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Duskwood High ** (Vampire RP Disscussion/sign-ups) **

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There was a few girls walking down the road, then there was a rustle in a few bushes beside them, and out pops a..... "Roar!~" Shouts a girl in baggy clothes. The schoolgirls scream, running to school. The girl grins, vampire fangs overlapping the normal human teeth, "Shows them to doddle around." She walks off, her long white hair swishing under a ballcap. Hay, I'm Kiyomi, I'm about 13 years old in vampire years and I'm going to high school. I found this building a long time ago that seemed suited for a vampire school, it's on duskwood lane and it's pratically dark there because of the trees... Oh well, I just hope people will come to school. She comes to the old building she fixed up and it looks like a school Exactly like a school... She walks in the front door, leaning agenst the wall.


** Intro ends. **


Okay, so this is a vampire RP, it's a high school one. So...


1. No uber super gore stuff, just maybe one of our guests might be eating...

2. Be light on the cussing, please.

3. Please dont have some of the more mature things, you can kiss and hug but the princiable will tackle you if you go further..

4. One paragraph minimum length please.

5. Have fun, that's the most important rule here.

6. Your aloud to have two vampires, just up to two no more :E :D

7. Please No godmodding, all gods/goddesses should have a weakness :D all vampires have all of the killing attributes and are not spacificly immune to sunlight, eaither they get a really bad sunburn or they just turn to ashes.

8. please talk in third person.

9. Please dont controll anyone's characters unless their an NPC.

10. Please please please... post Out Of Chatacter posts in the Disscussion thread. ^^''


This will be mostly appreciated. =^.^= Thanks!~



Okay here is the link to the RP!~





Character sheets~










You can be a different race but I would reccomend vampire...

Okay, so here's the players...


Kiyomi ~~ Speedy

Gonzo ~~ Speedy

Kamae Asama ~~ Tei

Shady ~~ Elemental

Lana Drown ~~ Memozia

Angel Yuki ~~ danielle99

Andrew Finny Archinate ~~ Stardale (aka Heimdall)

Farren Dain Gasvile ~~ KitKaty



Suspended Characters:

(the ones who are not playing but put to the side because I don't wanna erase them XD)


Candice ~~ M.C. (aka Mystic Candy)

Kureanai Maria ~~ griselmay

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Name: Candice

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Abilities: Drain, bite (well, all the vampies have that, no? XD)

Description: Tall, black hair, red eyes, and a school uniform with black lines, and a red ribbon on the neck.

Personality: Cheerful, and stubborn

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Thankyou for joining!~ I will put your character on the first post. :D


(edit: Letme put my character sheet on here so that no one gets the discriptions wrong)


Name: Kiyomi

Age: 13

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Abillities: Leap, sprint, extreme glare.

Discription: she has long white hair, white eyes and pale skin, she normally wears baggy clothes, a t-shirt sometimes she puts on some girly stuff and her pants are a dark forest green and has straps at her knees, she is short and mistaken as a 4th grader most of the time.

Personallity: Stingy, short attention span.

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*spots "vampire rp" and remembers the old one*




now which one of my vampires do i use for this...?


Name: Kamae Asama

Age: 17

Race: vampire

Gender: male

Abilities: minor telepathy, minor telekenisis, fighting abilities, and very intellegent--and, of course, the standard, improved speed, biting stuff, yada yada blah blah blah.

Description: small and slender, blond hair and blue eyes.




so, when do we begin?


((ah yes, and speedy--regarding your current signiture--according to the people at my old school, i am a vampire XD))

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:D oh, we're just gonna wait until we have about 4 or more vampires in the school, gonna be boring if we just wait around with only 3 ppl to rp with :D


Ah, you are a vampire? then your my Vampire friend!~ I'm a vampire basicly, i'm grouchy in the mornings ._. :D

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OK, I found this from another role-play. (Minor adjustment has been made. Also, due to this new rule, (that was not up when I posted this) Shady has to be edited.)

Name: Shady

Age: 19

Race: Vampire/Elf

Gender: Female

Abilities: Can control water at times.

Description: Long, balck hair tied in a ponytail, pale skin, fangs, red eyes, wears a red/dark blue dress, elf ears

Personality: Very solitary at times, very bubbly at others. But over all she acts pretty normal, not very energitc, but not very serouis either.

(Note; she's not much of a vampire, she's fine with light (Ok, not fine, she gets sunburn easily...), she's not imortal, but she can be killed by any other way a vampire can, as well as any way a normal human can. And yes, she was an elf before she was a vampire)

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;D okay, now lets get cooking!! ^^


Tei: please note Kamae-sama's personality.


Elemental: Please note Shady's personality.


Now we're good to go!~

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Oh oh I wanna join!!! i wanna join!!!! hehe :P


Name: Lana Drown

Age: 15

Race: Vampire/Human

Gender: Female

Abillities: Visions of future, past, and present. And the rest of the basic vampire powers.

Description: She has white hair which when she is thirsty turns bloody red. Red eyes. 5'8 tall. Wears a black and red checkered dress and a necklace with a golden cross. Pale skin.

Personallity: Outgoing, sometimes funneh, cheery, sad when bringing up bad memories, emotional.



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griselmay, if you wanna join, write your chara sheet like speedy. and don't spam this thread, too. this is suppossed to be a RP.

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okay M.C as what you said ^_^


name: Kureanai Maria


race:vampire/powerful goddess/human


abiities: could wish whatever she wanted and it will be granted and a super powerful vampire a pureblood vampire

description: she is brown hair when she is thirsty with blood she ate all the blood.

personality: sometimes so much over active, she is charming, she is so good and she always like her friends but if she will get mad and the tears will fall down the world will end axactle when the the tears falls down.

lovers: there is a guy whom she loves so much but

that guy is so mysterious.

wearing: black dress,uniforms

she looks like: super cute and super kind

but beware when the tears falls down


:D well this is the picture of kurenai:


align=left width=300http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w232/DemonAusicca2007/Anime%20Girls/Purple%20and%20Pink%20Hair/7396.jpg[/img]

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uh uh uh i wanna join!!!!

name: Angel Yuki

age: 13

race: half vampire/human

gender: female/little boyish;)

abilities: to make people like me/could say whatever i want to whom i hate!

description: she has black with brown hair and has pure blood in her body

personality: she is sometimes very annoying and naughty, she likes people who loves her, when she cries she quietly cries with tears in her eyes.

xD u wana join!;)

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Andrew Finny Archinate



Andrew is still a young 19-year old boy, and still full of charisma.



Andrew is most definitely a male.


Race: He is a human in reality, but has a part of him which is of a vampire.



As a school athletic, he has gained some abilities in which he learned as he train. He has trained his flexibility and strength, making him quite stronger. He has also gained his skills on speed. He knows some martial arts, which makes him quite aware, and has some defense.


As a part-vampire, his powers can only be used when the full moon shows upon the skies. When he is in his vampire state, his fangs show up and his eyes become as red as Teijal's eyes. His agility becomes faster than before, but it is still him.






Andrew has a brownish hair color, and he maintains the style of his hair. He often also wears a black wristwatch. The color of his eyes are mostly light blue. He wears a black collar shirt along with an orange shirt in it. He also wears his headphone to listen only during free times. He never buttons up his collar shirt. He also wears a blue set of pants. He tend to tuck his clothes out on casual days.




Andrew is an honest, handsome, over-confident, disarming, extremely likable student one would meet in the campus. His confidence never made him worry of anything, and everyone around him admires him for his perseverance. One thing he never did is to think of others as enemies, and even as an athlete, he never aimed to defeat others and bring them down. Most of the time, he gets into trouble, but his open-mindedness made him get away of any trouble he encounters. He always dare to go to challenging activities and obstacles outside. He truly abhors games wherein there are winners who take it all, and losers who has to fall. He has the sense of being fair to others.



((My goodness. I really have to be particular if this one follows the general RP standards now. Griselmay, all questions must be asked here.))

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more information than anyone ever needed on kamae can be found HERE under "character pofiles" --> "Kamae Asama"


but....in no particular coherent order XD...


Kamae is sensitive and usually very sweet. He's attractive and can speak in such a way that he can A, persuede anyone into almost anything, B, trick you into agreeing with him, or C, confuse the living (or otherwise) hell out of you. He likes to smile more than to frown and will always be willing to lend a handkerchief when the situation calls for it. He is fair and will defend his friends. He is very devoted to his goddess, Kiliara, who--if the situation gets desperate enough--he can call to come to his aid.


Something important to note!

Kamae is very touchy on a certain subject. Read that profile and you'll probably be able to ifgure out what the subject is, but trust me--you'll know if you say something that you shouldn't have. It's really one of the only things that will seriously tick Kamae off.

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On a random note, take note of the paragraph-length rule.


Also, try to avoid using smileys (except in OOC portions of your post. I'm really hoping to see some improvements, otherwise, I will ask shaz's approval of the RP stamp of approval law.


Seriously, it can be a headache at some times to read such. T_T No offense, and I admit that I am not the best RPer in the world.

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Sweet! Finally a rp I can join!


Name: Farren Dain Gasvile

Age: 24

Race: vampire

Gender: female

Abilities: As far as a normal vampire goes, I'm beyond that. The only true abilities I inhabited from my family is night vision and high sense awareness.

Appearance: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c383/ace_yui/made%20pictures/FarrenbyBunny-Namichan.jpg

Personality: I'm cheerful around most people, but when it comes to feeding I become depressed and gloomy. The very thought of blood makes me want to hurl! As long as no one gets too into their vampire side, I can be easy to get along with.

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all right, i have a request. or two.


could we all speak in third person? (using our characters names instead of "i") it makes the RP much easier to follow. reading:


"Kamae walked down the hall.

*Memozia* bumped into him.

*Speedy* came over to say hello"


is much easier than reading


"I walked down the hall.

I bumped into him.

I came over to say hello"


next request: could we write in a paragraph form, using quotes, etc. instead of writing like a screenplay?


"Kamae walked down the hall. He glanced behind him and walked straight into a door. "Ouch! Who put that there?" he muttered, rubbing his shoulder."


as opposed to


"walked down hall and ran into door

-Ouch, who put that there?"


i find that very hard to read.


just my requests.

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I have a repuest to everyone, and I have said it once ^^'' Please no taking controll of other's characters, you have to wait for the anwser :o I'm just warning you that those who dont know eachother might get touchy and leave... ^^ Thanks.


@Tei: I'll add it to the ruels :D

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No offense but how is first person confusing?

I write in first person a whole lot and I'm careful to be clear on what I say. o.o;


Well, at least I think I am.


Oh, and thank you Griselmay. :)

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