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Here I go again~ Comp prob

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Okay, once again I'm here to call for those Hardware/computer experts out there to give me some advices on this, so here I am. lol


Recently, my computer has been booting quite slow. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to done booting but it has been booting for 2 to 3 minutes everytime I start. It's unusually long.


Second thing is that, when I'm running a heavy program like web browser, the computer has been freezing for awhile (about 0.5 seconds) each 2 to 3 seconds. The problem was indicated by the mouse pointer pauses for awhile when it happens. Something like this:




I'm sorta frustrated as it hinders some of the loading process in other programs like games and all. This has been a nuisance that I have to system restore every time it occurs. It works okay once after I restored the system but I have to keep re-installation everything I've installed over and over.


Is there anything I can do to prevent that?

I'm supposed I can get a new computer or hardware but now I still have to use this until I got some money first, so I need to do something to maintain the computer other than constant system restore.


I've searched the web and asked the same thing but nothing is similar to my problem and no one replied anyway. :|

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If a system boots slowly, there are a number of various plausible reasons… let’s look over a few of them.


The most common reason, driver loading. The impact of this varies based on the number of drivers, the devices, and of course… the way the drivers were written.


If you are trying to triangulate which driver might be causing any given, you may be able to remove some devices… perhaps USB, or other external devices you may not need during the boot (if only just for testing sake).


As I often do, I would recommend a visit to www.windowsupdate.com. As some vendors choose not to leverage the free service, you will likely want to visit your audio and video adapter vendor sites as well, making sure you have their latest offerings.


The next common issue is an excessive number of services running.


This can often be related to the drivers, as many vendors package functionality in services. You can view, and make changes to the loading of these by running MSConfig.exe. You’ll see a “Services” tab… simply roll down the list, removing the check-box setting from services which you feel may be unnecessary. Don’t worry… if you later discover that you need it… it’ll be there, you’ll just restart MSConfig and re-enable it.


While you’re in MSConfig, you’ll also notice a “Startup” tab… which, as the name suggests, list a number of processes which are initiated on startup. You will likely want to review this list as well, removing the unwanted ones as appropriate. As with the services, un-checking these items will not delete them… more simply remove them from the start-up list for your next boot sequence.


If you want to further isolate system initiation, you may want to consider the MSConfig tab “General”… selecting the “Selective startup” option. This offers you the ability to reduce your loading to simply the “System Services” if needed… or include the “startup items” as well, once you’ve approved them from the earlier exercise.


Due to legacy support, there are a great number of ways a process can load during start-up… and some of these mechanisms are being leveraged by some with nefarious intent. Thankfully, we’ve a little free tool called “AutoRuns” provides a simplified view of them all:



While you’re at SysInternals… you may want to pick up this little nugget as well... PageDefrag!



The most commonly used file on your system… and it’s often created on startup, causing considerable delays. If you make it contiguous, and not automatically generated… you’re certain to not only improve your start-up times, but also your general execution times as well!


While reformatting might help temporarily, what brought you to this point is likely to return so… I’m not sure I’d take that rather heavy-handed approach.


You’re also welcome to toss more money at this problem by getting a more powerful system… but again, the problem that brought you here will likely reduce even the most powerful systems.


I think after the above steps… you’ll have an improvement… and if it’s not enough of an improvement… drop me a line and we can look into more specific solutions.

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Wow, that's a huge amount of information.


As for the "service" tab, I'm not sure which one to disable so I should leave it at that.


Anyway thanks for that post though, I'll try to refer to it next time I had the same problem.

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