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From Kingsfield's webby.

Though I'm pretty sure this was written by Maren originally.




Please note that this post contains *SPOILERS*.


*Farmer Gubbins/Bessy the Cow (Directions):*

1. Leave Elden Village to the east and bear northeast. Climb the stairs in the cliff wall.

2. Head northwest. When you see the road, follow it east. You'll end up on a large farm.

3. To get to Bessy the cow, leave the farm to the west. Bear northeast, and enter the first path to the east. There's Bessy, munching on some herbs in the southern part of the clearing.


*Avrail (Directions):*

1. Leave Elden Village to the east and bear northeast. Climb the stairs in the cliff wall.

2. Head northwest until you reach the river, then follow the river as closely as possible.

3. When you can no longer see the river, head south, then west. You'll cross a bridge to the southwest.

4. Bear southeast and enter the cave near the lake.


*Ferry in Elden:*

To get the ferry to arrive, you must

1. Visit Avrail to be named and inform your grandma of the result.

2. Recruit Devin into the party.

3. Say goodbye to grandma (with Devin).


*Whiskey Jack (Directions):*

In Elden Village, walk to the world-renowned writer's house. Go left past the warehouse. There is a nearly-invisible path leading through the trees to the southwest. Make your way through the trees and find Whiskey Jack passed out in a patch of blue flowers.



*Tucker's Fishing Pole/Wild Dog Cave (Directions):*

_To find Tucker:_

1. From Devenshire, follow the road northwest. Cross the bridge into western Devenshire.

2. In western Devenshire, head immediately southwest, leaving the road. Climb the steps to the northwest, then bear southwest.

3. Cross the bridge to the west, then bear northwest. Climb down the steps to the south, then cross the bridge to the south.

4. Continue south and turn east when you see the house. Talk to Tucker, sitting by the bucket of fish.

_To find the fishing pole:_

1. From Tucker's house, make your way back to the road.

2. Follow the road north until you see a patch of blue flowers north of the road. Leave the road and bear northeast, climbing the steps to the north.

3. Head northwest and cross the bridge to the north. Go east, then bear northeast. Cross into Eastern Devenshire.

4. Bear east, then head northeast. Enter the cave to the left of the waterfall. Prepare to fight bats and the wild dog!


*Rescuing the Princess (Directions):*

1. From Thais Forest, enter the Thial Mountains.

2. Go east and enter the doorway to the south.

3. Go west and climb the ladder. Climb the next ladder to the northwest. Go east, crossing the bridge over the waterfall. Cross onto the other side of the cliffs.

4. Go southeast and climb down the ladder to the south. Climb down the ladder to the southeast. Head east. When you approach Zorom and Alicia, battle will begin automatically, so save first.


*Meeting Jack:*

To meet Jack, you must

1. Save the princess.

2. Take a nap in your apartment (you will have a dream).

3. Read a wanted poster on the wall of one of the buildings in Thais.

4. Talk to Devin at the Collegium of War and Magick. When you walk down the alley between the shops, Jack will run past and rob you. Follow him to the alley behind the warehouses (near the gate to Upper Thais).

'To recruit Jack, select 'Go to the authorities.' If you accept Jack's offer, he will become a playable character.

'To turn Jack in, select 'Go to the authorities.' Reject Jack's offer and go talk to the constable standing near the gate to the castle. You will receive 200 gp and lose Jack as a playable character.


*Meeting Frederick:*

To meet Frederick and recruit him into your party, you must

1. Talk to Master Gaston and the 'talking toad' in the circus in the Bleached Tooth Desert southwest of Candar.

2. Acquire a canoe.

3. Use the canoe to sail upriver to Animalville, up some stairs in a clearing on the left bank of the river in Thais Forest.

4. Talk to Frederick in the school, the easternmost building on the platform sidewalk. He's the large lizard wearing a cape, in the desk at the back left of the 101 classroom.

You should now help Frederick save his brother.


*Guild Locations:*

Wicked Witch: the top floor of the school in Witchwood

Priestess: in the western room on the top floor in the temple in Mysten Far

Earth Mage: in the easternmost house in the dwarf village in the Dwarf Mines

Dragon Lord: in the house to the left of the statues in the dragon village in the Tar Vedron volcano

Enchantress: in the cave at the top of the stairs in Faiara


*Ella Quest:*

1. Talk to Prince Edward in the castle in Candar.

2. Talk to Ella in the first house to the northwest when you enter Candar City.

3. Talk to Alicia in the atrium of the castle in Thais.

4. Deliver Alicia's note to the seamstress who lives in the attic of the Grunwhich Vineyards house.

5. Leave the house and grounds, then return to the attic.

6. Deliver the dress to Ella. Now Ella will marry Edward, and Alicia will become a playable character (after you get the Death Relic). Remember to visit Edward later; he'll give you some treasure in appreciation.


*The Teleport Maze (Directions):*

From start to finish: left, lower left (check in the room for a Myrica Infusion), right, upper left (you're back at the beginning), left, lower right, upper right, lower left

From finish to start (after receiving the Death Relic): upper left, lower left, upper left


*Avhren/Getting the Death Relic (Directions):*

1. Go to Dyuti Shrine, to the southeast of Candar. Read the note in the hand of the dead priestess.

2. Go to the Southern Peninsula, southeast of Witchwood. Climb the steps to the northwest and head east to Seafall Shrine.

3. Talk to the priestesses, then go downstairs. Talk to the skeleton, then talk to the ghost.

4. Go to Devenshire. Enter the house with the metal door on the eastern side of the village. Talk to the man, Herbert.

5. Return to Seafall Shrine and talk to Stella. She'll give you her Death Certificate. Use it to pass by the skeleton.

6. From the ladder, go west, then through the doorway to the north. Go around the corners, bearing north, then head east at the top of the room. At the end of the hall, go down the path farthest east. Go down the stairs.

7. You're in the teleport maze. Take the stars left, lower right, upper right, lower left. Go down the stairs.

8. From the ladder, go east, then all the way south. Go west, then north, then west. Enter the doorway; you'll be in a long hall. As soon as you step forward, the sequence with Avhren (including battle) will begin, so save first.

Note: This is the most direct route to Avhren; however, you will find quite a bit of treasure if you explore.


*Relic Locations:*

Death Relic: In the underworld under Seafall Shrine, guarded by Avhren, a vampiress.

Passion Relic: In an ice cave up a river, guarded by Sereina, a princess.

Earth Relic: In the lowest level of the Dwarf Mines, guarded by Golem, an earth golem.

Fire Relic: In the dragon village in the Tar Vedron lava caves, guarded by Lehvus, the Dragon King.

Water Relic: In a water cave on the elven continent, guarded by Secubus, a succubus.

Dreams Relic: In the Dream World in the Fairy Forest, guarded by the Dreamer, a spirit.


*Getting a Shovel:*

1. Get the Death Relic.

2. Go to the brothel in Thais (the house next to the crates on the first row in Lower Thais). Talk to Rita, the madam and ask about business. She'll tell you her best girl ran away.

3. Leave the brothel and start toward Upper Thais. You'll hear a scream; follow it to the steps leading to the shops.

4. You should see three men surrounding a woman. Talk to one of the brutes, and battle will begin.

5. After you win the battle, talk to Ninia, the prostitute.

6. Return to the brothel and talk to Rita. Pay Ninia's debt.

7. Talk to Ninia again, and she'll give you the shovel as a reward.


*The Glassen Key (Merit Quests and Demerit Quests):*

You need 5 merit points in order to qualify to get the Glassen Key from its pedestal. To tell how many points you have, see the messages below.


0 points: One so selfish as be you shall never touch this key so true

1 point: Though unselfish you are, this key is still far

2 points: Though unselfish you are, this key is not far

3 points: Your merit is good, yet for thy key it not stood

4 points: Saintly you are; pure of heart is not far

5 points: Your heart is pure; take this key and endure


To acquire 5 merit points, you must help various NPCs throughout the game. Not all quests award you with a merit point; the following list includes all those which do.


*Delivering Georgia's letter

*Turning Jack in to the authorities

*Rescuing Frederick's brother

*Talking to Lyla after getting rid of the bees

*Proving the maid's innocence

*Returning Grisilda's broom

*Taking the skeleton home

*Killing the hunter in Animalville

*Reuniting the lost lovers (the lonely old man)

*Helping the beggar in Venwood

*Completing the werewolf quest

*Saving the fairy children


The following actions will make you lose merit points:

*Killing Jack -1 point

*Recruiting Jack into the party -1

*Killing the mayor of Animalville -1 point

*Cutting Gavril's hair -1 point


*Marrying Talia or Alicia/The Wedding Presents:*

Devin can marry either Talia or Alicia, but he must show preference for only one girl to do so.


1. Buy one girl a drink in the pub in Thais (both girls in party).

2. Buy one girl a bouquet from the flower seller in Candar (both girls in party).

3. Receive a blessing from Sereina after obtaining the Passion Relic

(both girls in party).

4. Receive a love hex from Darryl after reading the note on his desk

(Alicia in party to marry her, just Talia to marry her).


If you marry Talia, you will receive a Tornado Ring from her grandma. If you marry Alicia, you will receive 5 diamonds and 8 rubies from the Queen Alisandra of Thais.


*Frederick's Transformations:*

Frederick can learn five transformations from accomplishing various quests and talking to certain NPCs.


Chicken: He has already learned this spell at the school in Animalville.

Bee: Get rid of the bees in the orchard in Candar Kingdom.

Slime: Talk to a slime in the Monster Caves behind Mysten Far.

Lion: Talk to the unicorn girl at the circus in the Bleached Tooth Desert.

Dragon: Obtain the Fire Relic.

Unicorn: Defeat the Nightmare.


*Getting the Moldy Cheese/The Password to the Dwarf Mines:*

To get the moldy cheese, you must

1. Obtain the Death Relic.

2. Talk to the dwarf guarding the entrance to the Dwarf Mines. To get the password, you must

1. Get the moldy cheese from the hermit's cave in Wyrmwood Pass.

2. Give the cheese to the minidwarf in the Happy Boar restaurant in Candar (he looks like a lawn gnome sitting at the table farthest northwest).


*Getting the Pirate Ship:*

1. Get the Death Relic.

2. Talk to Pirate Haddock south of the Mule Express in Candar Kingdom.

3. Go to the house east of Seafall Shrine on the Southern Peninsula; pick an application up from the desk.

4. Give the application to Pirate Haddock.

5. Go back to the house and talk to Pirate Haddock. He will offer to sell you his ship for 10,000 gp. Pay him, and follow the path to the right of the house out to a dock on the world map. There's your ship!


*The Winged Sandals; Treasure in the Swamp (Directions):*

There's a lot of treasure to be found in the swamp by those who risk getting lost. All told, you can find 2 Auquifolium, 1 Juneberries, 5 Rubies, a Poison Ring, a Charm Necklace, an Unholy Shield, a Serpent Dagger, and a pair of Winged Sandals. You'll need the shovel for the graves and Jack for the barrels.

_Winged Sandals, Unholy Shield:_

The winged sandals are in an isolated grave in the northeastern part of Witchwood. From the entrance to Candar, follow the road until you pass between two bushes and cross a short bridge to the west. From the bridge, bear northwest. Go west on the path north of the barrel, then turn south when you see two bushes together. Dig up the grave to get the Unholy Shield. From the grave, bear northwest, passing the tree on its northern side. When you see a cluster of bushes to the left, turn northwest. Dig up the grave to the right of a bush to find the Winged Sandals.

_Rubies, Serpent Dagger:_

These items can be found in a large graveyard in the southeastern part of Witchwood. From the village, follow the road south. Take the southwest fork in the road and continue southwest. At the next fork, go southwest, then west over the long bridge. Cross the small bridge, then head immediately north to the large graveyard.

_Poison Ring:_

This item can be found in a barrel in the southeastern part of Witchwood. From the village, follow the road south. Take the southeast fork in the road, then cross the long bridge to the southeast of the tree. Bear southwest, then slice open the barrel to the left of the tree.


This item can be found in a barrel near the center of the swamp, southwest of the village. From the village, follow the road south. When you pass between the tree and the bush, head immediately south. Cross the long bridge southwest of the bush. After you cross the bridge, head northwest. Slice open the barrel next to the bush.


One of these items can be found in a barrel west of the village. From the village, follow the road south. When the road turns east, you need to go west away from the road. Bear northwest, then bear northeast when you can go no further (do not take any of the narrow paths). Eventually, you'll see a barrel to the right of a tree. Slice it open for one of the Auquifolium.

_Auquifolium and Charm Necklace:_

These items can be found in barrels in the northeastern part of Witchwood. From the entrance to Candar, follow the road. You'll cross a bridge to the south, then one to the west. Leave the road and bear northeast. Eventually you'll reach a barrel; slice it open to get one of the Auquifolium. Return to the road and continue south. When you cross a bridge to the south, turn east and leave the road. Go east in as straight a line as possible; you'll reach a barrel amid a cluster of bushes. Slice it open to get the Charm Necklace.


*Lord Tevad's Murder/Proving the Maid's Innocence:*

There are a lot of things you can do to gather clues for this quest, but only two are absolutely essential: ask the Shadow Man in the pub in Thais about his recent customers and read the note on the desk upstairs in Tevad's bedroom. Then you can give the constable sufficient evidence for his investigation.


*Taking the Skeleton Home/Getting the Skeleton's Treasure:*

You can find the skeleton in the southeastern part of the Bleached Tooth Desert, to the southwest of Candar. Once you have the ship, take him home to Tar Vedron. He lives in the house with an open door in the northeast part of the city. To get the skeleton's treasure, go to the oasis immediately to the south after you enter Tar Vedron Desert from the world map. Dig at the base of the southeasternmost palm tree.


*Salamander Armor/Hermit Cave (Directions):*

1. From the road in Tar Vedron Desert, head south to the right of the steps leading into the oasis.

2. Bear south, then climb the steps to the northwest. Head immediately west and cross the bridge.

3. Bear northwest for a really long time until you see some steps to the west leading to an oasis. Climb down them, then cross the bridge to the southwest. Bear north and enter the cave north of the pools of water. The hermit lady will offer to buy your salamander skins for 50 gp each. After you sell her 12 skins, talk to her again, and she'll offer you a Salamander Armor. You can buy as many as you want, but you will only get one at a time, no matter how many skins you sell because the skin number resets. Therefore, the pattern is sell 12 skins, buy 1 armor, sell 12 skins, buy 1 armor, and so on.


*Fire Relic (Directions):*

1. From the road in Tar Vedron Desert, head south to the right of the steps leading into the oasis.

2. Bear south, then climb the steps to the northwest. Head immediately west and cross the bridge.

3. Head southwest, then bear west until you see some steps leading up. Climb them, then bear west. Enter the cave between the two stone columns.

4. Climb down the three sets of stairs, heading south. Follow the path as it curves around, then leave the room to the east.

5. Head east and climb the stairs up to the first platform. Cross the bridge to the east, then climb the stairs up to the next platform. Bear northwest and cross the bridge. Leave this room through the opening to the left of the stalagmite.

6. Take the western fork, then bear north. Cross the bridge to the east, then bear northeast. Continue on this path until you leave the room to the east.

7. Climb the second (the center) mountain until you see a shiny metal bridge to the east. Cross it, then cross the next bridge to the east to enter the dragon village.

8. In the dragon village, cross the bridge to the northeast and enter the cave between the two statues. Talk to the dragon king, Lehvus. Leave his cave and cross the bridge to the south. Enter the cave on the left and talk to the dragon historian. Return to the dragon king's cave and battle Lehvus for the Fire Relic.

Note: There is quite a bit of treasure in these caves, but this is the most direct route to Lehvus. If you want to explore, be sure to search all skeletons for treasure.


*Hunter in Animalville:*

To trigger the quest with the Hunter, you must

1. Obtain the Fire Relic.

2. Read the sign on the wall outside the inn in Animalville.

3. Talk to the mayor of Animalville.


*Water Relic (Directions):*

1. On the world map, sail to the northern side of the elven continent. Sail southward down the river and press the action key to enter the cave at its end.

2. Go north, then skirt the platform to the northwest. Bear northwest, then climb the platform. Head northeast and cross the rope bridge to the north. Descend the platform to the east, then head east. Climb the platform to the southeast, then cross the bridge to the east. Descend the platform to the south. Skirt the platform, bearing north and east. Go southwest between the platforms and climb down the stairs to the south. Climb the stairs, then climb the platform to the north. Climb down the stairs to the northeast. Climb down the stairs to the south.

3. From the cave entrance, head northeast, noting the stalagmites to the north. Cross the bridge and bear south, leaving the room to the south.

4. Read the blue stone block, then pull the lever. Leave the cave.

5. Return to the place where the stalagmites were. They have now retracted into the ground, so head north. Kill the naga, then get the trident. Leave the room.

6. Return to the room with the block and stick the trident into it. This will summon Secubus, the Water Relic boss.

7. When she asks you for a sacrifice, you can choose Jack or any other party member. If you choose Jack, you won't have to fight her for the relic, but she'll eat him and you'll lose him as a playable character. If you choose anyone else, Devin will stop the sacrifice and you'll have to fight.

Note: There's quite a bit of treasure in these caves, but this is the most direct path to Secubus.


*Werewolf Quest:*

After you have the Fire and Water relics, go to Venwood, the elven village. Talk to everyone in town and read all notes. Then head to the castle. Talk to everyone and read all notes there. Return to town; night will fall. *Avoid the werewolf; do not let him touch you under any circumstances, because you cannot win a battle with him.* Enter the house in the northeast of the town. Talk to the elf on the far left and accept the quest. Leave the house and go to the library, the building directly to the south. Enter and pick up the blue book lying on the floor in a pool of moonlight. Return to the house and give the book to Tailor. Accept the next part of the quest. Leave the house and pursue the werewolf. When you get close, press the action key. He'll transform, and you'll end up in the elven castle.


*Meeting the Dreamer:*

To meet the Dreamer, you must:

1. Talk to the Fairy Queen in the cave left of the waterfall in Faiara, the fairy village.

2. Save the fairy children from the Harpy Queen in a clearing in the north-central part of the Fairy Forest.

3. Return to Faiara and talk to the Fairy Queen again. She'll give you permission to talk to the Dreamer.

4. Enter the cave right of the waterfall northeast of the road to Faiara.

5. Talk to the fairy guardian to the left of the statue, who will transport you to the Dream World.

Note: Once you are transported to the Dream Forest, you won't be able to leave without completing your quest there, so save first. Make sure you are at full health and mana, and take lots of healing items with you. It is also recommended that Jack and Frederick are in your party, because there are several locked chests and Frederick can learn his most powerful form here.


*Thor and Anedem; Treasure in the Dream Forest (Directions):*

There's a lot of treasure to be found in the Dream Forest by those who risk getting lost. All told, you can find Thor (Devin's ultimate weapon), Anedem (a magical helmet for Talia), a Tivanna Robe, a Holy Pendant, and a Star Amulet. You'll need Jack to open the locked chests.

_Thor and Anedem:_

From the Dreamer, go south, then west on the more northern path. Cross the river and turn immediately north. You're in a cul-de-sac. Walk into the trees on the northeastern edge, one step south of the blue boulder. Thor is in the chest in this room. Leave the room and exit the cul-de-sac. Bear southwest and go south on the path farthest west. Anedem is in the chest at the end of this path.

_Star Amulet and Tivanna Robe:_

From Anedem, head north. Take the next path to the south and continue bearing south. When you reach the large grove of trees, head southeast and cross the river to the south. Continue east and turn north at the fork. Walk directly into the trees north of the faint lighter blue path. The amulet and robe are in the chests in this room.

_Holy Pendant:_

From the entrance to the amulet/robe room, head northwest. Turn to the northeast and follow the curve of the path around to the southwest. Cross the river and open the chest.


*The Nightmare (Directions):*

1. From the entrance of the Enchanted Forest, go west on the more northern path. Bear southwest.

2. After you cross the river, turn immediately to the south. Continue bearing south.

3. You'll end up in a large grove of trees. Bear southeast. Cross the river on its southern side and continue east.

4. Bear south and skirt this room to the south, bearing west. When you pass the western lake, turn northeast and take the faint lighter blue path into the trees.

5. Walk directly into the trees to the east of the path, and you will go to the room where the Nightmare is hiding. (Please note: the nightmare is the dark purplish unicorn.)

Note: This is the only boss battle in which you can walk away to heal during battle. Take advantage of this by running a few steps away, but do not leave the room.


*After You Have All 6 Relics:*

These are the remaining quests in the game after you obtain all six of the relics.


*Take the relics to Gevolda.

*Obtain the magic mirror from the treasure hunter.

*Allow Gevolda and the guildmasters to form the relics into Agea.

*Find Zorom's castle and defeat him.


Thanks to everyone who made the first Masterguide possible, especially Lord_Tomahawk. Unfortunately, the original information was lost in a snafu at Amaranth Productions' web server. I have tried to recreate the Masterguide as completely as possible, but of course I had to rewrite it and could not include the names of the original contributors.


If you write a walkthrough for a quest which isn't included above, please PM me, and I'll add it to the Masterguide. Thanks! ;D

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