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Jack's Tale

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I will be posting a story here soon based around Jack from Ahriman's Prophecy, I'm still debating whether I will write it in first person or third, if anyone would like to suggest the perspective feel free to. ^.^ Hopefully I will be able to post the first chapter this week.

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Chapter 1: The Escape


I was lead into the royal chambers along with my partner escorted by the royal guards. We were both forced to our knees in front of the king. I looked up at the king, he simply glared at me with disgust in his eyes.


"What filth have you broughten me?" He looked to the constable.


The constable stepped forward and bowed to him.


"Well sire, this one is wanted for thievery and his partner is just as guilty, they were just found breaking into the noble Pellad's estate."


The king glanced back at me and my accomplace.


"Well, why did you bring them to me? You know the punishment for theft in my kingdom. Take them away and have them questioned and then have them put to death by the morning."


I rose to my feet in outrage.


"How can you condemn two mere children to death for such petty crimes?" I asked.


The guard on my left kicked me in the side to quiet me, I winced in pain and held my ground.


"What is your name prisoner, and why in your hopeless position, do you question my decree?" The king asked in a calm cracked manner.


"My name is Jack, and I will not faulter against you, your laws or your guards. You cannot sentence an innocent to death, just because the person in question was caught with a wanted thief. What gives you the right? She could have just been a travelor trying to find out what I was doing at the time your guards found me picking the lock on the door. Don't slap on justifications to your faulty reasonings." My cold brown eyes locked with the king's and I could tell there was something strange about him, some kind of magic affected him.


The king studied me as I stood there before him, dressed plainly all in black, my hair resting on my shoulders.


“Take them, and kill them both now!” The king yelled.


The guards reached out to grab the both of us. The girl that was to my side withdrew a knife and lept at the king, “You will die first!” She roared.


“Don’t do it Vel!” I yelled trying to reach her, but I was too slow. Vel's dagger glanced off the king like he was behind an invisible barrier.


"You stupid wretched child! I will kill you myself!" The king drew his sword and swung at Vel. I knocked Vel out of the way and the sword glanced off my arm. The metal bit my flesh leaving a burning sensation, the blood felt warm running down my arm. I backed up as the king prepared to swing again.


"Vel, the window now!" I yelled seeing that the window was open and would provide our only chance to escape our slowly encrouching deaths.


The constable grabbed me by my collar, I drew a knife from my boot and stabbed him in the arm, he withdrew with a scream and clutched his wounded wrist.


"Vel, now! This is our only chance!" Vel was evading one of the guards as he swung his axe, she rolled to the side and kicked him in the back of the knee, he buckled and fell forward. Vel then rolled out of the way of the king's sword as it struck where her head was a moment past. They didn't call her slippery Vel for nothing. I amused myself with the thought.


Vel heeded my call and ran to the window. "Jack, I'm not gonna forgive you for not allowing me my justice." She said angrily as she jumped through the window into the castles moat.


I sighed and jumped through the window thinking all the same that it would be better off having her mad at me then having her dead.


The water was freezing it stole my breathe as I hit the surface. Vel was already climbing out onto the shore on the otherside near the Thias city graveyard. I could hear the kigns yelling furiously for the constable to catch the both of us. I swam to the shore, climbing out I looked up to see Vel waiting. She then slapped me hard across the face.


"What the hell were you thinking? I could have killed him. Why did you stop me?" She tried not yelling, not wanting to draw the guards attention.


"Vel, you are not thinking clearly, you didn't stand a chance against him. There's something off about the king. Like he is possessed. Didn't you realize that when your knife was deflected off the air around him? That is not normal, the king is not known for his magic prowess, and he sure as hell wouldn't be powerful enough to construct a protective barrier... You can slap me all you want, but I'd much rather have you alive then dead."


Vel stooped defeated for the moment but then sprang back to her usual self.


"Jack we need to go, let's get out of these clothes and then leave town. We can head to Carlin, the king will never find us there."


I grabbed Vel's arm and lead her to our secret base, "We need supplies if we are to travel there; the constable took most of my stash, but I still have enough to buy the neccessary supplies. We will have to stop off at Candar first I don't think we would be very welcome in the market place here, and it wouldn't be smart to be spotted..." I said throwing food, clothes and weapons into my bag.


I distracted myself as Vel stripped off her clothes and got into dry ones, a red and black ninja garb and her headband. She tied her hair up in the back and let her bangs on the left side hang over the top of her headband.


As we were heading out of town two strangers came stumbling through the gates, weary from a long journey; no doubt they had just come from Thial mountain. The first one I saw, he was about fifteen or sixteen. He had blue hair and was built like a blacksmith, I wasn't too much interested in him. The second however caught my eye. She was around my age, flaming red hair that could blind you in the sunlight, her eyes were crimson and shone brightly of her innocence and a slight peircing curiosity. She looked like a farm girl and was so intrigued by the city, like she had never seen such places. I could have easily slipped past them and taken their money, but for some reason the girl made me consider else wise; a feeling I couldn't quite place.


If I had known what would have happened all those years ago, I would have just taken their money and run away. Instead I got caught up in their crusade to save the world, but that's a story for another time...

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