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Grimm's Hatchery Quest Guide

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Hi all,


I'm surprised that there is no quest guide here already so I thought I'd provide one for anyone who needs help on quests.


This contains spoilers so if you want to know how to do particular quests, you'll need to highlight for the information.


To access the working sector:


Amelia in the poor sector will want a golden goose (choose the gossip option). To get the golden goose, you need to do the following:


1. Buy a goose from Wimbeldy. (I'd recommend buying 2 or 3.)


2. Go to Grimm's Hatchery and collect the gold eggs that the goose/geese will occasionally lay.


3. Use the hatching kettle for the gold eggs. If successful, the gold egg will hatch into a gold goose.


4. Give the gold goose to Amelia and she'll give you the key to access the working sector.


To access the noble sector:

Rowan in the working sector will want a ruby griffon. To get the ruby griffon, you need to do the following:


1. Buy a red dragonfly and gryphon from the apothecary in the working sector. (Again, I'd recommend buying 2 or 3 of each.)


2. Go to Hobb's Cottage and collect the gryphon eggs that the gryphon(s) will lay.


3. Go to Rosewood Manor and collect the red dragonfly eggs that the red dragonfly/dragonflies will lay.


4. Go to the apothecary and use the pet lab. Zap one red dragonfly egg and one gryphon egg to get a ruby gryphon egg.


5. Once you have a ruby gryphon egg, use the hatching kettle to get a ruby gryphon. (This may require a few tries, though, so you may want to have a few ruby gryphon eggs handy.)


6. Give the ruby gryphon to Rowan and he'll give you the key to access the noble sector.


For Aldab in the noble sector to offer selling the Lightning Rod:

1. On Pemberly Keep, take the ruby ring there.


2. Give the ruby ring to Metilda and she'll be grateful.


3. Buy an ice griffon from Hatir in the noble sector. (Again, I'd recommend buying 2 or 3.)


4. Go to Pemberly Keep and collect the ice griffon eggs that the ice griffon(s) will lay.


5. See Metilda's sister (Genevieve) and offer her one ice griffon egg. (You only need to give her one.)


6. Talk to Aldab and choose the gossip option. He'll mention that you have been generous to his sisters and will now reveal his secret stash of weapons. Then choose buy items and you should now see the lightning rod available for purchase.


To get the invention for collecting eggs:


1. Talk to Wimbeldy in the Backlands (poor sector) and he'll mention the items that he needs to build the invention: an old wheel, a rusty bucket, and a belt.


2. The old wheel can be found at Grimm's Farm.


3. The rusty bucket can be found at Hobb's Cottage.


4. The dusty belt can be found at Rosewood Manor.


5. Once you have all 3 items, go back and gossip with Wimbeldy and he'll offer to build the invention for you. Then it should be available in your inventory.


Egg-zappings (as suggested by Tron):


1. Blue dragonfly egg + Green dragonfly egg=Green dragon egg


2. Red dragonfly egg + Gryphon egg=Ruby gryphon egg


3. Goose egg + Gold dragonfly egg=Gold goose egg


4. Icebird egg + Gold dragonfly egg=Firebird


5. Gryphon egg + Purple dragon egg=Green dragon egg


To get Petriwood:


Talk to Hatir in the noble sector. He's lost his toad sword but if you buy one from Aldab and give it to Hatier, he will give you Petriwood, a great defense pet for fighting the monsters at the hatcheries. On top of that, Petriwood can't be killed by bombs from the bomber bird.


If there's any information I missed, please let me know. Thanks. :)

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no. What you CAN do is collect a couple of golden eggs, then when you return to the village, save your game, hatch the eggs, and if you don't get a golden goose load your saved game and try again until you do.


It's time-consuming.

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strangely enough, though, when I needed to hatch a golden goose for Amelia, and I had a golden egg on me, I would chat with her and then hatch the golden egg. Most of the time, it worked first try, but it's not guarenteed. Still, though, what have you got to lose? It worked with the Ruby Griffon as well. Have fun!

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