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Feel free to work on walkthroughs, guides, etc, if you like. Please post below if you post a walkthrough, guide, etc, and I'll add a link to your it. Thanks so much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ - GAME issues - GoN)(Av3.2)(tiniponi)

(For your convenience: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ - GAME issues - LoT (AV3.1)(tiniponi) )

FAQ - Technical Issues (FAQ - Technical)(tiniponi)]

Magic Mirror Express and Other transportation (tiniponi)

Hints & tips topic - LoT (tiniponi)(GoN hints/tips are included in the GoN FAQ)

Walkthrough for GoN (over_cloud9)

Walkthrough (theone)

Quest list (M.C.)

GoN Checklist (SubData)

Level Guide (suggested levels for areas) (theone)
MAPS (annotated)

(Grouped-by-area maps follow individual maps list)

Brightwood Forest
Chateau Lenore
Darkthrop Keep Puzzle Rooms
Dwarf Mines
Fedir Forest
Ice Caverns
Istir Forest
Mali Desert
Memory Cave
Mire Woods
Mirror Cavern
Moo Hatchery
Mount Drake
Mount Drake Caves
Naylith Summit
Orc Empire
Phyree Jungle
Red Rock Pass
Rose Forest
Seers Cavern
Shadow Woods North
Shadow Woods South
Sinoa Plains
Sky Garden
Spider Den
Tar Vedron
Thial Mountains Cave System
Thial Mountains North
Thial Mountains North PATHS to Gheledon, Istir Forest, Naylith Summit and the World Map
Thial Mountains South
Unnamed Islands
Wasted Lands
Whisper Woods
Wyrm Forest East
Wyrm Forest West

GROUPED MAPS (annotated - each group on one post)

- Dragkthor Kingdom (Dragkthor, Mali Desert, Mount Drake, and Mount Drake Caves)

- Faery Kingdom (Faiara, Mirror Cavern, and Whisper Woods)

- Gheledon Kingdom - GoN (Gheledon, Thial Mtns North, Naylith Summit, Dwarf Mine, TMN paths)

- Harburg Kingdom (Darkthrop Keep, Harburg, Shadow Woods north, Shadow Woods south, Thial Mountain Cave System, Thial Mountain south)

- Naylith Kingdom (Naylith, Rose Forest, Seers Cavern, Sky Garden)

- Orc Empire (Orc Empire, Wasted Lands)

- Quin Kingdom (Ice Caverns, Istir Forest)

- Stormbend Kingdom (Sinoa Plains, Stormbend, Mire Woods, Witchwood, Spider Den)

- Tar Vedron Kingdom (Phyree Jungle, Tar Vedron, Unnamed Islands)

- Thais Kingdom (Brightwood Forest, Chateau Lenore, Moo Hatchery, Red Rock Pass, Ruins, Thais)

- Underworld (Ghed'ahre, Memory Cave, Wyrm Forest east, Wyrm Forest west, Memory Cave)

- Venwood Kingdom (Fedir Forest, Venwood, Waterways)

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I will be working on updating the map links, and some of the other links for while.  It will take some time, so please be patient.


I will work on the other links after I finish updating all the Aveyond games' map links.  Some walkthroughs, etc, links will be impossible to fix, as people who originally made them did not recreate them on a former site (some were from 2 and 3 Amaranth sites ago).


If you need something in particular (map, etc), please make the request here.  I will be working on all the game maps first, so it will take a bit of time.

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I would be most grateful if I could be given copies of site maps for Thial Mountains North, Thial Mountains South and Shadow Woods to enable me to find the three goodie bags which I have not yet located.  Thanks if this is possible.

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