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Omnisia is mainly a puzzle game, with an interesting plot and battles to back it up. It offers around 2-4 hours of gameplay, depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles and advance through the game. It was made by a guy called Regi.


It's a lot of fun despite it's short length. I had a blast trying to figure out the puzzles. The story is quite captivating too. If you like puzzle games, this one is definitely worth a shot.






In the beginning, there was naught but stars.


According to legend, the stars were the first Creators. Their power came from two sources: magic and time. With it, they made our planet and our civilization. However, the peaceful empire attracted a dark being. The Creators fought long and hard, and in the end, they only prevailed by encasing the creature in a void of time-- where it was transferred into the future.


Countless millennia later, the upper continent divided into two Empires: Cerekol and Kuruga. Constantly at war, their feud reached its peak. The Empires grew more and more restless, and disorder marked the continent.


Despite all these troubles, we find our hero living a decent life in the peaceful Recuerdo Woods-- until his father was injured working for the King's Army. Trembling with rage, the young child called together a group of friends to fight the hated Kurugans. But that night, before any further plans could be made, a terrible scream filled the air-- and the boy vanished.


Eight long years later, Nocilis awakens in a new world with no recollection of what had happened to him in the woods. To his horror, his father has been murdered by a new threat: the band of thieves and spies, Omnisia, headed by none other than his old friend Lucian. He leaves for the forest to try and figure out the unsettling mysteries of his friends, his family, his past. There, he embarks on a journey through time itself-- where there is no turning back.






Characters with * are playable.


Nocilis* (renameable)

frownheroud3.pngA noble and valiant teen, Nocilis has the makings of a true fighter. He will try everything for the people or things he values. However, he is prone to anger and very stubborn, which sometimes drives him to do careless actions.



clericxf9.pngFriendly and caring, the cleric Cedric is the one who finds and saves Nocilis. He's not only kind, but also very sensible, and gives Nocilis many helpful tips. He's lived in Lutrena all his life, and will do anything for the city and the people.



copainfp0.pngCopain was always a follower-- of his friend Nocilis, and later Lucian. He's very gullible, and likes to work with the powerful. However, his strength makes up for what he lacks in intelligence. Not many wish to get on the wrong side of this superior Knight and his amazing abilities with the lance.



lucianzn2.pngThe most mysterious friend of Nocilis. As a boy, he wasn't very talkative and kept to himself most of the time. All of that seemed to change when Nocilis met him again eight years later. Lucian was a natural leader-- one powerful with magic. But perhaps too powerful; for as the leader of Omnisia, he seems to be working against the goals of his old friend.



daduq4.pngNocilis' dad. He's very close to his beloved son, and taught him many fighting techniques when he was only eight. However, as the captain of the King Lokerec's Army, he acts a bit overconfident of himself and his abilities-- resulting in his leg injury, and later his death.


???* (unlockable)

thiefwr0.pngA mysterious girl who claims she's the leader of the "Lost Souls." She was only a kid when a Kurugan invasion force killed her. Unable to "go on," she remains helplessly trapped in a Mine, waiting for her savior.






Omnisia is a great adventures with optional unlockables and sidequests for the explorers, like new weapons or skills, and even a character. Some of the features are:


- Three fully evented "special tools" for each dungeon-- use these to destroy or maneuver around obstacles whether in dungeons or outside

-Three action-packed, puzzling dungeons that make you THINK before you can advance

-An (optional) semi-dungeon for training, rewards, and a hidden character

-Default battle system, except with new skills, status effects, and "Blitz" moves, where you input buttons for skills

-A world map, not for exploring, but for teleporting to places quicker

-and more!








align=left width=640http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/7830/screenshot1rp5.png[/img]

































align=left width=640http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/5908/screenshot2el1.png[/img]

































align=left width=640http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/8651/screenshot3dd1.png[/img]

































align=left width=640http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6488/screenshot4mz7.png[/img]



aislingyngaio: Creator's permission obtained by User 9053

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Looks fantastic! :D The story and puzzles seem really interesting. I love the idea of having an unlockable dungeon and a hidden character.

Oh, and I'm really curious about the special tools and Blitz moves! I'm going to try it soon. Thanks for sharing :)

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@MidnightPearl & latyss: Well, the unlockable dungeon is really just a place where you can train and find some special items. If you defeat the boss, you'll get a really cool reward! Good luck looking for it! :D

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@TsukiNoHikari: What do you mean? Like with the installation or the actual downloading? The game is a .rar file so you have to use a program like WinRar to extract the contents.

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It's one of the three special tools that you need to use on various things to find your way around obstacles. Use the nuts to solve puzzles and advance.


Spoiler (please highlight to read) -

Use it on the switch. Then a bridge will be available. ;)

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