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irekismaren1011 - The Blacksmith's Apprentice

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Developer: irekismaren1011

This game really impressed me and so I had to share! :D


At one time, the powerful mage Torbulus was regarded with great respect, awarded the highest honors throughout the kingdoms for his valiant fight in the war against the Orcs. Now, fifteen years later, all magic has been outlawed - and the once proud Torbulus lies imprisoned and shamed by the very people he helped protect. Stripped of his magical abilities by the collar bound around his neck, Torbulus seeks to escape and bring swift vengeance against those who locked him away. Fearing a similar fate as that of Torbulus, mages from every corner of the land have abandoned their talents in favor of simpler, safer lives - lived out in harmless anonymity...

You are William, the son and apprentice of the local blacksmith in Willow Glen. Your quest begins with a simple request by your father - to travel north to the Dwarven Mines and bring back your father's yearly supply of coal.

The story begins when William is given a dire warning, in the form of a letter written in his own handwriting. As William's journey unfolds, a dangerous and violent world of ancient magic opens up around him. His first adventure away from home will soon reveal that he is the unwitting center of an unimaginable plot...


Face-WilliamBeginner-1.jpgWilliam has been eagerly anticipating the trip to the Dwarves for as long as he can remember. He spends his days working with his father in the smithy, learning the tricks of the trade. When he's not working, he spends as much time as he can with Charis Bloomfield, the farmer's daughter whom he hopes to marry one day.

Face-SkylarkBeginner.pngSkylark is William's younger sister. She is very jealous that William gets to go on a long trip to see the Dwarves, and she's not afraid to say so. She also has a crush on William's friend Arthur, but about that - she IS afraid to say so. Whereas William is the serious one in the family, Skylark is the joker. While he's away on his quest, she plans on learning everything she can from the local cleric, Belarus.

Arthur Grey
Face-Arthur.pngArthur has lost two mothers... first the one who gave birth to him, and more recently his father's second wife, the woman he has called mother for most of his life. He is learning to be a hunter, and can't wait to leave the safety and tranquility of Willow Glen. He hopes to join William on his journey to see the Dwarves.

Charis Bloomfield
Face-Charis.pngCharis is the farmer's daughter, a hard-working girl with a simple dream - she would like to be a midwife someday. Of course, it wouldn't bother her if William were a part of that dream, but she would never tell HIM that. Even though Charis knows how much William has been looking forward to the trip to see the Dwarves, she will be sad to see him leave.

Face-Belarus.pngBelarus is the cleric in Willow Glen. His healing powers are renowned across the kingdoms, but he must be careful when using them, now that magic has been outlawed. He has been a close friend to William's parents for many years, and would do anything to protect them and their children.

Sir Carrock
Face-SirCarrock.pngA loathesome and depraved man with an insatiable lust. Once a war hero for King Garin, now he serves a new master: anyone willing to pay enough gold. He travels alone, and he carouses alone, relying only on his sword and wits for protection.


* Quest Menu - Keeps track of your quests automatically

* Seasons - The world changes to reflect Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as time passes

* Animal Mounts & Vehicles - Travel faster and farther by horse, ship, and flying creatures

* Custom Forging - Use William's blacksmithing ability to forge unique weapons and armor

* Dozens of sub-plots and optional side quests

* Rank Improvement - Main characters can train at guilds to increase in class and unlock more advanced items








The Blacksmith's Apprentice will be released in three Books. As of now, only Book 1 is out but production is going well on the second book as per Juno, the creator.

Download Game (version 1.51, 45MB): http://www.mediafire.com/?zmvtn04g0yw
Download Audio (91MB): http://www.mediafire.com/?tgngjtmwmmn

Download instructions:
1. Download both Game and Audio files
2. Run the self-extracting file "The Blacksmith's Apprentice.exe"
3. Extract BS-Audio folder to the desktop
4. Move the "Audio" folder to folder that was created from step 2. (Place it in the same folder with the game.exe file)

You may need to install RTP XP to be able to play it.

Enjoy! ^_^

aislingyngaio: got permission from Juno, the creator of The Blacksmith's Apprentice "to share away" by user 7455.

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I'm sure this will be great game as its recommended by you, iya. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the previous games and I'm eagerly looking forward to playing this. Downloading now! :D

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Awesome looking game :o I'll play it as soon as I get some spare time. Btw, do you get to ride a horse in the game going by the second screenshot? That would be totally cool! :D

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Aura wrote:

Btw, do you get to ride a horse in the game going by the second screenshot? That would be totally cool! :D


Yeah, during the first day, you (William) will get to ride Thistle, the family horse, as you complete your various errands. It'll only last for about two minutes of play though.

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Oh, that's great! Even if it's only for 2 minutes. It's better than nothing, right? ;)


Thanks for letting me know.

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Wow! This game has some nice features. :D I just started playing it and am already amazed by some of them that I have noticed so far. The forging weapons and armour feature is very apt (the main character is a blacksmith afterall). The choices and effects feature reminds me of Three the Hard Way as here too the side-quests can be completed in a number of ways ;)


Also learning new skills by completing quests is quite unique unlike other games where you have to just grind away to learn new skills with every level. It does give you a feeling of achievement :)

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I just finished the demo and I was actually hook up on it, it was great game. Just wondering if there is an official website for this so I can check on the updates? Any idea when are the rest of the chapters coming out? Thanks . . .

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