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I am in the thiefs cave where there are 4 switches which I lied to and they are all in the down position and in the other cave I have put the boulder onto the switch but the bridge wont go across! 

Can anyone help me please.

Is game 2 out now?

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Hi, a newbie here.

I just finished this amazing game! Kudos to the creator(s). Now, I'm hoping to play the next book. Assuming it's already 2019, so it must be available already, right? Can somebody please update me on this. Thanks.

Again, such a great game with great design. I love little details such as the higher flying birds are bigger and blurer than the ones that fly way below, also sometime birds that walking on the ground can also fly when the heroes walking near them. It's amazing. great job. Looking forward to play the second book.

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