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We are very careful that these game forums remain as clear and concise as possible. We will delete any posts that don’t adhere to these guidelines, so before you post a question OR an answer, PLEASE do the following, in order:



Be SURE the question hasn’t already been asked, either in one of the FAQ topics or by other members.


General game play questions FAQ


Technical issues FAQ


Guides, Maps, Goodies, etc


SEARCH the forum if your question isn’t answered by any of the above topics and links. In the ‘Search’ text box near bottom of page, type in keywords and click the “Search’ button. Using only one keyword will get much faster results, but if one isn’t sufficient to narrow down the results, add more. If your search gives no results, you may then add a new topic with your question.




Read the pertinent topic entirely, and then if, and ONLY if, you have something significant to add WITHOUT giving too much away, you may post additional information. Also, don't post in a topic that was already answered several days earlier.


Please remember the forums are for giving hints, not for giving step-by-step or specific information. Only after a member has exhausted every other hint given them may you post any specifics. Even then, please hide them in white font so people wanting only hints won’t have the game spoiled for them. Be sure to add a ‘Highlight for SPOILER’ statement before the part you want to hide. You can make font white in two ways …

1. Using ‘Add Reply’ – highlight the desired text, click on the ‘COLOR’ box above the test box, then scroll all the way down to the bottom, and choose white (FFFFFF)

2. Using ‘Post Reply’ (quick post), use the following code:

3. BEFORE the text – [*color=ffffff] (leave out the asterisk)

4. AFTER the text [*/color] (again, leave out the asterisk)


Please be considerate of the community as a whole, and follow these guidelines, or you may well have your posts hidden or removed, and, if you persist, be given a warning.


Thank you all for following these forum guidelines. :)

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I have a problem that has halted my play of Lord of Twilight but none of the links (to see if the question has already been asked) seem to work.  I got one message saying the link had been broken!

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