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Her Star (MelxEdward one-shot, slight GoN spoilers)

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Her Star

Paring: MelxEdward

Game: Aveyond: Gates of Night

(Slight GoN spoilers ahead, rate them 1-10, I'd say 3-6. (The ending isn't in it.))

(Of course, I don't own Aveyond or any of its characters; this is purely fan-made, based on a certain attraction point in GoN.)

WARNING: The following is my first attempt at fan fiction. Expect characters to be out of character. Hopefully it isn't too bad.




Sure, why not? You're not that bad.


She rolled her eyes.


Sure, why not?


But she smiled.


You're not that bad.


It was a hard to see smile, really.


Sure, why not? You're not that bad.


Did she even care?


You're not that bad.


She never looked at it at night.


Edward pushed the thoughts away from his mind. He and Mel were engaged now.


The majority of everyone was standing in what could be considered a general living space in Edward and Mel's wing of Thais castle, discussing what to do next. They still needed to find the Orb of Light; they still needed to go to the Underworld…


"And how are we to go about doing that?" Mel questioned. "We don't have a Death Certificate." Te'ijal frowned. "That is true, rabbit." Edward walked into the room. "As of now, all we can do is read the paper to watch for any deaths." Lydia nodded, she still seemed to agree with whatever Edward suggested or said, even though she now possessed a frown while doing so.




Later that day, Edward caught Mel reading a book. She flipped through the pages and shook her head every now and then, her body language showing she didn't really agree with everything the book was saying. "What's that?" Edward asked. Mel didn't read very often, but then again, maybe she was trying to be more lady-like by doing so. After all, Edward's mother said if Mel wanted to marry Edward, she couldn't live like a commoner. That probably meant she also couldn't act like one.


"Nothing." Mel said, snapping the book closed. She quickly hid it behind her back, turning it to the back for the brief period of time Edward could see it. "Come on, if you have a diary I don't care." He said. Maybe she shook her head at what she wrote once. "It's not that!" Mel snapped angrily. "Fine, then what is it?" Edward asked, determined to learn of this book. "Nothing, I told you." Mel said. "Okay, be that way." Edward answered.


"It's certainly much more useful then your silly chicken farming book!" Mel said as Edward left the room. Edward smiled, this would be fun. He'd try to figure out what the book was, and eventually, he would find out. He would win this game, or competition, or whatever it was.




The thought came back to him later that day, when they were at Naylith.


She never looks to see it at night…


Why do I keep thinking about that? Edward thought. He looked up to the hill-like slope that, with a bit of walking to the north-west, leads to the Star Observatory. Where he had dedicated it to her. But did she care? N- Edward wouldn't allow himself to think that. She cares. He thought.


Why else would she accept my proposal?

Because, you're not "that bad".

It can't be just that.

Sure it can.


Edward continued having these thoughts the entire day. "Prince Edward, is something troubling you?" asked Ulf. While Edward's arguments between both sides of his thoughts continued, he didn't tell Ulf to stop calling him that.




When the party arrived back in Thais, the group broke apart to do a few things. Ulf went to the inn, since there were four beds in the wing of the castle and five party members who required sleep. Stella went with him, saying she would stay at the inn, it was no problem… Mel went to talk to Gray about something, Lydia decided to speak with her parents, and Te'ijal and Galahad left to buy supplies at the general store.


Edward chose this time to find out about Mel's book. He walked through the dark streets of Thais, lit by only street lamps, the moon and stars. This is how the word will always be if we fail. Edward thought. Only even the moon and stars will be gone, too, not only the sun…


As Edward entered Thais Castle, he walked towards the wing of the castle. After walking through the main section of the castle- deliberately avoiding stepping into the throne room, he didn't want to speak with his parents right then- he stepped into Mel's room and went right to the book shelf. He was going to win this game he had decided they were playing.


Edward looked for a book with the same binding as the one Mel had. He couldn't find one. Then he noticed a book was missing. She must have taken it with her. He thought. So maybe he wouldn't win- tonight, anyways. "I'll beat you one day, Mel." He said, laughing to himself. Then he stopped.


Sure, why not? You're not that bad.


That thought, it seemed to haunt him. It always came back. Edward clenched his fist. He had been laughing, about a game Mel didn't even know the two of them had been playing, just seconds ago. Now he was angry, and all because of her response to his proposal. Or was it- no, it was his proposal. They played competitions, they had fun and joked around- maybe they weren't ready to get married.


"I'm sure some time on the balcony will clear my head." Maybe I can look at it. It deserves to be gazed at, but she never does. That's why he stopped when he walked outside.


He was a bit awestruck, really. He wasn't expecting her to be there. Not to be there, book held in her hand, staring up at the sky. No, not the sky. The stars. No, not the stars. The star he had dedicated to her. Her star.


Edward smiled and backed away into the castle, out of the balcony. He knew one thing for sure, after that night. He didn't question his choice to give Mel flowers, or to charm her, or to read her a love sonnet. Or to dedicate the star, or propose. And he was certainly glad she accepted.


As he walked into his room, he was sure he knew one thing. He had lost the game about the book- but he knew he had won Mel's heart in the most important competition between the two of them- she no longer found him an awful noble- she was actually thankful for the gifts.


She rolled her eyes.


It was quite hard to see the eye-roll, actually.


And she smiled.


It was an obvious smile, really.


She was looking at it.


She cared. About him, about their relationship. And about her star.





My attempt at an MelxEdward oneshot!


I put the book in because I wanted them to have a sort of competition, or game going on through the story- and something to get Edward's thoughts distracted from the star for some of the story. Plus I wanted Mel to keeping a secret, just for fun. So, I decided to throw that in. Plus, Edward needed to lose one competetion/game for one of the lines to make sense. So why not throw Dating for Dummies into the story :) ?


Please comment, I'd like to know if it's any good.

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Yays! I'm glad he wasn't that out of character!


Yeah, I also imgained him being pretty playful and carefree, but since Mel doesn't show her happiness that easily, I pictured him being pretty worried about how she felt towards him.

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Thanks. And, well, a lot of times I think a drawing or a peice of writing, etc., that I did isn't good. I don't know why.



It seems like nobody thinks Mel or Edward are out of character, after all.

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