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Uncertainty Principle- A Runaway Bride ending story (eventual RxL)

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Well thats sad.. i guess..

i still havent finished the latest released aveyond game.. xD even though its been years..


i would attempt to write fanfic myself but i barely remember anything and im too lazy to play it again :I

I was thus tempted to write an AU but that would sorta ruin the fun..


I would really REALLY like to play with the AV1 characters in the group again in some new game/

i dont care if its really short and in heaven with clouds all around or something. I just want a new different story with all of them/ (dameon not being there would do..) not just teijal and galahad (and lots of RL moments maybe)

But i guess thats not gonna happen so there.. ^^"

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I don't think an AU would ruin the fun.


I'm never going to actually write it, but I had an awesome Aveyond Highschool AU with YEARBOOK COMMITTEE POLITICS and it was awesome.


here's the plot/character summary:


1. Rhen was raised by (Aveyond canon adoptive parents whose names I have forgotten). Once teenaged, a mysterious sunglasses man arrives, to inform her that her actual father is Devin Pendragon, and she gets sort of blackmailed into staying by him.

No one knows why Alicia Pendragon dropped her infant daughter at the Taylor's house, and she died shortly thereafter (possibly suicide), so no one got to ask her.

2. While the Pendragons were once rather wealthy, POLITICAL SHENANIGANS have happened and drained the family fortune, so there's a really big mansion filled with pretty much no furniture or anything because everything's been sold and it's all decrepit and whatnot. [d]The mansion is called Thais[/d]

3. Rhen gets accepted into Aveyond High because she qualifies for the scholarship/her father still has barely enough political sway to make it happen.

4. Rhen is friends with the weirdo group, aka Te'ijal, Elini, and John who likes pirates.

5. While Te'ijal is part of the weirdo group she is also a cheerleader. A pretty talented one. The reason she joined the cheerleading squad is absolutely related to the enhanced stalking opportunities it offers re:stereotypical nice-guy jock galahad.

6. Ahriman is the cheerleading squad captain

7. yes. I did just say that.

8. Ahriman and Te'ijal have a weird kind of best frenemies relationship involving things like painting each other's toenails while bonding over how absolutely messed up and psychotic their families are.

9. Gyendal, Te'ijal's younger brother, has a crush on Ahriman that she totally creepily takes advantage of.

10. Ean and Iya are a cute pair of library nerds


Enough with the side characters! What about lars!


11. Lars is of course the snobby king of the school (by law this should make him be ahriman's girlfriend, but they mutually loathe each other so he probably has some other queen bee instead like lydia).


12. Rhen's adoptive mother... was the tenobor family's cleaning lady. She used to bring rhen along. Child rhen and lars were therefore friends, until Lars was told that it was unacceptable for him to be friends with the "lower classes" and they had a nasty fight and the friendship ended. things went downhill from there because this wouldn't be rhen/lars if they didn't dislike each other. but... yeah. rhen knows a whole lot of lars's secret vulnerabilities because she used to be the one comforting him when he'd come crying to her (about being disgustingly neglected by his parents) when he was a little kid.


13. the student council is a near powerless identity, like it is in the real world (as opposed to manga... 9_9) but the YEARBOOK COMMITTEE is like the most powerful thing ever.


14. ...How you come across in the yearbook can actually seriously affect your job opportunities and future, and additionally being part of the yearbook committee is considered a hugely prestigious thing to stick on your college application.


15. obviously Lars runs the committee.


16. .....but how and why did Rhen end up on it also???


17. and then there's hacking and blackmail and theft and pranks and all sorts of other goodness. WILL THE YEARBOOK SURVIVE.

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That does sound awesome :D


has there ever been an AU fic before? i dont think ive seen a single one..


"Ahriman is the cheerleading squad captain"



..is he a girl in this one?


[d]Its kinda cruel though :I

announcing an awesome AU and then saying ur not gonna write it [/d]

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That AU sure looks, well... AWESOME (and extremely funny)!

And Ahriman queen bee/captain cheerleader of Aveyond High with Lars supposed to be his boyfriend, that just cracked me up.

You definitely need to write something out of it, that story's way too fun.

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Okay, first of all I glanced through this again. I read this so long ago. Ahh, the nostalgia :P I enjoyed this so much!


And whoa . . . That AU sounds so cool! I wish you would write that. That would be so fun :D but oh well.


(seriously female Ahriman cheerleading demon person thing made my day!)

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of course the daevas are still around.


weirdly enough at least one of them might be part of Dameon's computer geek group (i kinda vote indra).


They're not really an official group unto themselves though. (ahriman probably has blackmail material on all of them. and other stuff. actually frankly ahriman has blackmail material on most of the school, and is an incredibly manipulative thing, but it's perfectly reasonable to assumes that each of the daevas owes her some extra loyalty for various reasons)


Agas is probably the stereotypical bad boy with a leather jacket and a motorbike and obviously he got to join part of the... love pentagon? surrounding Rhen. (for sure at some point he helps her in her investigations of the weird monkey business going on) (truthfully, it's not so much a love pentagon because i didn't plan on developing rhen/dameon beyond a bare minimum implied one-sided attraction on his part.


rhen's most heavily interested in Danny (who doesn't attend school with her, being from an insufficiently wealthy, snobby family-- but he provides emotional support for her issues and possibly attends the same after-school hand-to-hand combat classes (have not decided what it should be... karate or something...).


after that, there's lars (the prat) and agas (so terrible! so attractive...). somewhere in the back of her mind dameon barely registers as an option (maybe if he had a less ridiculous hairstyle...). (actually, thinking about it, the attraction might go deeper on his side...)


(Rhen: always bringing all the boys to her yard...)


(further splitting of daevas would stick one or two of them as faces for Agas's biker group? Tawrich almost certainly, maybe someone else)


saurva/eithera (as one of my otps) was included as a matter of course.

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I would have voted Nanghaithya for the hacker, due to him being the sneakiest and shadiest among the daevas (even though he totally doesn't look like it), but it's your call. Or Zarich, because he/she has that totally-obvious-shady-hacker hoodie look going on (in this particular round Zarich is a girl, but it's up to you).


I vote Aesma for the biker gang. The cliche-ish big and scary and looks like a bully type. And then it turns out he/she likes to cook or adores puppies or whatever (in this particular round Aesma is also a girl, but again, it's up to you).


Wait, investigation? What is happening in that crazy school? (reminds me of this original story I'm working on where the heroine is a wannabe hacker who is investigating some bizarro trail of bugs and viruses plaguing the school computers and later it turns out to be some shady plot to take over the school or something)

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i could actually totally be mixing them up, honestly. the only daevas i got attached to enough to really tell apart were saurva and agas (gee golly i wonder why)


(zarich doesn't HAVE to be a girl......even as a cheerleader =D)

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I recently ended up playing Aveyond again. And then I remembered this...BLURBLE YOU ARE AWESOME! This story is so so so EPIC! I felt so nostalgic while reading it again...OMG the wait for updates! xD Really hope you pick up writing more Rhen/Lars fics! <3 

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you don't know how grateful I am to be back here again after like forever and found your story ...

it feels magical

It makes me want to start writing Av 1 fanfic again *well you have your theory I have mine hehe*

but this is totally cool, and I like how the story ended.


thanks again!!!

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I want to give this story an actual summary on ao3, anyone wanna help me come up with one?


Incentive: I'll provide an omake of your choice, just ask me a question about the future of a specific character.

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