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Night Falls

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Night Falls


“Actually, North is that way.”


“I knew that!”


“Of course you did.”


“What’s THAT supposed to mean?!”


“What do you think it meant?”


“Edward! …you… you…. Don’t look so smug! I know what I’m doing!”


“Of course you do.”


Mel growled menacingly and stopped, spinning towards her adversarial companion. A cool hand on her forearm distracted her from her smirking target. “Mel, Edward, please… can we keep going? We need to find a town to shelter in before dark.”


Though her voice was gentle, laced with the perpetual sorrow that marked her, Stella had a way of making her point that was hard to challenge.


“Alright. Fine. But I have to point out that we wouldn’t NEED to be here wandering around if Edward hadn’t got us lost.”


The young prince gave her a startled, defensive look. “ME get us lost? You’re the one who’s supposed to be leading us to Naylith…WALKING us to Naylith.”


“Hey! Don’t you start with me! You could have TOLD us it was impossible, like the “gentleman” you’re supposed to be, Prince Charming!” Mel’s voice was drenched with sarcasm. “But no, you just had to let us walk all that way without even telling us-“


“I can’t tell YOU anything!” Edward bit back. “You never listen to me because you think you know everything!”


The raven-haired thief snorted derisively. “I think you’re mixing us up, Mr. ‘There’s no such thing as vampires.’”


“Please…” Stella murmured with gritted teeth.


“You said you’d stop bringing that up.”


“Well YOU said you’d stop pestering me about that whole Naylith thing.”


“Well, if you could listen to directions-”


“If you hadn’t left the compass dealie in Thais-”


Stella opened her mouth again but thought better of it. At least they’d started walking again. She cast her eyes forward to where Galahad and Te’ijal were walking, having passed the squabbling trio.


They were having issues of their own.


Galahad glanced at his wife, frowned at her proximity, and shifted slightly to his left. Without looking, Te’ijal moved closer, letting her arm brush his. The paladin-turned-reluctant-vampire looked at her again, frowned again, shifted… again. The deathly pale red-eyed redhead smiled wickedly and sidled over once more. The little dance continued, Te’ijal absorbing more and more of Galahad’s attention until he slammed his shoulder into a tree.




“So clumsy this evening, husband. Whatever has you so distracted?” Her eyes gleamed with mischief as he rounded on her furiously, opened his mouth, then determinedly closed it again and put his back to her.


Striding quickly, he muttered, “I will fulfill my vow. I will finish this quest. She will NOT get the better of me… this time.”


“What was that, crumpet?” Galahad did not reply and Te’ijal laughed softly, dropping back to walk with Stella. “Is he not amusing?”

The vampire was practically purring. Stella shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know… but he’s clearly not amused.”


“Ah, you do not know him as I do, my lamb.”


Stella watched the visibly broiling man with wary eyes. “Cleary.” Te’ijal turned her intense stare on the uneasy girl, not speaking, perhaps not even breathing, until Stella swallowed hard. “I… I should check with Edward and Mel. We may have to find a shelter out here somewhere.”


To Stella’s relief, Te’ijal looked to the sky, frowning. “That would not be advisable. My brother and his followers will be searching feverishly. Were it not for the sun’s warmth, nothing would hold him at bay. There is no shelter out here that will secure us long against his assault, pet.”


“Yet dusk is upon us, and we must do something.” Galahad spoke, approaching rapidly. A blush crept over Stella’s cheeks as she realized they’d been overheard. However, he made no mention of it. The paladin was all business, eyes stern and focused. Mel and Edward took a break from bickering to join them. “If we can find a cave with a narrow entrance, wife, we may be able to defend the mortals until dawn.”


“You don’t seem too confident of that.” Mel observed. She was not one to shy from hard truth.


The vampires exchanged heavy glances. “Yes, rabbit. That is because my husband is aware of Gyendal’s power, especially tonight, for the stars will be veiled.” It was true… no delicate starlight would pierce the thick clouds. “There are likely to be casualties, but perhaps those who must continue, will.”


The ominous pronouncement hung over the small party as darkly as did the clouds. Edward squeezed the jeweled hilt of Excalibur. “The girls… they have to survive this.”


“So that there is hope for the world.” Galahad had a way of making things sound… dramatic. That didn’t mean he was wrong. Beside him, Te’ijal stood straighter, lips curved in a smile that rather baffled the rest of the party.


“Yes, husband, so that there is still light, and

life, but the cost may be dear.”


“So be it. I have nothing to lose.”


She glanced away for a moment, still smiling, before raising her head and parting her lips slightly, revealing her fangs. “You may well get your wish after all, my crumpet. Perhaps I involved you too hastily… but so be it.”


Mel frowned rebelliously; Stella was nervous… but Edward had no intention of being left out. “To whatever end may come, then. I will see no harm come to the girls.”


The silence following that pledge was solemn… but short.


“Whoa! Mel!” Edward stumbled as she pushed him violently.


“’I will see no harm to the girls!’” she mocked, rolling her eyes. “As if a prissy noble like you could do anything to stop it anyway! You’d better watch out, Edward. Wouldn’t wanna get those fancy clothes all dirty. ‘Oh no! Whatever shall I wear to the ball!’”


“Hey! I’m not prissy! And anyway… you’re just mad ‘cause you’d be stuck in the kitchen killing rats!”


“Not unless I could cook ‘em too!”


“We must GO, children,” Te’ijal murmured, in a rare display of exasperation. Galahad chuckled softly at her impatience, but he was already moving.


“We are not far from the cliff side. If we have any hope, it is there.” The others quickly fell in behind.

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“Actually, North is that way.”


“I knew that!”


“Of course you did.”


“What’s THAT supposed to mean?!”


“What do you think it meant?”


“Edward! …you… you…. Don’t look so smug! I know what I’m doing!”


“Of course you do.”




Please, write chapter 2 as soon as you can, it's su funny. :lol:

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This fic is funny. I liked the part where Mel and Edward are fighting. I also found Galahad slamming his shoulder into a tree funny.


But I'm kind of confused when in the game this takes place.


Looking forward to chapter 2!

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I know, but I mean, what has happened so far? Have they gotten 2 of the quarter keys, 3? Have they even visted Naylith?


I would like to know what has already taken place, is what I mean.

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Oh hi! thanks so much!

Now that... is a very good question.

I'm gonna say, it takes place shortly after GoN begins. They haven't been to Naylith, but they know they can't get there without wings. No quarter keys thus far. Heptitus is still hoarding it. does that help? It's sort of an insert piece. It won't run along the game too much, unless I decide to do it later, which might happen. I might be able to get chapter two out tonight. Working on it! thanks for the support!

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After I read this, something more coherent and constructive might show up. Or I might just babble excitedly. Knowing you, how would I know?


*stamps "Blurbles #1 Favorite Author on This Site" on your forehead*


(Favorite Author on This Site = FATS total coincidence but lol)




A short time later


Aaaah I am still so excited that you've started a new story.


Anyway. I can see that you have a plot brewing for this one, so I'm excited to see how that will turn out... Thus far fairly neutral.


BUT AH! YOUR INTERACTIONS! They make me glow! I am really really happy with the image of Te'ijal subtly nudging Galahad into a tree and I'm enjoying Mel and Ed (even if my personal image of them is slightly less bicker-y... as in, they bicker, but not quite as much- oh well, I enjoy bickering, it tends to be funny =D)


My main regret? Based on the setting of the story (aka beginning of LoT) Lydia isn't in the party yet, and I really do enjoy Lydia.


But I'm too busy enjoying this, and have I mentioned being excited that you're writing something else? I totally assumed I would have to wait for the "next story" that you promised but apparently not. Yayyyy!

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...Oh... you are... just too sweet for words. Huggles! Anyway, hang tight. I'm well into the next chapter, and things are picking up speed. This'll be a long story. A very long story. And...hmm, for a hint... you mentioned, in another thread, that you wanted to know what happened in those 300 years.


I plan to fill in some very long blanks. ;)


And thank you for my forehead stamp. It will surely raise a lot of questions at work. :


Lydia IS a lot of fun, that's true... but for where I'm taking them, she'd be a bit in the way. I may get to her though.


As for the bickering, it's heavy sometimes, and not others. The wonderful thing about fanfic is that it's not all the same.


Back to work for me!

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(You should know that your excess of awesome is making me want to go rush off and write something, even though my "something" will probably not be as shiny as yours.)

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Well, I suppose that'll balance things out! Almost done, almost done...


And... actually done! Whoo hoo! Enjoy!



“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”


Mel poked her head from the narrow crevice. “It gets a little wider a few feet in.”


Edward shook his head. “I’m not gonna be able to get in there.” Galahad too, looked skeptical. Te’ijal ran her hands over the surface of the stone, testing the edges for weakness. She began to tug at a particularly large protruding rock.


“We may have to make our stand out here, unless we can make the entrance wider. Mel can get in. Stella?”


Stella brushed her violet locks back and stepped forward, taking the hand that Mel offered as she slipped through. Her voice echoed back to them moments later. “Oh, she’s right! It’s much better here… and it keeps going…”


Mel popped out again, preceded by her large yellow bow. “C’mon. If you can make it in, we can block it off from the vampires.” Te’ijal raised an eyebrow at her and she continued to haul at the rock. “Uh, I mean, the bad vampires.”


“We are ALL evil at the core,” Galahad said sternly, sharpening his blade on a whet stone. “You must never forget that. We are the spawn of demons.” He leveled a cool gaze at his wife.


"Er... the... other bad vampires?"


“No one sweet talks like my husband. You should have seen him in Ghed’ahre. All the other vampresses burn with jealousy.”


Galahad sheathed his sword and slipped the whetstone into his pack before handing it through to Stella. “Yes, that’s why they kept asking if you were crazy.”


“They always ask me that.”


“And begging you to reconsider-”


“They wanted you for themselves! As if I would give you up, niblet!”


“And the angry mob with torches…”


“You don’t have to keep bragging!” Te’ijal flashed a grin at Edward. “You should learn from my husband. He knows how to treat a lady.”


Edward plastered a smile on his face, looking sidelong at Galahad who looked up beseechingly. No help came to him. “You are no lady, malignant creature,” he told her, taking matters into his own hands, even as he began to help her in her efforts to widen the opening. “Can you get in?”


“Yes, but I will stay out here and fight by your side, to give them as much time as I can.”


The dark paladin shook his head. “No. You will go inside with the girls. They will need someone to look after them for as long as their journey lasts. I will stay out here with Prince Edward-“


“Don’t call me that!”


“-and fight to my last breath.”


“It’s a little late for that, husband,” Te’ijal noted wryly.


“Do not vex me, woman.”


“Do not dismiss me, knight. I will not shelter inside while my husband is killed. We will buy them a better chance of safety by fighting together.”


“I have already said it. Someone must escort them-“


“Let Edward escort them. The King and Queen would appreciate his survival as well.”


“Since when have you cared about the politics of the upland?”


Their eyes locked in the eternal battle of their wills.


“I don’t.”


Galahad stared at her a moment, then shook his head and turned away. “Maybe we can pry it free.”


They worked with increasing desperation as the dark drew deeper. A soft sound alerted the vampires. A cold scent on the wind.


“Galahad!” Te’ijal cried, fangs bared as she drew her bow, ducking out of the way as Edward lunged for the fire, lighting a pair of torches already prepared.


“I hear them! Come, villains! Or are you cuckolds? Wretched though I am, I will serve you this justice!” He swung his sword in broad strokes, the light of the fire glinting off his blade. It was a display with a purpose, distracting from Edward, from Te’ijal, lessening their presence as both target and threat.


The enemy was upon them. Gyendal was not among them for reasons they had not time to consider, but which would worry them later… much later. For now, there was only dealing wounds and taking them, feeling the warmth as Stella cast her magic, and hearing Mel cry out encouragement and warning as she chipped wildly away at the rock face with her own blade.


A particularly savage attack from one of the fell creatures staggered Galahad, and he raised his blade in a desperate defense. A flaming arrow whizzed perilously close to his head and the creature shrieked as it was engulfed before him. He swung and loped its head from its shoulders, turning away as it exploded into ashes. Strong hands clamped on his shoulders pulling him away as the remnants of the fire licked hungrily at him.


“You are NOT immortal, just undead!” Te’ijal hissed into his ear before releasing him.


“Look to yourself, wife,” he retorted breathlessly, throwing up his shield over both of them as a vampire splashed holy water at them. Tiny droplets burned into his skin, and her own cry of pain echoed in his ear. He drove the wet shield into their attackers, listening with grim satisfaction as they learned the folly of using such a weapon. Edward fought valiantly, but he was no match for their strength. His torches had been torn away, and mere steel, even that as honoured as Excalibur could not destroy this evil.


“Stake! Edward! CATCH!” Mel’s voice pierced the din, and with a throw that few, mortal or no, could match, she sent a weapon to her friend. He put it to good use, dispatching the creature, but even with that victory, more were approaching. Too many, too many… The battle was already lost, and they all knew it.


“The cave, wife, the cave!”




“For the boy! You must help Mel!”


Te’ijal cried out in miserable assent and spun from the fight, using her own blade and her own strength to attach the opening. Mel renewed her efforts as battle raged around them.


Time… time was slipping away, the enemies closing in. The young prince looked as weary as Galahad felt, and the energy and fear began to ebb away in a surge of despair. No… no… not hopeless. He met Edward’s eyes and shook his head slightly. Not hopeless, even in death… The youth nodded, courage in his eyes.


They prepared themselves for the end, but like a trumpet call from a long awaited ally, voices rang out.


“It’s done! Edward, quickly!”


“Husband! To the cave!”


“Hurry, hurry! I’ll shield you! Run!”


“Edward! Go, I will delay them!” With Stella’s protection and Galahad defending, Edward bolted for the crevice, where he was roughly dragged to relative safety through the cave’s opening. When he was clear, the women cried out to Galahad. He backed up into their reach, but did not attempt to enter, grimly settled on his course of action. This was it. This would be his hour at last. The hour of his freedom… and this time, his reasons were right.


His left arm was grabbed from behind but Galahad attempted to shake free, ignoring the calls. A totally unexpected source of pain shot through his wrist up his arm, turning his legs into rubber as it shifted into a strange and wild ecstasy. He groaned helplessly as he was pulled into the cave.


“I have him!”


“This way! This way! Further in!” Stella called. “There is magic here! Can you feel it?!”


“No …such th-thing,” Galahad slurred weakly, stumbling as Te’ijal dragged him along. What had the wicked creature done to him this time? He felt disconnected from his own body, clumsy and awkward; his arm was on fire, but it felt so good.


Her voice, warm in tone but lacking entirely in breath, rippled with amusement in his ear. “Will you never give in, my dumpling?”


Answering right now seemed impossible. His mind was foggily fixed on the question. “What did you do-?”


“Saved you from yourself, as always. Come now, we must hurry… They are trying to pursue. The sigils Stella left hold them back, but not forever.”


Ahead of them, Stella stopped suddenly. “There’s… something here… something…oh, it’s strange… powerful…” She reached forward into the air… and vanished.


“What the-?!” Mel, who had been on her heels, and was supporting the wounded Edward, yelped in surprise before falling forward, also vanishing.


“Stella?! Mel-?!” And he was gone too.


Te’ijal froze in front of… nothing, staring hard, before glancing first at her husband, then back the way they had come. “Well… this will be interesting… Hold on to me, crumpet, and just keep telling yourself this is all a bad dream!”


She lunged forward, clinging to him fiercely.

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Ooooh, totally intriguing ending full of mystery and suspense.


Also, um? The banter? at the beginning? With the references to angry mobs?


Totally made me go weak at the knees.


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My life is madhouse lately so I don't usually find time to comment on anything. But I figured I had to say this:


Superb writing! Please continue. (And possibly keep updating with the same tempo.)

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*Reads Chapter 2*


Yays! It's really good.


WHY are they dissapearing? Is there some invisible portal or something? I'll just have to find out...


Something tells me the main characters of this story are Te'ijal and Galahad, and I'm pretty happy about that. (Big T/G fan, up until the end of GoN)

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Thanks everyone! What a nice thing to wake up to! Elemental... you're absolutely right. I plan to tackle a mystery or two in this, so long, and definitely more T/G than anything. MC, thanks a bunch, I knew I should have done a better job spell checking. I'll try to get more up today. I have some details to wrangle into submission for the next part. Love you guys! Thank you again!

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