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Tainted Haven - Is this determination bigger than the Earth? (1st DEMO OUT!)

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UPDATE!: 1st Demo is out!


This orphanage was the place I loved the most. Ever since my parents died, it took me in, it cared for me, it nurtured me, it taught me all sorts of things. It was my heaven.


But now, how am I supposed to know whom to trust? This heaven of mine has been revealed to be so ugly, so tepid and so tainted... This little life of mine, this small determination... How can it amount to anything...?


They did not know. It was a shock to them. All this while, the place that they had loved... all the love and nurture that was given to those three parentless teenagers... was a lie. The orphanage turned out to be opened by a secret vigilante group who wanted to gather those orphans who are gifted in terms of intelligence, and have specially tried to nurture those orphans since young in their sense of justice such that they will be able to join their organization and expand it once they reach adulthood. Forced to escape, now the horror of the world has finally appeared. They are no longer children. Now, in this forsaken world, anything could happen. All this is now a matter of life and death...


Tainted Haven is a multiple-ending story, where each character that you can choose to play as has a large group of possible endings. Every choice that you make can lead to one of the possible endings, so choose wisely. Whether this story of those three young children will be joyful or tragic is completely up to you.






AOKI HIFUMI (青桔 一二三 )


Hifumi is always, without fail, ranked second in terms of academic achievements in the orphanage. He always comes in a close second behind Yoru (below), who is always first. This causes Hifumi to gain a great dislike for the girl, but which also increases his interest for her. Depending on what choices you make before Hifumi is forced to flee the orphanage, he might or might not ask Yoru to go with him (Yoru will still flee the orphanage even if Hifumi does not inform her, but she will go alone). Hifumi's best friend is a sweet yet energetic girl named Kaori, and their interactions often cause many rumors to circulate among the girls and boys of the orphanage.



MYOU YORU (明 夜 )


Yoru is a quiet, plain girl who always gets first place in all of the orphanage's academic tests. She dislikes the outdoors and rarely goes out, and does not bother dressing herself up at all, even though she is a teenage girl. She is one year younger than Hifumi and Kaori, and has an uncanny habit of playing with her fingers when she's bored, and she can carry on doing something like that for hours on end. She is anti-social and quite secretive, and it is hard to know what she is thinking about. She speaks formally to everyone who ever tries to talk to her, and seldom bothers to initiate a conversation.





Kaori is an energetic and bubbly young girl who enjoys reading and playing computer games. She is a social butterfly and can appear tomboyish at first, but is actually extremely sweet and cheerful though easily jealous, and that causes her to be extremely popular among the boys. Though, the only boy she actually considers as her friend is Hifumi. She is always ranked third in the tests, though still a far way from Yoru and Hifumi, who is a very close second. Unlike Yoru and Hifumi, she never realizes by herself the orphanage's true intentions until Hifumi tells her about it.



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How nice, Kirroha. :) I assume that this will be made in RMXP? Or are you going to use Ren'Py Visual Novel?


The character Aoki Hifumi seems to be familiar? It looked like Lelouch from Code Geass for me. :P

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RMXP, yup. It's not going to be a visual novel. ^^ I want to let everyone have the ability to explore instead of having a fixed set of choices.


And... yeah... ... I KNOW IT LOOKS LIKE LELOUCH! >< I was just designing the character and once I was done, I went: Oh crap. It looks like Lelouch. Ah whatever. :D So that's what happened. :lol:

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Thanks for the support! :) I've added some screenshots, possible endings and the first demo (a short one which is still in the orphanage and you all won't get to go outdoors yet, and would take about half an hour to 45 minutes if you all try to experiment with all the choices) will be out sometime this week! :)

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