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azureXtwilight - Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos

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and nowwwwww....

OMG THIS GAME IS SOOO AWESOME! I AM SOOOOOOOOO OMIGOSH-ED BY IT! XD and I told my friends about it too! and they are like really wow! sooooo yeah basically I'm your no#1 fan! :D :D :D I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE TRUE ENDING! :D I even dreamed about them that night when I finished and got the true ending! AzureXTwilight you are so awesome! :D I'm just in love with the game! :D :D :D SOOOO AWESOME!


I am so looking forward to the sequel. :) You have done a great job with this game! =)

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Heh. Still haven't reach Oswald's bad ending. Maybe because I love him so much? ^_^

I keep doing incredibly bad things to ALL the guys. And buy a pink crystal from the merchant. But still it's the most difficult ending.

Could you publish some spoiler? ^_*

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