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Edward's Diary

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I finished gates of night!=D but........ he married Mel. To be very honest, when I finished the game, I was really confused on how he was suppost to marry Stella..... It still doesn't add up.... Right?

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OK Now I am going to slow the speed of the adventure. The lands have gotten bigger, and otherwise the story will end in 25 days



Upto this desert, I HATED the equipment shop in Tar Vedron. Nothing except armour for me. But my ice diamond is great in the desert.

What we did in Tar Vedron was embarrasing. Stella and Mel got two people married. I dont want to go into the shameful and immoral details. I also go a new book, "Dating for Dummies". I wrote a poem for Mel. I hope she likes it. Will read it to her tomorrow.

Anyway, I also would like to say "I hate Lydia". She hit Mel. How dare she. I mean I would not marry her if the choice was between her and an orc. And trust me, I know how orcs smell and what they eat.

So we battled the creatures and are camping in Mali desert. I am the only smart person to buy sun block. What fools are with me. Mel calls me a know it all but she is jelous that she is stupid.

Tired. I am going to sleep now.


Sorry this is a bit short again

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