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The Definitive Guide to



Walkthrough valid for Build D


As if there weren't enough Grimm's Hatchery guides available already.... though there are some really good ones available, I've decided to do up one of my own that's a lot more verbose than the others - more of a detailed guide than a summary, with lots of explanations of HOW to do things (some people are still confused about the basic game mechanics), noteworthy points, spoilers, strategies, and pictures. I'll try and keep up to date with changes as Amanda releases new versions. If you believe I've omitted anything or have any incorrect information please let me know.





KEY to Guide

SPOILER - this is where I've added little gems that some people might just like to discover for themselves - you'll need to highlight to reveal the text

NOTE - this is where I add useful bits of information to help you get started, or that can come in handy through the whole game

TACTIC - this is where I list tactics that might help you get further in the game faster - most of them are tactics I've used, some are ideas suggested by others, and some are just things off the top of my head that I have yet to try (but that sounded like a good idea at the time) - you certainly don't have to use any of these suggestions


and so without further ado.....



Game Overview

Your evil stepfather, Lord Dredmond, has died, leaving you and your equally evil stepbrother, Lord Boras, behind. The castle, which belonged to your mother before she passed away, was left to Lord Boras, along with everything in it. Nothing was left in the will for you. All your belongings have been taken away and you have been cast out of the castle to fend for yourself as best you can.


Your stepfather though, having the warped sense of humor that he did (he was a bit of a nutter), provided a slim opportunity for you to regain possession of the castle – if you are able to raise a specified amount in gold coins within a given time limit, the castle will become yours and Lord Boras will find himself in your current predicament.


NOTE - The amount you have to raise and the time in which you have to do it depends on your chosen difficulty level.

Easy = 300,000 gold coins in 80 days

Medium = 300,000 gold coins in 70 days

Insane = 300,000 gold coins in 60 days


Of course you are not one to shrink away from a challenge, and you determine to raise the required funds by starting a business where you nurture and sell magical pets. Over the course of the game, you will buy new “hatcheries” where you will care for, buy and sell pets, sell and hatch eggs, discover new species, and interact with people you meet.






The Kingdom of Candar

Using the mouse, click on the small map icon in the bottom right corner. You will be presented with a map of the Kingdom of Candar. At the moment you only have access to the castle (which you can visit at any time to hear Lord Boras’ appraisal of your latest ventures) and the Poor Sector. All other areas will be locked. You will be able to obtain keys at different points in the game to unlock new areas and progress to the other (Working and Noble) Sectors.




NOTE - As you move the mouse over the map, areas you are able to access will be highlighted


NOTE - When you get a new key, you can come back to this map and use the key in one of the locks you see to gain access to that area


NOTE - You can go into any of the accessible areas as many times as you want to through the game




The Poor Sector

Highlight the area of the Poor Sector now and click to enter that area. You will be taken to The Backlands, a part of the Poor Sector, and you will see some people talking and working.




NOTE - To “speak” with people, move your mouse over them (the icon will turn into a speech bubble) and click the button



Wimbeldy is a pet dealer. He can sell you the pets you need to start, and will buy pets from you when you are ready to sell (of course you always pay more than you receive for pets). You can also gossip with him.


NOTE - Gossiping can give you valuable information that will help you progress in the game, so always gossip with people if you have the chance




The beggar has nothing to sell or trade, but he will ask you for a small amount of money if you can spare it.


TACTIC - There are a number of points in the game where you can decide whether to do something for someone, such as giving them something they ask for. In most cases the choice is yours, but remember the saying, “what goes around, comes around”




Amelia will sell you grain (4 GP per bag) and medicine (10 GP for a bottle) to help you look after your pets, and when you have enough money you can buy a wooden sword from her as well (40 GP - raising pets is not without perils). She will also buy eggs from you after you’ve collected them from your hatchery.



Each day after you finish your work at the hatchery you will need to come back here to hatch eggs, sell eggs or pets, buy pets, grain, medicine or a weapon, or just gossip with people. Sometimes you might find things lying on the ground that will help you. Look around now, before you begin your first day. You have probably already noticed a key sitting on the ground next to the beggar – click on it to pick it up . See if there’s anything else you can pick up (there IS one thing that you’ll find helpful, and it’s not grain or money – if you haven’t found it yet you’re not looking hard enough).


SPOILER - if you click on the wooden barrels you'll pick up a stick that you can use until you can afford the wooden sword


NOTE - Notice how the mouse pointer changes when you move over something you can pick up – remembering that will come in handy


Now one more thing you have to do before you begin your first day is to buy some pets to put into your hatchery, and some grain to feed them. Talk to Wimbeldy. You begin the game with 28 gold coins. If you’re lucky, you may have picked up a few more on the ground. Choose the pets you want to begin with. You might try either a white goose or a couple of green dragonflies.


NOTE - Make sure you don’t spend ALL your money on pets – you need to buy grain for each one as well (as days get longer, they will need more than one bag each)




Grimm's Farm

Click the map icon at the bottom of the screen to redisplay the Kingdom of Candar map. Just below the Poor Sector is Grimm’s Farm. Move the mouse pointer to the lock and a key will appear (remember you picked up the key near the beggar). Put the key on the lock and click, and you now have access to Grimm’s Farm. Move over it to highlight it and click to enter the farm.




Your pets at Grimm's Farm:


Green Dragonfly

Cost: 10GP from Wimbeldy

Sell Eggs: 2GP

Sell Pets: 7GP (easy); 6GP (medium); 5GP (insane)



White Goose

Cost: 20GP from Wimbeldy

Sell Eggs: 3GP

Sell Pets: 14GP (easy); 12GP (medium); 10GP (insane)




Cost: 30GP from Wimbeldy

Sell Eggs: 4GP

Sell Pets: 21GP (easy); 18GP (medium); 15GP (insane)



TACTIC - Each time you return to one of the sectors you may find things lying on the ground – if you are running very short of money and grain you can go between the hatchery and the sector as often as you like (without starting the day at the farm), to see if there is money or grain. This takes a long time to accumulate a small amount, but at the start of the game every little bit helps


Take a look at the screen. Most of it will show Grimm’s Farm, and you should be able to see the pets you bought somewhere in that area – they will roam about the farm during the day.


Your options will be to Start Day 1, or Go To Map. Look around the screen a bit first. At the bottom right is a “clock” showing what day you’re currently on, and how much time you have left in your day. During this time your pets will roam and lay eggs, ask for food if they’re hungry or medicine if they’ve been injured, and you will collect eggs, care for your pets and ward off predators (you DID find that little item hidden in The Backlands, didn’t you?). For now, don’t worry about the rest of the options – we’ll look at those again after Day 1 is complete.


Day 1 only lasts for 30 seconds. That’s enough time to give you a feel of how to play – you’ll learn how to collect eggs and protect your pets, and will probably learn how to feed your pets too. Each new day is a little longer than the last, so you’ll start slowly and gradually build your skills and the size of your hatcheries.


Click the button to Begin Day 1. Watch your little charges wandering around the screen. From time to time they lay eggs. Move the mouse over the egg (the pointer will change to a hand) and click to pick it up. If your pets become hungry, they will ask you for food (a little speech bubble appears with a picture of an apple). Move the mouse over the pet (the pointer will change to a bag of grain) and click to feed it. If you don’t feed it soon enough, it will become VERY hungry (the speech bubble will disappear then reappear). If you leave it too long to feed a pet, it will die.


NOTE - You will only be able to feed your pets and give them medicine if you have bought grain and medicine in the first place. If you have used it all up on other pets and have not replenished your stock, you may not be able to take care of your pets’ needs in time, and they may die of starvation or injury


On your first day you will definitely encounter some predators. They will come in from behind the clock in the lower right of the screen. When you see them, move the mouse over them (the pointer will change to whatever is the best weapon that you have available – if you haven’t bought or found any weapons, you will use your hands). Click continually, moving along with the predator if you have to, until it is destroyed. If it reached a pet before you were able to kill it, it may attack – your pet will get a sad face and may be killed if you can’t save it in time. If you do save it, it may be sick and ask for medicine (speech bubble with a bottle of medicine) - move your mouse over it (pointer turns into a medicine bottle) and click. Or it may keep its frowny face – this means it's injured because you didn’t save it before the monster had done severe damage. If another monster attacks it, or the day goes too long, your pet may die.



Hungry pet



Sick pet



Fighting off a predator



Pet being attacked


NOTE - Be aware of the timer – you will hear soft beeps when the day is close to ending, and you won’t have a lot of time to collect any remaining eggs – make sure you pick up eggs at every available opportunity




TACTIC - If you are worried your pets are too close to the clock where the monsters appear, take the Go To Map option then click on the hatchery again – every time the hatchery screen appears the pets reposition themselves



Taking Stock of Things

After Day 1 completes, take the Go To Map option. Now let’s take a better tour of the other items on the screen. You’ll see the familiar map icon in the bottom right, which you already know how to use.



Next to it is the Options icon. Here you can see how much money you need to raise and how many days you have in which to do it. You can also change some game settings and see your current level of difficulty. This screen is also where you find the Exit button. You can click the little X in the corner to close these popup windows.



The next icon along the bottom is a computer disk. This is where you can save and resume games. By default, the game is saved after every day in the hatchery, in the Auto Save Slot. But you can save at any time, and in multiple save slots.



The next icon is a Pause button – helpful when you’re in the hatchery and get distracted by a young child or spouse who just HAS to have your assistance NOW! (not that THAT’S ever happened to me....)



The final icon along the bottom row is a backpack. You can click on this to see all the items you have and how many of each. Your bags of grain, bottles of medicine, weapons and keys will all be shown here.


NOTE - It pays to know how many bottles of medicine you have and make sure there are enough – just in case you need some in the hatchery. This is the only place where you can see how much medicine you have


In the top right corner of the screen are a couple of buttons. The X is another way to exit the game. The ? shows a brief on-screen tutorial.


That takes care of all the housekeeping. Now let’s look at the more interesting panel down the left side of the screen.



The top icon shows your egg count. After you’ve finished Day 1 you’ll hopefully have between 1 and 4 eggs here. Click on the number to open a window showing what kinds of eggs you have and how many of each.




NOTE - When you see a magnifying glass it means you can click on the number to get more detail



The next icon is the wonderful hatching kettle. It is here you can turn your eggs into new pets – or find out they’re rotten (ewwwww!) To use the hatching kettle, simply click on the egg you want to hatch. You’ll hear a sound and see a picture and a message indicating whether a new pet was born, or whether your egg was rotten.




NOTE - You need to decide whether to hatch your eggs or sell them – pets sell for a higher price than eggs, but you may not have many successful hatches – do you prefer to play safe and get a little money for more eggs, or take a risk and get more money for fewer pets, knowing you could end up with nothing?


TACTIC - You can use the hatching kettle during the day at the farm. But your pets will continue to lay eggs and get hungry while you’re distracted, and they’ll still be attacked by predators. You might be better off leaving the hatching kettle until you’re in The Backlands and don’t have to rush


TACTIC - If you find your eggs all turning rotten, try changing the way you click. Success rates are random – some prefer to wait until they have one success then click several times quickly to maximise successes, others prefer to “rapid-click” – not waiting for each result, but clicking as quickly as possible until all the eggs are used (I personally have great success rates with this method)



Below the hatching kettle is the number of bags of grain you have in stock. Always check this before you begin a new day in the hatchery – you need to have enough bags to feed all your pets. As the days get longer, some pets will need to be fed more than once a day.



The next number tells you how many pets you have. Click here to see what your pets are and how many you have of each. Note that each pet has a profile displayed. The profile tells you what hatchery your pet will live in. You may have a number of pets that don’t appear in your current hatchery, because they’re better suited to a different one. For instance, you might get some golden geese as pets while you’re working on Grimm’s Farm. But golden geese can’t live on Grimm’s Farm – they will sit in your reserve of pets until you purchase and begin working Hobb’s Cottage. If you are working in one hatchery but you have pets that belong in another hatchery, they will be safe until you start working in the new hatchery (they won’t starve or be attacked). This also means you don’t need to worry about grain for pets that do not belong in the hatchery you’re currently working with.




TACTIC - Be careful not to keep too many pets in one hatchery – you could be wasting your time and grain (and money) protecting and feeding them, but not getting the benefit because you can’t collect all the eggs. If you have too many pets, sell some



In the bottom left corner is the number of coins you’ve collected so far. Remember what your goal is, and how many days you have to reach it. And keep track of how much you’ve made and what day you’re up to (over on the clock, remember). Your money will start off slowly and at first you’ll have to spend everything you make to buy more grain and more (better) pets, but eventually there’ll be a number down there that you’ll be proud of.


NOTE - Don’t worry if you’re over half way through the game and you still have next to nothing to show for it, where money is concerned – it doesn’t mean you’re going to fail so don’t think you have to quit and start again


Continue playing, going between The Backlands and Grimm’s Farm, buying, raising and selling pets, and collecting and hatching and selling eggs (remember that wooden sword). You’ll find a way to get into the next area (you ARE gossipping with people, aren’t you?) and eventually be able to upgrade to a new hatchery and new pets and things will start to flow a little more smoothly.


NOTE - If you end up losing all your pets and none of your eggs hatch, and you don’t have enough money to buy more, all is not lost – go back and forth between the hatchery and The Backlands (just take the Go To Map option every time) and try to accumulate enough money to buy a new pet and start again. Or you could just end the game and start a new one


TACTIC - Dragonflies lay eggs at a faster rate than geese – you can buy 2 dragonflies and 2 bags of grain, and end up with 4 eggs on your first day, but you can only buy 1 goose and likely only have 1 egg by the end of your first day. However, dragonflies and their eggs sell for much less than geese and their eggs, so you could try either way and still take the same amount of time to move into the next area


TACTIC - After a day in the hatchery, sell enough eggs to ensure enough food for your pets for the next day, plus one more pet. Then if you have any more eggs left over, try hatching them. If none hatch, you still have enough food to see your pets through another day. If one hatches, you have yourself an additional pet (which you can sell if you already have enough to look after) and enough food for it and all the others you have. If several hatch you can keep as many as you want, and only sell those you need to, to buy enough food for the extras


TACTIC - Once you have a good number of pets and are able to take care of food and medicine for them, you can sell some of the less expensive pets and buy one or two of the more expensive ones – the pets that you hatch and the eggs will sell for more money and get you to the next level faster. For example, eventually you should end up with almost no green dragonflies or white geese on Grimm’s Farm, but only gryphonettes – you are spending the same money on grain and the same time in looking after them, but you are getting better returns


TACTIC - Keep an eye on the clock to see how much time you have left in the day. If a pet becomes hungry and you only have a little time left (around 10 seconds or less), you may be able to get away without feeding it before the day ends, thus conserving grain (it won’t die overnight). If it becomes very hungry and you still have more than a few seconds remaining, feed it so it doesn’t die


SPOILER - Amelia would like a golden goose (gossip with her). Once you have a golden egg and have been able to hatch it, give her the golden goose, and in return she will give you a key which will allow you to access Greenwich Square in the Working Sector




The Working Sector


At some point you will receive a key to Greenwich Square in the Working Sector. Head back to the Kingdom of Candar map and use your key to open the lock. Then go into Greenwich Square and take a look around. Again, see what’s around that might be picked up (look around carefully). Chat with the people.






Rowan has lost something valuable and needs some help finding it. You can choose to help him – or not. Later in the game he’ll be looking for something else


NOTE - it pays to talk to the same people a few times because they don’t always say the same thing, especially if you've just done them a favor


SPOILER - Rowan has lost a purse of gold coins. You can find it in one of the vases. You can choose to keep it, or return it to him



Annara is trying to see a property, Hobb’s Cottage, for 1400 GP. This will be very useful to you later, but you likely can’t afford it at the moment. Keep it in mind though.


SPOILER - Annara will initially ask for 1400 GP for Hobb’s Cottage, but if you return Rowan’s purse of gold to him, she will offer to sell you the cottage for 980 GP instead, because of your generosity and honesty



Mrs. Butter can sell you grain and medicine and some new and stronger weapons. She will also buy eggs from you, and is always up for a chat. Her sister owns Rosewood Manor, and later in the game she has moved away and left Mrs. Butter with the task of selling it for her (it will cost 30,000 GP).



The Apothecary is the pet dealer in Greenwich Square. He can sell you new pets and will buy pets from you. He also has a pet lab, where you can experiment combining eggs from different pets in the hope of creating a new species of pet. New species are especially desirable and they and their eggs will sell for quite a good price.


NOTE - The pet dealers in each sector will only sell you pets that you can raise in the local hatcheries, but they will buy ANY pet from you. The people buying eggs will also buy any egg from you – you don’t have to go back to previous sectors to sell eggs and pets


It will take you some time to earn enough money to buy Hobb’s Cottage, so you will need to continue working Grimm’s Farm. However now you have two areas to visit each day – just in case people have dropped things on the ground.


NOTE – Visit all the accessible areas straight after the day ends at the hatchery but before you purchase anything – otherwise you might spend all your money on grain, only to find a few bags in the next area you visit


Eventually you will have enough money and be able to buy Hobb’s Cottage. Once you’ve done so, go to the Kingdom of Candar map and unlock it. Hopefully you’ll already have some golden geese that like to live here – if not you’ll have to continue at Grimm’s Farm until you have enough to buy at least one pet to start the new hatchery. Again, as you collect and sell eggs, or hatch and sell pets, you will be able to afford better weapons and more expensive pets – these and their eggs will sell for a higher price, so your goal is again to try and fill your hatchery with the more expensive pets.


NOTE - Even if you’ve already found something in a hidden spot, continue checking because you MAY find something in the same spot at a later time





Hobb's Cottage

You look after this hatchery in the same way as you did Grimm’s Farm. Days will be longer, so make sure you have enough grain to feed your pets at least once, if not twice, per day. Predators are stronger, so upgrade your weapon as soon as you can, and make sure you have medicine just in case you need it.




Again, the less expensive pets will lay more frequently than the more expensive ones, but they will also require feeding more often, and their eggs and new pets you hatch will sell for less. So try and get a balance of using the cheaper, faster laying pets as a means of getting to the more expensive, slower laying ones.


If you had any golden geese, Hobb’s Cottage is where they like to be, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that every now and then one will lay a magic egg! Magic eggs can be sold (for quite a lot more than golden eggs) and can also be hatched. Magic geese fetch a rather nice price, but you might also like to try and get a few that you can raise in the next hatchery.


TACTIC - once you have enough money for Hobb’s Cottage, it may pay to spend another day or two working Grimm’s Farm – you have a lot more pets there and they will lay faster than the few pets you might have for Hobb’s Cottage. This will help you to buy a Rascal or Blue Dragonfly so you can have a better start when you begin working in Hobb’s Cottage


Your pets at Hobb's Cottage:



Cost: 150 from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 12GP

Sell Pets: 105GP (easy); 90GP (medium); 75GP (insane)



Blue Dragonfly

Cost: 300GP from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 30GP

Sell Pets: 210GP (easy); 180GP (medium); 150GP (insane)



Cost: 500GP from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 40GP

Sell Pets: 350GP (easy); 300GP (medium); 250GP (insane)


Golden Goose

Cost: cannot buy

Sell Eggs: 10GP

Sell Pets: 56GP (easy); 48GP (medium); 40GP (insane)

SPOILER - You cannot buy golden geese, but if your white geese laid golden eggs and you managed to hatch some, you can raise your golden geese here. The golden geese will lay golden eggs, and you can continue to hatch those


Green Dragon

Cost: cannot buy

Sell Eggs: 80GP

Sell Pets: 490GP (easy); 420GP (medium); 350GP (insane)

SPOILER - Combine a Green Dragonfly egg with a Blue Dragonfly egg in the Apothecary’s Pet Lab to get a Green Dragon egg



Taking Stock of Things

Continue working in Hobb’s Cottage until you have enough money saved to purchase the next one, Rosewood Manor (you ARE still gossiping with people, right?)


You might like to try out the Apothecary’s pet lab. By now you will have access to two pets whose eggs can be combined and zapped in the pet lab to create a new pet for Hobb’s Cottage. This new pet will fetch more money than the Gryphons that you can buy from the apothecary, so if you get a few of these in your hatchery it will make it easier and faster to raise enough money for Rosewood Manor.


NOTE - Once you find a combination that gives you a new species, you will always get a new species with that combination, so remember it. When you have a successful combination of eggs in the Pet Lab, make several of those eggs before going to the hatching kettle – the more eggs you have, the better the chance of hatching a new pet. When you’ve hatched a new pet, you can just collect its eggs for the hatching kettle instead of visiting the Pet Lab again


TACTIC - When you are about to move from one hatchery to another, spend an extra day or two at the current one just gathering eggs. Don’t sell or hatch them – just keep them so you have some to use in the pet lab


TACTIC - Once you are definitely finished with a hatchery and you know you won’t be going back there again (for more eggs for the pet lab) you can sell all your pets for that hatchery and use the money to buy pets for your new hatchery or grain or weapons – no point keeping them if you know you won’t need them again (and if you find you do need them, you’ll have enough money to buy new ones)


TACTIC - Once you’ve successfully hatched a new pet species, you no longer need the eggs from the original pets so you can either sell them or hatch them and sell the pets, or you could continue zapping more of the new egg and try and hatch more of the new pet (though you can also just collect the eggs the new pet lays and zap those)




Rosewood Manor

Eventually you will get a key for Rosewood Manor, where you can raise your magic geese and new, even more expensive pets. Remember to upgrade your weapons if you need to.


SPOILER - Mrs. Butter’s sister has moved away and needs to sell Rosewood Manor




Once again, you have access to two more pets whose eggs will combine in the pet lab to create a new species. And again this new species will sell for more money (as either eggs or pets) than the others you currently have. This new species is also crucial to getting you into East Crest Court in the Noble Sector (don’t forget to chat with people – it’s amazing how far you can get with that).


SPOILER - Rowan is looking for a Ruby Gryphon – if you give him one of yours (make sure you have enough to keep one or more for yourself) he will give you a key which will allow you to access East Crest Court


Your pets at Rosewood Manor:


Red Dragonfly

Cost: 1500GP from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 150GP

Sell Pets: 1050GP (easy); 900GP (medium); 750GP (insane)




Cost: 3100GP from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 210GP

Sell Pets: 2170GP (easy); 1860GP (medium); 1550GP (insane)



Purple Dragon

Cost: 4200GP from the Apothecary

Sell Eggs: 440GP

Sell Pets: 2940GP (easy); 2520GP (medium); 2100GP (insane)



Magic Goose

Cost: cannot buy

Sell Eggs: 100GP

Sell Pets: 630GP (easy); 540GP (medium); 450GP (insane)

SPOILER - You cannot buy magic geese, but if your golden geese laid magic eggs and you managed to hatch some, you can raise your magic geese here. The magic geese will lay magic eggs, and you can continue to hatch those



Ruby Gryphon

Cost: cannot buy

Sell Eggs: 490GP

Sell Pets: 3500GP (easy); 3000GP (medium); 2500GP (insane)

SPOILER - Combine a Red Dragonfly egg with a Gryphon egg in the Apothecary’s Pet Lab to get a Ruby Gryphon egg



Once you have access to Rosewood Manor, you will be able to get a machine built that will help you collect eggs in your hatcheries. If you’ve been gossiping with people you already know who is going to build it for you, and what he wants you to collect. And by now you’ve probably picked up all the items, so go back and give them to him so he can build it. With the tractor that he makes out of the parts you supply, you can spend more of your time caring for your pets and protecting them, and less time picking up eggs (though you can continue to pick some up – it’s a fast little machine but it’s got a lot of ground to cover!)


SPOILER - Wimbeldy, in the Backlands, will build you a tractor to collect your eggs, if you can find him a wheel, a bucket and a belt. There is an old wheel on Grimm’s Farm, a rusty bucket at Hobb’s Cottage, and a dusty belt at Rosewood Manor


TACTIC – With your new tractor, you can actually take on quite a few more pets than you normally would have, because now you have a better chance of collecting almost all the eggs – the main thing you need to worry about is feeding and predators. This will require more food to start the day, but you’ll get many, many more eggs


TACTIC – Once you know what pets you need for the Pet Lab, you can concentrate just on those (until you have enough eggs) and on the pets in the current hatchery that will fetch the highest prices – don’t waste your money (grain) and effort on the pets worth less if you can get some that are worth more




The Noble Sector


It won’t be long before you have access to East Crest Court in the Noble Sector. Here you can continue to search around for items people may have dropped, sell your eggs and pets, buy new, more expensive pets (that can only be raised in Pemberly Keep so they won’t help you straight away, but it never hurts to have one or two ready for that exciting day) and buy weapons. You also now have a third area to visit each day after working in your hatchery – you might find dropped items in any area so it’s still worth visiting each one and looking around.





Aldab sells powerful weapons and will buy eggs from you. His sisters are Geneveive and Metilda. Aldab is more willing to talk to you than his sisters are, not that he has a lot worth listening to at first.



Hatir is the pet dealer in East Crest Court. He has lost an item and if you choose to, you can get a replacement for him.


SPOILER - Hatir has lost his Toad Sword. If you buy one from Aldab and give it to him, he will give you something a little later that might come in handy. Note, if you buy the Toad Sword soon after gaining access to the Noble Sector, you can use it in Rosewood Manor while you’re trying to earn enough money to buy Pemberly Keep – when you have enough to upgrade to the Star Sword, then you can give the Toad Sword to Hatir



Geneveive is Aldab’s sister. She takes pride in her collection of Ice Gryphon eggs – if she manages to get one more, she will have more Ice Gryphon eggs than anyone else in East Crest Court.



Metilda is also Aldab’s sister. She is trying to sell Pemberly Keep, but it will be quite a while before you can afford to buy it from her (it costs 120,000 GP). Metilda is also engaged to be married to your stepbrother, Lord Boras.


Continue working at Rosewood Manor until you have enough money to buy Pemberly Keep.


TACTIC – You have some powerful weapons available now, but they are quite expensive. You need to decide whether spending the money on the better weapons will enable you to better care for your pets (or care for more pets) in order to raise money faster (spend less time fighting monsters and more time collecting eggs and feeding pets), or whether you’re better off sticking with the weapons you already have, which are adequate for your current hatchery, and saving your money




Pemberly Keep

Eventually you will be able to afford Pemberly Keep, the hatchery of all hatcheries. The pets you can raise here are very expensive to buy, but they and their eggs sell for very high prices. You will have at most a single pet to start this hatchery with, unless you spend some more time in Rosewood Manor saving enough to buy more pets for Pemberly Keep. Once you start caring for a few pets here you will accumulate money very quickly – even if you only have a few days left you can still reach your goal!





Once again, you have access to two more pets whose eggs will combine in the pet lab to create a new species. And again this new species will sell for more money (as either eggs or pets) than the others you currently have.


You’ll notice an item lying on the ground in Pemberly Keep on your first day there – it belongs to one of Aldab’s sisters. If you return it to her she will be grateful and will start treating you a little better.


Your pets at Pemberly Keep:


Gold Dragonfly

Cost: 12000GP from Hatir

Sell Eggs: 1200GP

Sell Pets: 8400GP (easy); 7200GP (medium); 6000GP (insane)



Ice Gryphon

Cost: 20000GP from Hatir

Sell Eggs: 2500GP

Sell Pets: 14000GP (easy); 12000GP (medium); 10000GP (insane)



Black Dragon

Cost: 41000GP from Hatir

Sell Eggs: 3000GP

Sell Pets: 28700GP (easy); 24600GP (medium); 20500GP (insane)




Cost: cannot buy

Sell Eggs: 5300GP

Sell Pets: 43400GP (easy); 37200GP (medium); 31000GP (insane)

SPOILER - In exchange for the Toad Sword, Hatir will give you a wild Firebird that he caught – or you can combine an Icebird egg with a Gold Dragonfly egg in the Apothecary’s Pet Lab to create a Firebird egg


Continue working in Pemberly Keep, and after a short while you should be able to reach your goal, hopefully with time to spare.


NOTE - Nobody here sells grain, so once you have access to the new hatchery you’ll have to return to The Backlands or Greenwich Square to keep getting food for your pets


SPOILER - If you returned the ring to Metilda and gave Geneveive an Ice Gryphon egg, Aldab will be grateful for your generosity – he will allow you access to his special stash of powerful weapons, where you can get something that will make short work of the monsters in Pemberly Keep!




Once you have earned enough money to buy back the castle (remember you can sell the rest of your pets if you need to), return and talk to the scribe. You will have the choice of keeping the castle, or continuing your hatchery business.


This is where the game ends, but you might like to make a save before choosing – if you keep the castle, your stepbrother Lord Boras will be thrown out (his eventual fate may not always be the same – it changes depending on your level of difficulty) and that will be the end of the game. If you choose to keep the hatcheries instead, you can go back out and continue to interact with people, and see what effect your decision has had on them.

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Thanks for the guide...very helpful, but I may have missed it...how do I get a green dragonfly to breed with a blue one, if they don't sell green dragflies? Am I supposed to blend two eggs from other creatures to get the green dragonfly?




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you buy green dragonflies from Wembeldy in the Poor Sector. In fact, you start the game with a green dragonfly. You need to save some green dragonfly eggs while you're in Grimm's Farm, and use them after you reach Hobb's Cottage and have your blue dragonflies.


(feel free to start a new thread for questions ;))

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Please post questions in new topics. Guides/walkthroughs (in ANY game forum) should not be cluttered with questions. Look for a NEW TOPIC button in the forum itself or in one of the threads.

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