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Labyrinth rp

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This is a club were u role play make a Id card and i will but it up on here. but you have to send me a pm to join. this role play takes place any were with anyone whos tarts go with that story.



Age; not telling yet

looks; black hair, broen eyes, pale skin

Species; full vampire

Personality; nice, loveing, aliitle dark

at times,cool, craming

Power; can move things with his mine, talk to his dog and be late for school.


Name; joise jules

Age; ???

Species: half vampire half human princesses

Looks; pale, black long hair with read in it, eyes brown/black,


Personality; Quiet, shy, writeing songs,

poems, reads, sings, plays alot of music things, dark,smart, punk, loses rose's

Power- , future dreams, strong, green dust,phychic,

can being dead back to life ,can move objects with

mind, read minds, fire, water, earth, weather,can

talk to animals,


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