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Well there has been a Tsunami warning for South East Queensland and North East/Central New South Wales for Australia, though they are only marine warnings. Besides cyclones up north, we're generally lucky in terms of natural disasters. The worst I've had is strong winds and stormy weather bringing down trees(none close to the house thankfully).


Anyone living in or near what you might consider a natural disaster zone? It would be heaps scary, I wouldn't be able to cope in a situation like an Earthquake or Hurricane...

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Yeah, Java Island is where everything happens usually. School, government, natural disasters... Okay, ignore the last part.


agas is from Semarang, but is now in USA for college. This is the Semarang's landmark, the Tugu Muda (the monument) and Lawang Sewu (the white-and-red building behind it). Lawang Sewu is famous for being haunted LOL.


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Wow what a beautiful lake azure :).


I may as well post up some pictures, these are about 4 years old but I like these photos and it shows some of the landscape around where I live...well at least back then, we grow a different crop now than the one you see.


Here's an overview of a paddock with 'maize' corn:



And the following day with clear skies:



A nice view of my backyard ft my cat Brock ^_^:



Yes I named my cat after Brock from pokemon :P.


As you can see I live in a rather flat area, no mountains or hills in the horizon, you'll have to travel at least 30 minutes in any direction to see any hills in the horizon.

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They actually tend to be spotted around much more more incredibly 'bushy' areas. There are actual signs that warn you on the road to watch out for Kangaroos for the next 15kms etc.


If you live in a thick area surrounded by bush-forest you'll most likely see a pack of Kangaroos.


Outside where I work in town(grocery store) you can actually spot possums, they live in the trees around the customer carpark :lol:.

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Yes you are lucky



I have some pics to my country

bad main one(I mean It's not my camera who took them)


width=300http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42308000/jpg/_42308978_afp300osaka.jpg [/img]


this is the aquarium





and this is a traditional Japanese meal


what do you think?

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I've never tried Japanese food, or at least traditional. If I've had something I probably wouldn't really be able to tell, I've never been fond of eastern foods, or seafood. Is Japanese much different from Indonesian and Chinese foods etc? Do they all share similarities?


I'm more familiar with Italian, Australian and American meals...pasta, pizza, fast food, cooked vegetables and salads.


Did you know sShere :o...gross.

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