just Mel.

Anyway. New Chapter




Chapter 5 - Princess Mirian


"Good afternoon sir. Interested in some exotic fruits?" A man said.


Savior was walking through the town market, looking side to side as people called him showing him what they had. Silk, food, jewerly and weird animals. It had been in one of those markets, actually that same market that Lucyus said he had bought Horus.


"Sir, fine silk? It's the best in the whole planet. Very cheap." A woman asked.


Savior shaked his head negativly. The interior of the fortress was as clear as the outside. Small housdes were built against the walls of the stronghold. He watched a group of human kids climbing up a tree.


"Aaah! I'm gonna fall!" He heard one of the kids yell, he heard the sound of breanchs breaking and almost by instict he ran towards the tree catching the kid.


"You ok?" He asked as he placed the kid on his feet.


"Thank you sir. You've quick reflexes."


Savior nodded and walked away. He would be surprised with the number of times a kid would fall on his town. Demon kids really loved to be risk takers.


Savior arrived at a huge tank with two giant statues on it, one was huge five horned demon with one wing of an bird and the other of a bat with a childish face, the other was an angel, with wings on his ears and back and hat that looked like the head of an eagle.


"The Union of light and darkness." Savior read out loud. "I wish reality was like that." He said. Savior walked up a set of stairs following small maps on the very walls.


He arrived at a set of doors guarded by two angels. People were walking in and out, he interrupted one of those people.


"Escuse me. Is this where I've to go to talk with the king or queen?" He asked.


"Oh yes, this is the Queen's office, she'll recieve anyone." The animata woman said.


"Thank you very much miss." Savior said, the girl nodded walking away with her cat tail swaying side to side.


Savior walked towards the door but the angels unseathed their swords blocking the door, the people who were heading to leave stoped as well as the ones who were going to enter, they all looked at Savior.


"Demons aren't welcome near the Queen." The first angel said.


Savior groaned and placed his hand on his forehead.


"Oh pelase! What am I going to do? Shoot the Queen?" He asked annoyed.


The angels traded looks and looked at him.


"You've to acompany us."


"You gatta be @#$%& kidding me!" He cursed. "Like if i didn't had nothing better to do. I need to see the queen. I've brought the Orb of Eternity. Lord Revan sends it."


"You have got to acompany us. We need to verify the truth in your words."


Savior groaned again. "What you going to do? Mail Revan? The time he gets the freakin letter this manta will be long dead!"


The angels flinched. He was right about what he said, that manta was already in the end of it's life period. If it died the whole town would go with it.


"Let him pass." A female voice said behind them. They opened way and a beautifull light brown headed human woman walked outside. She was wearing a white and pink gown and a tiara.


"But princess." The angel started. "He's a demon!"


"So? He's a demon, your an angel, and i'm the paladin that's gonna kick your angelic ass if you don't let him pass!" She yelled at the angel, he flinched scared.


They opened way and the girl grabbed Savior's arm pulling him inside. Everyone watched them as surprised as Savior. He looked at her surprised as she hugged his arm pulling him.


"Sorry about that. Leviana is suposed to be the land of all species, but that doesn't mean angels will like demon cause of that." She said.


"Huh... I don't wanna be rude or anything... and I do apreciate you having helped me, but I'm rather... freaked out. Who the heck are you?!" He asked.


The princess let go of him falling down. She got up rightly after and stuck her finger on his face.


"What you mena who am I? I'm the Princess of Leviana, Princess Mirian Alanda!"


"Oh... ok." He just said and walking forward asked: "Where can i find your mom?"


"WHAT?!" He heard her fall again.

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Hi, NightMelody, Sorry I've been busy lately and didn't get to keep up. I'm back now, and the story parts are going beautifully!! Can't wait to read more, and I'll hopefully be able to play non-demon fan-girl for you (though I refuse to try to take your clothes - yuck!) :D

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hehe :lol: pretty awesome update... and Mel you seriously have a good plot and nice writing technique so please dont stop writing this story else i have to tell Saviour fangirls about it

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Haaa! This is the longest chapter i've made so far! So much to write!




Chapter 6 - The Nightingale


Queen Luvina was a young woman with long curly brown hair. She had deep blue eyes and pale skin. He understood fast that at the contrary of her daughter who was human, queen Luvina was a ninph.


"So your name is just... Savior? No first name?" She asked looking at Savior through the orb of eternety he had gave to her.


"No your highness." He repeated once again.


"This thing, only works once? Why?"


"My master blocked it so it would only work for the manta, he said if you wanted to use it on your own profit you had to pay more." Savior answered.


The queen laughed at what Savior said.


"Necromancers are getting more expensive every year!" She said. "And your Revan's apprentice. Why would you want to be a necromancer?" She asked him.


"Who said I wanted? I wanna be a jewel warlock, but I've to learn necromancia first."


The queen whistled placing the orb on the table and leaning over to him from the other side of the table, he could see her boobs right between the declieve. Talk about a happy widow...


"And when will you become an adult and imortal demon?" She asked.


"When i reach nineteen." He answered.




"Horns." He explained. "They'll finish their growth this week."


She looked down to his pants. He looked at her curious then blushed crossing his legs embaressed when he understood what she was trying to see. The queen sat back again laughing.


"Sorry, I couldn't help it!" She said. "My brother was a demon and how demons knew their last year of horn growth in their human bodies is so funny!"


"And uncornfortable..." He mumbled annoyed. Not even female demons knew that, how the hell did she knew?!


"Ok. Last question. Have you ever killed someone?"


Savior lifted his eyebrow. You gotta be kidding me! He thought. He was so tired of getting interrogated by over curious queen ninph and perverted widow.




"But you've wounded and hurt people before." She afirmated.


"Yes. If i get attacked i will fight back." He informed.


"So you've principles. Why haven't you ever killed someone?" She asked.


"That was supposed to be the last question your highness. Now if you escuse me..." He said getting up.


"No." She started, he looked at her. "I don't escuse you Savior. There's something in you, something that makes you different from other demons."


Besides having a shadow? He thought at her afirmation.


"I would like if you stayed." She added.


"Sorry your highness i've to go." He walked towards the door opening.


"I'll see you soon." The queen said smiling.


"I doubt that."


"I know that." She smirked and Savior looked at her confused.


He walked outside. And looked at the cielling of the stronghold. It didn't had one. He looked at the fragmented moon, broken in three half moons that shined amongst the stars.


"It's too late to fly. I've to go find a room. Horus is probably already asleep." He said to himself.


He looked around for a Inn or hotel for him to spend the night. He saw Princess Mirian at afar walking towards him, she hadn't seen that he had spot her already. Why the hell do girls never leave me alone? He thought. A sound cought his ear as he looked towards a tree.


"I can't belive it..." He mumbled.


A small gray bird was pulling in a tree branch side to side entusiasticly. The bird kept singing with a loud and impressive range of whistles and trills as if it was calling Savior.


"It's a Nightingale. I thought these were extinct." He said looking at it. The bird jumped of the tree flying away. "Huh?!"


Savior run after the bird as it flew towards an old service tunnel.


"Fira lanterna." Savior said as a small fire ball appeared on his wrist band using it as a lantern. He saw the small bird on a self waiting for him. When he got near it the bird flew again forcing Savior into a wide race after the bird, till the bird finally stoped.


The nightingale landed on a small table. Savior looked at it understanding he was completly lost. he looked around as he saw a pair of bars infront of him. He iluminated the interior of the room and gulped jumping back as he hit against the table. The bird jumped to his shoulder.


"I hoped t-that was extinct also..." He gagged in fear.



sorry for the looooong post. ^^'''

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