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The little joys of living, lying, and falling in love (Ed/Mel, LoT)

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Oh me so glad to see ya =D


Considering the amount of fans ya have at the moment, for sure you won't let us down ;)


Patiently waiting for next updates.. xD

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well, one, you should read the fic (YOU SHOULD PLAY AV-3)


but anyway. it's really quite painful, i'm getting fidgety and unable to concentrate on my work because i want to write quite badly but i have piles i mean piles of work.


which of course is a self-defeating cycle since if i can't concentrate i can't finish and if i can't finish i can't eventually get back to writing this.


i's not capitalized because i'm lazy and er in a rush.



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On the Top 10 List of Things I hate doing:

Rewriting something I've already written, that was perfectly fine the first time until the computer ate it. Even if the second version is actually better, I will never know, because in my mind the first version will always live on as this perfect ideal I will never manage to recreate. Made writing this chapter and will make writing the next chapter bloody difficult. They were better the first time.


(why yes i realized i would not be able to fall asleep without writing this. [d]my muse is a horrid, abusive, kidnapping blackmailing cough[/d]. My muse is wonderful and kind and compassionate and has never harmed a fly in her life please don't hurt me)





She wasn't worried when he didn't show up the next day, either.


She had to stay late to carefully pluck pieces of lint out of every single one of Professor Grey's pillows and when she came out he wasn't there, so she figured he'd gotten bored and left.


Nor was she worried the next day, when he didn't show up. Again.


She was most definitely absolutely not worried about him when, for the sixth day in a row, he completely failed to show up outside her classroom, to annoy, irritate, and harass her.


To the contrary.


She was glad! She was glad he was leaving her alone! She'd been asking him to do that all along, after all. At least once a day, in fact. It was gratifying to know that the boy had finally listened. She'd rather gotten the impression that he never listened to anyone, ever, unless he felt like it.


Which of course meant he'd felt like leaving.


Well fine.


She hadn't wanted to be friends with him anyway.


She wasn't offended at all.




The next morning, as she stumbled blearily out of her apartment to school, she passed by one of the newspapers that were always tacked up all over the place.


“STRING OF DISAPPEARANCES CONFOUNDS CITY,” read the headline. Underneath in smaller letters it said “Officials suspect murder or kidnapping”.


“Oh my god,” she said, eyes wide. “Edward.”


She broke into a run.




She dashed into his classroom.


“Has anyone seen Edward?” She gasped, panting.


“Um, no,” one of the boys said. “He's been gone for a week, why-”


“A week? You're sure?” she said, heart thumping, stomach somewhere in the vicinity of her knees.


“Positive.” The boy said.


“Did he tell anyone where he was going?” she asked, desperately.


The boy edged away from her. “Not that I know of-”


A light cough interrupted them.


Mel whirled around and found herself face to face with Lydia.


Damn. She tried to avoid the girl whenever possible.


“And why,” Lydia sniffed, “Should a little street rat like yourself have any right to be prying around about the- about Edward? You should know your place, trash.”


“The only trash I see here is you, Lydia.” Mel said. “Tell me, did a swamp monster throw up in your hair or did that color just happen naturally?”


“Why you little-” Lydia began.


Mel realized it was useless. No one had any information here.


“Terrible talking to you,” she said, with a mocking bow at Lydia, and left.




Afterward she almost regretted it. Lydia had a tendency to appear as if she knew something about Edward that Mel didn't. It was... something about the way she said Edward's name. With an extra inflection. It was the kind of thing Mel would have dismissed as Lydia putting on airs, if Edward hadn't always been so eager to keep the two of them apart. As in, he forcibly dragged her away whenever he saw Lydia coming, and he had been openly, obviously relieved when Mel had said she tried to avoid the girl whenever humanly possible.


Actually, never mind. It made perfect sense for Edward to want to avoid Lydia, too, and to be relieved if Mel had the good sense not to like her either.


She was not thinking approvingly about Edward thinking approvingly about her. She was just... She just... agh.


She wasn't.


...Not to mention that there was absolutely no chance she would have gotten any information out of Lydia anyway.




She realized she would have to go about this her own way.


And so that afternoon she slipped out of school and down to the southern part of town, where the tavern, jail, and brothel shared a cozy little corner of an alleyway.


She sat down at a wooden table with one leg uneven so the whole thing wobbled, and looked around. Taverns were excellent places to gather information, if you knew how to recognize the right sort of people for that kind of thing. This tavern, however, looked rather dull and lacking in intrigue, beyond the usual slow-brewing brawl. She waited, slouching into the bench over a mug filled with a... mystery substance. Well, alright, it was probably beer, but the sort of beer she'd rather not bring anywhere near her internal organs, if possible.


In the corner, fading into the shadows, was a man in a dark cloak.


Mel very quietly got up from her seat and casually sidled over to the corner.


“Why, hello,” the man said. “You look... curious.”


“Possibly,” Mel said, casting him a sideways glance.


“Can I help you with that?”


“It would depend,” she said. “Seen anyone interesting around this... place?” She gestured.


“I might have,” he said, carefully. “Although it is hard to remember these sorts of things, you know. The mind goes.”


“The mind can't be persuaded to come back?”


He coughed lightly. “Well, for an incentive...”


“20 gold.”


He laughed. “You must be far less curious than I had thought. 50.”


“Or maybe I doubt your information will be of any use to me, anyway,” she said. “30 and that's all I've got to offer.”




“30,” she repeated. She really didn't have more than that to spend right now, not if she wanted supper at least.


“...Alright then,” he said, grudgingly, and waited expectantly.


She fumbled for her money bag and counted out the coins reluctantly into his hand.


He tucked them smoothly somewhere in the folds of his cloak.


“...Well?” She said, impatiently.


“You asked if I'd seen anyone interesting around this place,” he said, and flashed her a nasty smile. “Well, I haven't.”




“It's been the same old boring regulars ever since the police started cracking down on this place. And thanks for the gold, miss.”


“Why, you-” She hissed, and then stopped short, catching a glimpse of the hilt of a knife tucked into his belt.


Bastard, she thought furiously, clenching her fists, but there was nothing she could do.


She stalked away, and the sound of his low chuckle made her face flame as she headed for the door.




She was furious for all of three blocks before she managed to calm herself down. She'd get back at the jerk later, for the time being she needed to focus on the task at hand.


So the coppers were cracking down on the tavern. That made it a dead end, probably- Kidnappers wouldn't hang around there, it would be too conspicuous. Practically safer to meet out in the open.


She stopped short.


Safer to...


In her mind the pieces clicked into place quietly.




How utterly obvious.


She rounded the corner and arrived at the cafe.

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I donno whether I should say 'Oooohhh' cause it's interesting or 'Awwww' cause Mel is being so caring XD Well too bad that your computer "ate" the chapter before. Honestly, I don't even want to know how or why that happened =P. Well as usual the chapter is awesome :D Lookin' forward to new updates =D

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what happened:

my laptop was out of business

i had my copy of this saved to a external drive...

worked on it on another computer and BRILLIANTLY decided to email it to myself instead of saving.

gmail lopped off the second half of the story, ie.e. the last couple of chapters, i.e. the part i had been working on.


keep in mind that these chapters had been lost in a hard drive crash sometime previous. so I had abandoned them and then when at last I felt the desire to continue, a stirring of the muse...




By all rights this story should be dead, actually. But Ed is kinda persistent....

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The man behind the counter was spectacularly unhelpful.


“You didn't see anyone suspicious in here?” She asked, again.


“Even if I did I wouldn't be able to let you know. Store policy. Customer privacy is important,” he said, stiffly.


She leaned forward, surreptitiously. “Not even for... compensation?


Who was she bluffing? That stupid jerk in the tavern had practically demolished her money supply. Still, it was worth a try.


“I don't accept bribes,” he said, icily. “Please get out of my store.”


She tried to think of something to say to convince him, but she could tell it was of no use. Thick-skulled, smug little jerk. She always hated the ones with honor most, because they were just as horrid and couldn't be bribed.


She swallowed back the memory of Harburg and all that place entailed.


She walked out of the store, but lingered, outside, hoping to see someone, something...


If nothing else, she was planning on breaking in and raiding the store register. They must have a customer log, or something.


The owner saw her, hanging around outside. She watched him turn to one of the waiters and point.


She watched the waiter put down his tray and head towards the door, and for a moment she hesitated before breaking into a run, dashing around the corner, but she tripped over a cobblestone and had to catch herself from falling before breaking back into a sprint, and then the waiter had already grabbed hold of her arm.


She whirled around, ready to kick and scratch as necessary, but he let go almost immediately, panting for breath. She saw he was trying to say something.


“What?” She said.


“Manager sent me after you,” he said.


“I noticed. You planning on arresting me or something? I didn't break any laws.”


“No, I... can we move further away?”


They were around the corner and out of eyeshot from the shop, but only just barely. She went along with him for another block and then stopped.


“What is it?”


He looked around nervously.


“You're looking for suspicious people?” He asked.


“You've seen some?” She asked.


He paused. “Well...”


Where?” she said, barely refraining from shouting it.


He paused again. “I could tell you,” he said. “There were two men. They looked suspicious, but they also forgot to tip, so I followed them home to... um... well...”


She waited impatiently.


“Hex them,” he admitted. “Only they disappeared into some alleyway- but I could show you which one.”


She waited for him to continue.


“Well, that's only if you help me,” he said.


She'd figured that was coming.


“What do you need?”


“I need a bouquet of roses from the florist's,” he said.


She raised her eyebrows. “Why can't you get that yourself?”


“Er...” he said, fidgeting. “Because I've been given a restraining order not to go there.” He flushed, and continued defensively- “it's not my fault they don't understand the beauty of my magic!”


“...Your magic.”


“Flowermancy! It's like necromancy, but with flowers!”


“Uhh...” Mel said.


Clearly the boy was out of his mind.


Well, whatever.


“So I get you the roses and you'll show me the alleyway?” she asked.


He nodded. “Meet me after my shift, though. If I stay out an longer my boss is going to kill me.”


“Fine,” she said, and walked off.




The flowers cost all the rest of her money.


Damn Edward, that idiot, he wasn't worth this bloody trouble-


He was an idiot, really. He'd probably walked right into some damn dark alley because he thought it looked interesting. He was so completely... so...


She forced the image of him gagged and helpless out of her mind.




“Here's your flowers,” she said, proffering them stiffly.


The boy's eyes lit up. “They're beautiful! Genuine Grande Vin Roses! Oh, the thing I could do... Muahahahahaha-” He stopped midcackle and coughed, self-consciously.


“Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.”


“...Right,” Mel said. “The alley?”


“Right this way,” he said, and led her down several twists and turns to a small narrow street she didn't recognize- slightly distressing, since she'd been working on getting the feel of this place. But Thais was so big...


“Okay,” she said. “Where did they go?”


He shook his head. “I dunno. They disappeared. This is the furthest I can show you. But you've helped me out a lot, thanks!”


He paused.


“Hey, if you're ever in the need of a flesh-eating zombie rose...”


She shuddered.


“I'll keep it in mind,” she said.




Once the boy had left she was alone in the alley to examine it at will.


She didn't believe the men had disappeared.


If so where were they?


There was a sewer grate... they could have gone inside...


She struggled, trying to lift it. It was too heavy.


Could they have lifted it, in time to disappear?


She couldn't rule it out, but...


She looked around. Protruding from the wall was a drainpipe at convenient weist-height... from there it was but a hop-skip to the rooftops.


She considered for a moment and decided it was worth a try.


Using the pipe for leverage, she clambered upwards and then jumped, swinging herself over the roof edge.


She stood up carefully and suddenly remembered her last rooftop excursion, when Edward had been chasing her.


If she was two men trying to hide something...


She looked around.




Four houses, their windowless sides back to back, forming a perfect little hiding spot.


She was about to creep closer when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps.


Panicked, she leaped down into the street and then strolled along innocently as if she'd been a part of the scenery all along.


Just in time, too, she thought, as she cast back a discreet glance and thought she caught a glimpse of a shadow moving over the rooftops.





a/n: "store policy" was typoed as "story policy". true in a different sense. xD

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Hooray for the update~ :D This was great Blurble. I wish you'd continue soon, I want to know what happens next! <3 Also lol at your typo XD

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You're AMAZING Blurble!! :D

Your story is rich with words and expression, I can't stop my fantasies about this story!!

I really like your style in expressing personalities of every character in your story, it's looks super real and its like what I had expected after playing the games so far! There're also a side quest and cave of moth! Woah it makes me want to play Aveyond again!


I really like Ed x Mel couple and you wrote their story in the most romantic way they do



She stood up carefully and suddenly remembered her last rooftop excursion, when Edward had been chasing her.


Even thought Mel always complain how annoying Ed was, Mel keep thinking about her memories with Ed, she even call their little chasing game as an excursion! so cute!


I really like your story! I'll patiently wait for your update ;)

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Hi there, I guess I just finished reading Part 1 but I HAVE to leave a comment right away! I love your story and writing style! Rich, vivid, with sprinkles of humours here and there! Everything fits in perfectly with canon storyline and your unique, beautiful personal interpretation allows you develop their characters in a truly charming way. ^ ^ This even cured my disability of not being able to get through with a long story I think. XDDDDD

I adore Edward and Mel very much and I’m so glad to have discovered a wonderful story of them like yours! Btw, I believe I’ve came across some of ur other Edward/Mel fanfics at archiveofourown and my favorite so far would be Shiptime, haha! Love that brief, delicate and sweet chestnut!

I’ll keep on reading and praying for updates... XD

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