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What silly mistakes did you do in aveyond when you were new?

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On 8/6/2016 at 4:06 AM, rosetyler said:

Yes it's possible to finish the game without graduating hahaha


I tried it once on Hard Mode and it required a lot of reorganising xD because while Rhen could pick up the Swords of Power, she couldn't use ANY of it, including the Sword of Shadows and Lars could only use whatever spell you bought and had him learn


So I relied heavily on Sleep Lullaby or anything sleep/dizzy inducing spells, and Lars' decompose/poisoning spells...


And defeated Ahriman! HAHAHAHHAHA


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What I did was use chicken curse scroll, boot strapping mana and lighting scrolls (early on) until i got a skudder then first thing to veldt to buy those great armors. My additional twist to my save is I am not returning any druid until i have all of them (so no teiljal but at least galahad is still safe). currently saved only three so far since you need the third in order to get the skudder.

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