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GAME PATCHES - Fixes for a few bugs

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Did you use your compass instead of going to Aveyond after the snowstorm? Or did you teleport out of the Orc Prison rather than escaping the "traditional" way?

Go here to download a patch that will get you back on your way again.

The same topic now includes a patch you can use if your game crashes after fighting Medusa.

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I have updated the link to reflect the correct topic link. However, as noted in the topic title, the patches are meant for GoN build A ONLY, as these glitches have been fixed in Build B. I would suggest that you download a fresh copy of the game from wherever you purchased the game from and try again from there.


I am also unsure which part of the game you are currently playing, given that Aveyond is constantly accessible due to the fountain that upgrades Edward's sword gems.

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I just got a new computer and was playing through the game after redownloading it from Big Fish maybe a week ago, so they must not have the new build. It's the compass glitch. I warped to Moo Hatchery after the snow storm to gather eggs, and Edward won't let me pass a certain point in Istir Wood to get to Aveyond now.


I can't seem to find the patches within that link, just descriptions of them. :/

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