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Help With Theme Choice ... >_<

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wasn't quite sure if this should go here or in spam haven. If this is the wrong place, feel free to move it.

At the conclusion of the first amaranthia signature and avatar contest,I've listed some themes for the next one.

A poll has been added with a list of possible theme for the next contest.



Horror movie theme

based on a horror movie.


comedy theme

based on a comedy movie,or a show.


manga genre theme

based on any manga that you like, can be a romance,school life,etc.


fav singer theme

based on your favorite recording artist


fave actor/actress theme

based on your fave small/big screen actress/actor


Amaranthia games theme

based on any of the games made by amaranth


Amaranthia guilds theme

based on the guild in amaranthia, doesn't have to be the guild that you are in.


rpg game theme

any rpg game that you choose.


animal theme

based on any animal that you choose


Favorite amaranthia character

based on any character from any of the games by amaranth

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Lara, it looks like you have some great ideas, and maybe anything that got a vote could be a good one. Some could run into several contests, like doing individual AM characters as separate contests - I know I'd love to see how different people change or enhance the look of some of them. Anyway, I look forward to the first one. (I HAVE to improve!) ;)

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Slivermist @ One This poll closes. I'll set up the contest page. and I'll post the Deadline then as well.



Qwilliw @ Thanks, yuppers, I'll put them in order of the votes received and that will be the topics for the next couple of contests. That doesn't sound bad, but it might be better to keep it game based, that way it can be what ever character you want to create it of.

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It's a good idea to have a theme Lara and I've voted for my choice :)


I just hope rl isn't too hectic for me this time so that I get some time to do an entry :D

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Looks like we have a clear winner.

The contest will start once i've posted the thread.


The deadline for the contest is June 21,2009.

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