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Edward's Diary

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"Today, we are sleeping right outside the entrance to the Medusa's cave. Yes, Medusa exists. She is right next to us, turned into stone."



:lol: luv tht part!!

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Very sorry guys, for the long long break. I forgot completely about this thread, created a new story thread. Thanks Begginners for bringing this thread up to the first page.


So I'll continue



Dear Diary,

Beautiful people are the only ones that should exist. The reputed Medusa is uglier than Lydia without makeup in the morning. And I thought that was impossible.

Not only this, but this pile of stone made me fight for her. I could have been spending my life with a person uglier than the she- devil. Shocking. Shocking.


Just makes me realise how much Galahad like his wife. I fell under the spell but Galahad did not, fighting for the honour of his wife.


When I become king, this man will definitely be the chief of the guards.


We are back in the mushroom town of Fairies. Weird. Got to go. Bye

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Hey, update:D

This is so cool!

It's even better since I'm writing a retell of The Lord of Twilight (and the others hopefully) and it's really helpfull. Thanks a lot for this. I love reading it!


Hope you'll read mine too:D

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