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how do i get Alica Pentadragon

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The steps for getting Alicia to join your party are in the hints, tips, etc in the sticky topics at the top of this forum.


If you are still having trouble doing it, Highlight below and follow these steps in order, otherwise, it will not happen :


Steps 1 through 4 must be done BEFORE you get the death relic

1. Talk to Ella in her house. She will need a dress for the ball.

2. Talk to Alicia in Thais to have her help you get a dress.

3. Talk to seamstress in Grumwich Vinyard to get dress for Ella.

4. Give Ella the dress and then visit the ball.

5. Go to the underworld and get the Death Relic.

6. visit ball. It will be over and Ella should have married the prince.

7. Go to Thais and talk to Alicia and she can then join your team.

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