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Attraction Points and Marriages

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1. Gheledon - love sonnet (by junk shop) (Lyra)

Stormbend - flowers (by item shops)

Witchwood - candy from basket (must get before Halloween is over)

Tar Vedron - flowers (near entrance)

Venwood - flowers (by entrance)

Faiara - charm (one of the first houses)

Naylith - dedicate a star (Observatory)


2) You can buy it from Remraldt of Rental agency for 10000 gp.

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well another reason i lazzy walked from MMO to Thais castle, even get winged shoes from Giant in Naylith. I have another save slot with Mel the bride so it doesn't matter if i want to marry Edward with another girl except Stella.If someone want to marry with Mel i hint to not miss some candy event(i forgot what it named) in Witchwood

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