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A touch of a winter crisis(Quick remake with RPG Maker Xp)

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I worked very hard on this this is my best game yet!

it 10 times better than any other of my games though

my game is not great compared to others

Here's the info:



Story:Areana, a 19 year old girl goes to fight a bit in the forest and open 2 strange doors in the forest but when shes about to enter she goes home and late at night beast come out of the door and magical beast spread everywhere, Areana is the one to slay the beasts



Characters:There's 4 characters


Job:Trainee Mage





Job:Trainee Fighter





Job: Dark Warlock





Job:Magical Beast

Age:At least 500 hundered

Gender:Unknown even if it has a gender



Sreenshots Edit:Fixed them







Please comment and I will update the story and post more screenshots often :)

Note:This has been updated 11/14/09 7:59PM

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Something wicked for a evil guy


So far my game is at least 15 mins. Im making

a 30min. demo so the first part is half way done

:) im using rpg maker XP

I worked on it for 9 months I had to remake this

I lost the game 3 times becuse I deleted it :Ambulance:

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These are the places I've finished:Red River Town

Red River Town Forest, Ice Cave, Kennel Town


edit:If you heard I've changed almost everything in the game and names of places too, I've finished these places:Galered Village, Mist forest

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Main charater sprite got changed here it iswidth=300http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/4148/schoolmod055vn.png[/img]


I changed maps and charater names



edit:New screenshots for the REAL GAME are finished I have a picture for ever place I've finished and this time I added the name of the place on the picture

Picture 1:http://img197.imageshack.us/i/newbitmapimagetr.png/

Picture 2:http://img514.imageshack.us/i/newbitmapimage5h.png/

Picture 3:http://img198.imageshack.us/i/newbitmapimage6mn.png/

Please tell me what you think :D

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4th post in a row?Looks like my the only one awake here.

Anyway since the game making started this is what changes I've made!:D


Name changes





New characters




Maps and screenshots:Check the post above for REAL sceenshots, all maps are 100% changed and really inproved




EVERY sprite has changed in post above the new Areana sprite and I'll post others later




That is all I think has changed:)

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New screenshots on a new place in my game:Elemantal cave, (I need to remove the rain on the screen)http://img695.imageshack.us/i/newbitmapimage2s.png/




Script:I've have 2 sripts, One shows reflection in a mirror and one makes all party members follow you



Places finished:as a add on Barenwater Mountain

Elemental Cave, im working:Reri town and Barenwater Town

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This is remade with RPG Maker XP turned out pretty good it like 1/5 is done in 1 month.Im like up at 12:30PM working, I need to be someplace at 6:00AM! :sleep: Updates soon!


Edit:Rpg Maker XP, not the 2003 one!

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Wow!!! what a good game even the screen shots were worth $$$ i am making a game too but it's not that good I have only worked on 7 maps :) but hey what can I say i am 10 :)




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Uhh.. You have a lot of empty space in your maps. You should add some stuff you'd normally see on the ground to make it look more natural; brown patches, flowers, weeds, anything to not make it look so empty.


Im so glad you did not forget like last time when we walked trough Reis Cave and


You need to fix on punctuation and spelling. Maybe sentence structure too, to make the sentence less awkward.

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I really need to update my story, It keeps changing


Anyway if anybody wondering, Heres the my resoures and stuff SO FAR:


Game created by:Adriana (aveyond.com member)

But some help with some resources from the below


Extra stuff-lets give thanks to the following for...



1 charset and game tile by



Areana charset from

http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=1019.0 created by rmrk.com member:GilgameshRO


All other charsets and non-rpg maker chipsets and window skin from



...and of course, help from rpg maker XP resources and VX icons!


I created this myself, besides resources I put every bit of it together piece by piece.



Beta testers:Not chosen



Bugs Found By Beta Testers:Has no beta testing

what so ever yet.


I am not a good speller and I'll work on text too.


The start of the game is you head to the woods to hunt with Tery (Why I did't show her talking is because she has I iron-hot bad faceset, I need to fix that!)

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good start!! I don't think you are going to update it.


If you need help with text then i can help.I hope you will update this page soon.

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